"...........Ignorance being in our view, only another name for evil."
"We proclaim, notwithstanding all the deep elements of orthodox religion opposed to us, that there is not one crime,
not one degree of depravity or wretchedness, however low, not one, which cannot be overcome by knowledge."
"......but at the same time he is not free to make the wrong permanently triumphant, for it can never be so.
The right is the infinite, and consequently it always predominates over ignorance, error, and darkness."
If God be infinite goodness, then He can recognize no principle of evil, or error.
Cora L.V Hatch.----Free Agency of Man-- Delivered In Trance,  11.22.1857  

"By HIGHER SPIRITUALISTIC THOUGHT we do not mean that which is occupied with occult, ritualistic, curious or magical phenomena.   Such forms only keeps man away from true progress.   Higher Spirituality is that in which the soul is enkindled and illuminated towards  progression. And, some day we all will have found  Higher Spirituality when we can enter into the joy and knowing of the INFINITE OF ALL THAT IS.
Quote:  Once the eyes of the heart are open, man begins to read every leaf of the tree as a page of the sacred book."--The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan

Unlike Cora's truly SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED FULL TRANCE TEACHINGS, today's Church organized Spiritualism is now LOW and DECADENT, more suitably called quasi NEW AGE as it does not have much resemblance today with spiritual truth.  For higher knowledge of the INFINITE, Quantum Science, the Soul, and Philosophy,  study Cora's works from the  On-line archives....Discover that we are all working towards our own spiritual destiny where we will know that All KNOWLEDGE OF GOD COMES FROM WITHIN.'

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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923

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A Few of The Major Enemy Agents of Real* Spiritualism: 
Emma Hardinge Britten,  Madame Blavatsky,  Henry S. Olcott,  John Newbrough (Oahspe) 
Each With Their Behind The Scenes Helper Agents.
&  Paschal Beverly Randolph.

Some Chapters in the History of Western Occultism

Published Research 2001
Written for the

By ROBERT MATHIESEN, Professor at Brown University
 Edited By James Santucci

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Dr. Carl A. Wickland,  stated: The theory of reincarnation can undoubtedly be traced to early stages of mankind when departed spirits took possession of the bodies of sensitive individuals and lived and acted through them, thus seemingly indicating reincarnation. But in reality this was only spirit obsession or possession.  (See p.351)  Sections on obsession and possession in THEOSOPHY and BLAVATSKY TEACHINGS  30 [THIRTY] YEARS AMONG THE DEAD, 1924 By Carl A. Wickland, M.D.*    It must be remembered that even Madam Blavatsky tried to  RE-turn  after her passing over to the spirit world.  On finding that she could not will herself or choose to return to earth as she had taught in her theory of re-incarnation, Blavatsky's work in the spirit world became 'rescuing'  spirits trapped in the darkness who were only looking to return to earth life and in so doing  found themselves lost or, obsessing or possessing another's physical body.  Putting right her erroneous earth teachings, Blavatsky helped to guide lost spirits into Spiritualistic 'rescue circles' here on earth, to help them find the light again and be able to continue their  progression into  the higher spirit world.

*Carl A.Wickland  M.D.  b.1861 d.1945,  a psychiatrist and pioneer in the recognition and treatment of earthbound spirits with his Mediumistic Wife Anna. He practiced first in Chicago until 1918 and then in Los Angeles, California where he founded the National Psychological Institute. Dr. Wickland wrote two books,   THIRTY YEARS AMONG THE DEAD, 1924. and THE GATEWAY OF UNDERSTANDING, 1944. These books can be purchased through Health Research Books

Or, Down load books here:
Thirty Years Among the Dead (1924)....
The Gateway of Understanding (1934)...

Next, See Emma Hardinge Britten and the Origins of OTO, Orphic Society her writings she shows that she was in full accord with the doctrine of ‘soul affinity’ 
between man and woman that is the highest justification of sexual magic."

Next,   See The Sources of Madame Blavatsky's  [Plagiarized] Writings.
                 By William Emmette Coleman-- Pub. 1895

Next,  See Paschal Beverly Randolph: A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and Sex Magician

Lastly,  Read The Proof of This Trickery in The Modern Paperback Book:  MADAME BLAVATSKY'S BABOON--
A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought [False] Spiritualism to America 
By  PETER WASHINGTON  ISBN: 0805210245   1995    470 Pages.

See Also: Cora L.V. Richmond, Vice President & Originator of: National Spiritualists Association. 
Enemies of Spiritualism  & The 1897 N.S.A Meeting 

A  SUMMARY From The Stand Point of Spiritualism:
Spiritualism originally began in America in 1848. Later, to bring Spiritualism up to a higher standard, away from the charlatans and false prophets, Cora gave birth to the first organization for spreading Higher Spiritualism in America: The National Spiritualist Association.  A fine organization under her Vice Presidency which brought Spiritualism out of much chaos at the time, caused by the deception of it's enemies that worked to bring down SPIRITUALISM to the level of ELEMENTALISM & SPIRITISM (Magick- Magic),  or just sheer fraud by those trying to make a living. 

The prime movers for distortions and attempted destruction of higher Spiritualism were:  Paschal Beverly Randolph, Emma Hardinge Britten,  Madame Helena Blavatsky, her partner, Olcott and John Newbrough (Oahspe).  The latter two had their hidden reasons to have a Psychical Research Association to seek and harm or cause to go to prison, the best mediums. These people published twisted plagiarized books and tomes and gave lectures to misguide seekers. The continuation of the 30 years of book burning and destruction lasted in New York until approx. WW1.  Even Thomas Paine's works were destroyed and their publishers and sellers were sent to do hard labor in prison.  Such was the fear and trickery in an attempt to destroy higher spiritualism and the resulting loss of Commonsense and Reason it caused  it's people. 

Note: Important do see the above materials  for the proof of agent: Emma Hardinge Britten.  A false leader in Spiritualism, she was sent by her London (dark-side) Orphic occult circle which she had been put into to as a child by her sea going father after his death.  Emma's main job for many years after being sent to New York from London, was as an agent for 'dark side' destruction of the truth of Spiritualism by infiltrating public spiritualist meetings.  At  public and private meetings held to demonstrate spiritualism, Emma would attempt to push her fascinating but lower information into the minds of her audiences; attempting to hide and confuse the higher truths of Cora's trance mediumship.   I have studied the Banner of Light newspapers of the 19th century and noticed that Emma would mostly follow after where ever Cora had spoken.  It seems if Emma went first before an audience that had never before heard Cora, Emma was not well received.   But when Emma was out of town, far away from newspaper offices, she had her agent stooges do the grunt work of writing to the newspapers, sending them false reports of Emma's brilliance etc. etc.  Emma, with her husband were well organized and disciplined in their work of deception.

What a sight:   Beauty and the two Beasts !

Both Spiritists (non Spiritualists), Paschal Beverly Randolph, another occult 'poser agent' of false Spiritualism used the dark arts for personal gain. Similar to Emma Hardinge Britten he was also a physician and eccentric. Randolph was an African American one of the first Black American novelists and Supreme Grand Master of the Fratennitas Rosæ Crucis.  It has been thought the fore-runner who paved the way for the ceremonial sex-magic practiced by members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. With his straight hair he seemed Rasputin like and Emma, dark and severe, having been raised in the Orphic circle in London as a child would have been his equal.

From Banner of Light articles in the early days, after mid 1850s, we find Randolph and Britten appeared in public together as 'spiritualist mediums' in attempts to win over the audiences from the famous Trance Discourses of Cora L.V.Scott Hatch (Tappan, Richmond). These attempts happened on a few occasions when the two 'agents' agreed to speak when Cora's arranged venues were in New York.  But, the newspapers of the day in attendance seemed only interested in the utterances of the beautiful seventeen year old Cora, the innocent 'wonder of the age.'

People would follow Cora every where to be educated by her eloquent, perfect orations that enlightened on any subject; the sciences, ethics and religion etc.  Today we find the attempted 'lectures' on Spiritualism given by Emma and Randolph, both trained and seasoned occultists, fifteen to twenty years Cora's senior, were most likely  prepared, plagiarized and false attempts to sway people away from  real* spiritualism. These two would present instead on Rosicrucianism and for the reappearance of Masonry (containing the secret dark arts) after being banned years earlier in America; subjects not chosen by the spirit world or spoken through Cora unless asked to explain them years later.

Emma's trickery was eventually found out in America after many years when she had published two books on magic. This of course is the difference between earth spirits in elemental magick and the real spirits of the spiritual etheric realms.   But it is certain she had tricks to attempt to fool most people. But, Emma was not involved at the meetings of the NSA while Cora was Vice President and it would be known by any real medium that Emma was a fraud.

That later in England, Emma could pose as a leader in Spiritualism shows how the later philosophy of Spiritualism became sometimes enmeshed with that of SPIRITISM and some occultism where many were not real mediums at all, but just psychics.  Emma had no idea of the true understanding of mediumship--it's quantum implications, or even the physical demonstration of ectoplasm,  she was unable to explain these things correctly.  Her so called discourses of Spiritualism--contained many of the same mistakes that can be found in Newbrough's Oahspe.  Even mathematical mistakes matched.  Proof that Newbrough and Emma were using the same wrong sources.  Emma gave many lectures on Masonry; Newbrough was a 33rd degree mason.  Masonry was not a subject fit for Spiritualism.  These lectures she gave can be seen now as delivered obviously with the help of her photographic memory.    I have found four writings of her life story and all vary greatly.  To a medium, Emma was not a true medium.  Also real mediums are chosen before their earthly birth and  one cannot decide to be a medium.  A good medium's philosophy is usually given by those high raised spirit teachers working through the medium.   If they are only psychics, then the natural wisdom of the higher realms does not appear.   Mediums must be discerning of lower spirits and test them always.  Emma's behavior and being brought up in the Orphic circle could easily have made her more psychic especially if there had been child abuse.  But she could never have been a true Spiritual medium.  The same must apply to all the other agents that worked against Spiritualism.   This is the Spiritual law.

Later the American Spiritualist public realized Emma was not a real* Spiritualist at all. Instead, she was revealed as an occult spiritist and an agent against Spirtualism after publishing two occult Black magic books: Art Magic: Or Mundane, Sub Mundane, and Super Mundane Spiritism in 1876 and in 1897 she published: GHOSTLAND. 

Emma had burned her bridges here in America by stating in her earlier black magic work: ART MAGIC SPIRITISM she had taking money from fifty Spiritualists to publish her new "Spiritism" religion (Black Magic/ Indian Voodoo).  Emma also stated in her book that all Spiritualists are stupid for not knowing how to get their demands and every desire met by the spirits.   This of course being SPIRITISM Elementalism-black magic--NOT SPIRITUALISM.

Emma was also setting up another false philosophy --THEOSOPHY on behalf of Madame Helena Blavatsky.   It seems all  these agents were establishing any philosophy with the premise of their dark side agents that: ANY BELIEF IS ALL RIGHT-- AS LONG AS IT IS NOT THE TRUTH,  INCLUDING  MAGIC  MOSTLY TO ATTRACT INFERTILE OR IGNORANT MINDS.

Emma and her husband had the better talent to get Blavatsky's cult-THEOSOPHY and belief in Reincarnation up and going.  But after these associations Emma lost her credibility in America, she left for Manchester, England where her dark side was not so easily realized. She continued once again her lower form of Spiritualism and her false teachings.  It is believed today that Emma was NEVER in a true Mediumistic Trance or was ever capable of delivering true mediumship.  She has now been found in serious published research to have had a photographic memory.  See the published work (link above) written by Brown University Professor, ROBERT MATHIESEN: THE UNSEEN WORLDS OF EMMA HARDINGE BRITTEN--where you'll find Emma had agents working with her behind the scenes.  These agents helped her succeed to her false position of prominence. There was one major agent from the London Orphic Circle, Chevalier Louis de B__ who secretly traveled over the Atlantic Ocean many times and, to bring her books she was to translate and publish.   These books would attempt to sway people away from Spiritualism into the Elementalism of Spiritism. 

Emma then joined Madame Helena Blavatsky, both may also have been influenced by Newbourgh's and Randolph's occult knowledge. But Emma was soon after shunned again by American Spiritualists when as the prime mover she introduce the quasi Philosophy, Theosophy for the first time on behalf of Blavatsky in a final attempt to destroy Spiritualism.  This led to educated and scholarly Spiritualists like Emmett Coleman to write in-depth works against these false prophets, especially Blavatsky and their false creed, Theosophy.

While Emma and her husband's days were numbered in America, they ran a few more Theosophy meetings for Blavatsky.  It was also Emma's association with Blavatsky that exposed her again as a fraud as Blavatsky often purposefully posed as a fraudulent medium in an attempt to destroy Spiritualism.

Madame Helena Blavatsky realized her scheme while acting as a fraudulent medium in a very noticeable and negative way.  Now caught and shown in the public media--all in the attempt of bringing down Spiritualism to show it to be fraudulent like herself.   Blavatsky, a Russian, finally lands the big court hearing for financially defrauding a man through her so called Spiritualism.  America hears about the case and it seems her work is done.  Her dark deeds now paid for by being given an American passport and leaving the next day for India via London--never to ever return to America again. 

It was planned that THEOSOPHY was to be the false replacement to Spiritualism taught by Madame Helena Blavatsky till her death.  In India, Blavatsky was again exposed for fraudulently claiming her non existent spirit teachers-- using occult spiritism and trickery.

Emma Hardinge Britten had originally been trained in music and having a photographic memory was trained as an actress for the London & New York Stage.  But, unable to continue in America, Emma returned to her false spiritualism in England.   It seems her real work was to destroy higher Spiritualism while acting the part of a medium.  Successful because of her photographic memory and being able to memorize long sermons and stage parts, she continued as a false medium in England. No spiritualist Organization would begin in England until after her death. 

A strange note of interest regarding the publishing and financial help given to both Blavatsky and Newbrough by A Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson.  After she donated money to Blavatsky and Dr. Newbrough and while she lived in rooms at the New York house of Newbrough, Mrs. Thompson obtained information from a female servant of Blavatsky that caused Thompson to put a stop to Newbrough's printing press for Oahspe in 1881.  When Mrs. Thompson realized that these two were not Spiritual mediums as purported and that they had used her for financial reasons, she stopped all donations.  Also, the proposed books were not as she had been led to believe; received and written from the Spirit world or even owned by the two claimants, Newbrough and Blavatsky.  The printer of ISIS UNVEILED perhaps for financial reasons did not want to admit to Blavatsky's plagiarism.   Mrs. Thompson took away Newbrough's printing press with the help of Mr. Lant the printer.  Mrs. Thompson then attempted to call a holt on the plagiarized works being published and exposed the frauds.  Because of the implications, this caused Mrs. Newbrough whom, well off enough in her own right, to seek a divorce from her 33 degree Mason, Dentist husband. 

Newbrough & Olcott (before leaving for India with Blavatsky) while in New York, separated out the real physical mediums while posing as 'testers' for Psychical Research. Newborough may have killed at least one by touching her in full trance transition causing her to have a massive heart attack.  No one bothered about the fraudulent mediums--but the best were looked for and taken to prison.  And so real* Spiritualism was nearly lost.  Cora was never stopped from working and she traveled the world extensively.  But her once very prolific published works and discourses seem to have suffered much loss and destruction.

The Spiritualists finally saw the true intent in these four agents and their many partners working against Spiritualism.  All fled America, except John Ballou Newbrough a 33 degree Mason who moved his commune cult from New York westward to a remote place near Las Cruces New Mexico. Newbrough ended up in a court case for abusing a member's child and of unfulfilled promises to all remaining members by cheating them out of their possessions and money on the promise of sharing ownership of SHALAM COLONY Near Las Cruces. Newbrough died at 63 shortly after the final judgment.

See Las Cruces Court Documents of SHALAM COLONY Near Las Cruces, NM 1887 -1891.
Suit Declaration *1050,  Third Judicial District Court, County of Dona Ana, New Mexico.
Ellis vs. Newbrough & Howland.
Four years younger than Emma Hardinge Britten, Randolph was born in New York, September 5th ? 1825   He later spread anti Spiritualism with his preference for sexual magick and his own form of Rosicrucianism.  Assisting  Madame Helena Blavatsky's Theosophy while they both traveled extensively but independently around the world.  Like most occultists they often seem to die earlier in life than other people.  In 1875 Randolph succumbed to what seems to have been a long-standing case of depression (typical with some occultists) and ended his life by suicide at the relatively young age of fifty, July 29, 1875 leaving behind a wife and infant son of only four months.

1891 saw the deaths of both, John Ballou Newbrough at age 63  and Madame Helena Blavatsky at age 60. 

Emma Hardinge Britten returned home to Manchester England permanently to begin once more her plagiarized Spiritualism where she had not yet been openly revealed, keeping secret her occult affiliations since childhood with the London Orphic circle and dying amongst them a few years later in 1899. Age 78.

Today, Theosophy realizes it's past and it is because of this we can now come much closer to finding deeper revelations about Blavatsky and Hardinge-Britten.

The actions of the these 'dark' agents in their time on earth is only to be pitied.  But, as stated in the 1924 book THIRTY YEARS AMONG THE DEAD, by Psychiatrist, Carl A. Wickland, M.D.: in the section on the Dangers caused by 'THEOSOPHY,'  I am sure just as he wrote about his healing work experiences helped by his wife Anna, a medium,  to bring through and help the spirit once known as Madame Helena Blavatsky, to working through and put to right her wrong and dangerous teachings and actions on earth.  So, we hope the spirit once known as Emma Hardinge Britten is now working in the same way putting light where she once taught in error. 

"If God be infinite goodness, then He can recognize no principle of evil, or error.  Cora L.V Hatch.----Free Agency of Man-- Delivered In Trance,  11.22.1857

24 years later in 1923,  Cora peacefully passed over at age 84 at home in Chicago. Cora gave 70 years of Full Trance Discourses and Lessons and for the last forty years of her life and right up until her death Cora had been Pastor of her own Chicago Church of the Soul.  Cora had traveled extensively around the world sharing her gift and higher teachings with a huge number of fortunate people able to have experienced the wonderful light of a true world teacher. 

But, we now have Cora's literature available    ---  See Her Works on the ARCHIVES:  CONTENTS PAGE

Enjoy, Peace and Love !                                              
[*real spiritualism, scientifically proven and beyond doubt]

     Click Here For   History: Anthony Comstock,  New York: The Biggest Book Burner In History-Our Lost History -Higher Spiritualism

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Very Good: Television Medium For  proof of Life after Death
Today, unlike the excellent mediumship of John Edward demonstrating the healing that comes through the proof of Life After Death, organized Spiritualist churches now seem to have fallen and most lack the true Inspirational Teachings given through mediumship.  Instead, they appear to only encourage self-seeking with popular message giving, the main reason for church attendance?  Many messages today may be 'mind reading' or psychic at best, not true mediumship because many churches maybe financially pressured to keep their doors open. If a church lacks true mediumship then Life After Death cannot be proven; the only reason to seek a message from loved ones.  If the churches for instance had mediums like JOHN  EDWARD  they would be packed full.  Anything less than true mediumship is abuse and selfishness on both sides and fraud on the part of the church.  Without true mediumship they should in all honesty close their doors.  But many for egotistical and financial reasons keep the ignorant seekers hooked on getting regular messages; the lower state, more akin to fortune telling is unreliable and confusing.   Unless true Inspirational mediumship is given, it is unhealthy and debilitating, almost cult like to keep wanting messages once proof of Life after Death has been established.  Once Life After Death had been scientifically proven to someone, the purpose of life on earth is to experience real life fully, not attempt to cheat and avoid life's experiences.  If Spiritualism can help your growth through it's true Inspirational teachings, all is well and healing can be found in such a spiritual setting.  But, do not become addicted to message seeking.  This is NOT spiritual. It's selfish and unhealthy.

Cora had predicted on the eve of the 20th century that all church doors will eventually close.  The reasons should be clear.  True mediumship with a higher spiritual philosophy can be found to survive where Love exists, in the high raised home development circles with considerations for true peace and healing to help others.  A higher spiritual philosophy is no longer taught in churches the way it was given earlier by the original NSA Vice President, Rev. Cora L.V. Richmond, in deep trance mediumship. Instead, today you'll find these churches are now in gross ignorance and cannot survive by hiding Cora's works in favor of pushing forward the dangerous teachings of the shameful non spiritualist, Emma Hardinge Britten.  Britten, now a proven occultist had taught a New Age erroneous belief system based on self-seeking that flies in the face of real* Spiritualism (see proof of the hidden world of E.H.B. below).  Instead, one must work to attain a much higher philosophy to live by each day, carefully selecting the highest and best reading materials; it is not about New Age, earth magic, materialism's quick fixes, but the Universal laws that have never changed.  Today we are in danger of losing sight of the higher truths taught by Cora L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan Richmond.


Statement of Fact : So Called Spiritualism Today, IS NOT True Spiritualism--It Was Lost More Than 100 Years Ago.
Cora L.V. Richmond was Spiritualism's most important pioneer.  Although she was also the pioneer, founder and Vice President of the first organization for Spiritualism in America (National Spiritualist's Association), she refused the term 'Spiritualism' for her own 2000 plus congregation; instead, in America's puritanical 1880s she named it: The Church Of The Soul. Cora's Inspirational Teachings should NOT be seen as part of a Church type religiosity. Instead they are for understanding and proving scientifically and spiritually 'True Natural Science & Quantum physics.' Requirements for progression, the Soul's Mind in survival and the philosophy of immortality of life after physical death.

There IS Soul Embodiment/s. Soul being in a timeless existence CAN NEVER be in a "RE" existence, therefore the spirit does NOT "re" incarnate, it is a vehicle ONLY of the soul for earth incarnation experience.

Cora's teachings are Natural Quantum Physics-- NOT Metaphysics, NOT Para Psychology, Not psychic channeling (mostly mind readers), but scientifically proven true mediumship and teaching 'true knowing through deep perceiving'. Soul truth is NOT New Age 'beliefs', superstitions & misstatements (since the 1960s drug revolution). Nor the occult, magic or miracles of the Roman civilization's re-hashed system, their cults, sects & secret societies. Truth is NEVER 'New' because Truth has always been TRUTH long before our earth memory. The IS'ness of Quantum Physics --The Universal Nature of ALL THAT JUST IS.

" The loss of the maternal hierarchy in society is the loss of knowing heaven"
--PSYCHOSOPHY--(The Book of the SOUL) Cora L.V. Richmond

CORA L.V. RICHMOND gave  70 FULL YEARS of TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP IN USA AND OTHER COUNTRIES And To PRESIDENTS & THEIR PARTIES: LINCOLN, GRANT, et. al. & to the World's Greatest Minds of the 19th and 20th Century, Inventors & World Royalty.

The representatives of the world's religions were brought to America for the first time, thanks to Cora L.V. Richmond, the major contributor of America's ' First Parliament of Religions,' Chicago.   See click Cora's Presentation of Spiritualism:

The Coming Religion
The coming religion is a religion in which the temple reared to God will be in human form, instead of being built of brick or stone. A religion of work, rather than worship; and, in place of the deathly creeds, with all their hungry parasites of prey, a religion of life--life actual, life here, life now, as well as the promise of life everlasting! --Cora L.V. Richmond,  Psychosophy

"The Temple Of The Soul,  whatever it will be called in the future, not only has proved itself scientifically today, but has already proved itself to be the greatest solvent of Ancient dogmas." Cora L.V. Richmond. 

Indeed, modern Spiritualism has revealed the fact to all who have within the knowledge of its philosophy, that the communion with spirits prove not only their existence, not only that they inhabit a world real and tangible, but that their condition in that world is largely determined by the knowledge, the occupation, the thoughts that are held in this life, and that the wisdom and philosophy which can give to humanity a tangible and distinct revelation concerning the effects that this life and its thoughts have upon the next will do much to destroy the ancient fear of death.

It is undoubtedly true that the existence of ignorance in the world concerning the elements, the primal laws of spiritual being, accounts not only for the crimes that are in existence, but for many of those weaknesses, flaws, and foibles that would otherwise be removed.

You think it a great deprivation if your children in the flower, the maturity and bloom of early youth, are taken from you. But rather rejoice for these than for the young buds--the very fledglings that go from your midst, ere they have plumed their wings for flight. Oh you will meet them face to face in spiritual life, and they will look almost reprovingly upon you; for the experience which nature intended has been denied them, and they must ever learn in other ways than through the laws and forms of earthly life.

There is no greater madness in the world than the fascination of pleasures, the allurement to crimes of that form of civilized life and that form of enlightened society that permits the souls of infants to go from earthly life ere they have tasted the experience of earthly existence. There is no knowledge like experience, no knowledge equal to that which comes to every individual from the secret race of their souls and actual contact with the living realities of life. End.

"The wise man changes his mind as he faces new facts, because he knows that he cannot alter the facts to please his fancy"

Many wonderful books of higher truth also became 'Lost Wisdom' through 30 years of massive book destruction (burning) of literature in New York ( Comstock Postal Laws--late 19th - Early 20th Cent.). Hard Labor Imprisonment for Publishers and GOOD Mediums.

All these inquisitional atrocities were committed under the so-called Post Office Pornography Law, causing a long loss to our freedom to pursue higher thought. In place of this lost knowledge, many misleading books of disinformation, occult practices and fraudulent psychics were allowed to be published and to practice.

Why was the public deceived  into turning away from the Light of real* Spiritualism, Philosophy, True Science & Quantum Physics etc..? Answers:   CORA'S HIGH INSPIRATIONAL TRANCE ADDRESSES THREATENED THE CHURCHES WITH TRUE PROGRESS & KNOWLEDGE OF UNIVERSAL NATURAL LAWS OF SCIENCE, KNOWLEDGE OF REAL RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY-- AND, because 19th century women sought education.

Education for women was against the Vatican's Bull Edict from Rome (late 1850s). Women in earnest, wanted to improve themselves after following Cora's public "Inspirational" speaking that no one could better. Cora began public healing  at age age 11 & speaking from age 14 to very large audiences. Many other mediums strived to be like her and sought higher quality mediumship. Today, the result of the war against Spiritualism is ignorance in true Science, Philosophy & Real Religion.

We need to revisit the lost knowledge: The Real Life, Life After Passing from Earth. There is no death, only of the earthly physical body.



World Religions, Aquarian Age, Cycles, Cosmobiology, Quantum Physics, Lost Meaning in sacred Science of REAL  Healing, Astrology (Mother of Astronomy) Astronomy.  True Healing Cannot Be Without Cosmobiology (Astrological birth map.)

No  Reincarnation (Spirit Return )  But, Soul Embodiments.   Can you explain the difference between Spirit & Soul? I doubt it!  You were never meant to find out.   Even Native Americans say  GREAT SPIRIT,  but really mean the  "SOUL of ALL That IS."

Lost Knowledge Defined From The Higher Spirit World Through Cora:: Arcane, Creeds & Ancient Religions Explained. Required Abilities & Gifts: Discernment, Reasoning & Perception to Find Real Inner Truth:.Science, Future Life on Earth and much more..

NOTE:  The universe each individual perceives does not come through microscopes or telescopes or imaginings based on crystallized, externalized dogma. There is always a forced quality to the expressions of those who attempt to "believe".

You must not just 'believe'  but you  MUST demand proof from Spiritualism..
Real* Spiritualism is KNOWING through good reasoning powers until finally TRUTH IS FOUND THROUGH  PERCEPTION .

[*real spiritualism, scientifically proven and beyond doubt].
Book Mark .ARCHIVES PAGE.For On-Line Archival Literature By Cora L.V. Richmond
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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923

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