Apollonius of Tyana The Real Jesus
Christna (the Avatar of 3000 BC ) by the priests of Constantine at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND
1840 - 1923


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On The Bible
Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness,
with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon than the Word of God.
It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind.
Thomas Paine (1737-1809), Anglo-American political theorist, writer. The Age of Reason, pt. 1, "Examination of the Old Testament" (1794)

& ... What Emerson Has To Say About History: THE VALUE OF THE TREASURY.

"History no longer shall be a dull book.  It shall walk incarnate in every just and wise man.
You shall not tell me by languages and titles a catalogue of the volumes you have read.
You shall make me feel what periods you have lived.  A man shall be the Temple of Fame.
He shall walk, as the poets have described that goddess, in a robe painted all over with wonderful events and experiences....
He shall be the priest of Pan, and bring with him into humble cottages the blessing of the morning stars,
and all the recorded benefits of heaven and earth."-- EMERSON.

Apollonius of Tyanawas the awe and wonder of his time - Apollonius of Tyana -the true Christ of the first century AD. Apolonius was born of wealthy parents in the Greek town of Tyana, Greece, and his birth was miraculously announced to his mother by an archangel. He was an attractive and precocious child and was sent to reside at the temple of Aescalupius in Tarsus at age twelve, where he was initiated by the priests and where he excelled in religious and philosophical learning and debate, and even performing healing miracles. At the age of sixteen he adopted the pythagorian philosophy and lifestyle of abstaining from animal food, wine, and women, living only on fruits and herbs, maintaining five years of silence, praying to the sun three times a day, dressing only in white linen(non-animal fabric), going barefoot, and never cutting his hair or beard.
He believed in the immortality of the soul, in metempsychosis, and in a supreme deity ruling lesser deities. He also wrote books on astrology. Before starting his public mission he gave away his riches to his relatives with the aim of seeking only knowledge and wisdom.
His mission began by going to Antioch where he taught certain disciples, as well as learning the mysteries of that city's temple, Apollo Daphne. He also traveled to India and Egypt, bringing back with him the doctrines of Krishna and Buddha, which then became the foundations of the Christian religion. As a Roman citizen, he traveled freely within the Roman empire acquiring the reputation of a social and political reformer. He was fearless and spoke out against the tyranny of Nero and Domititian for which he was jailed but later released. His most recounted incident was at the court before emperor Domitian, where he disappeared into thin air before they could lay any kind of charge on him.
Wherever he went he attracted large crowds and held them spellbound by his words and deeds. Kings, rulers, and common folk constantly sought him for advice and he gave freely. He travelled the world and always stood his ground and was regarded by many as a god in the flesh. He compiled the epistles, and retired to the isle of Patmos where he wrote the book of Revelation. Little is known about his death, but it is thought he lived past the the age of 100, and shortly thereafter ascended to the inner earth paradise.
-Temples and statues were built in his honor, and for the first three centuries AD he was regarded as a demi-god and saint. The popularity of Apollonius' teachings became a threat to the decaying Roman Empire, so in 325 AD, At the Council of Nicaea, emperor Constantine and his bishops devised the New Christianity which would turn attention away from Apollonius, to a Judean carpenter by the name of Jesus. All records of Apollonius and his Essene Christianity were destroyed and this meant burning the libraries, including the most famous one at Alexandria. The mobs who enforced the new changes met stiff resistance from the people, and some fifty million were eventually killed or martyred in the process.

Important changes in the biblical texts occurred ever since then, such as the removal of the doctrines of reincarnation [Soul embodiments], astrology, and vegetarianism; to be replaced by their opposites -a mortal soul, a hellfire for diviners, and permission for meat-eating and wine drinking.  http://www.librarising.com/spirituality/apollo.html


Apollonius of Tyana Coin

Ancient Voices From The Spirit Realms


Christianity proved to be of heathen origin in a long series of communication 
from ancient spirits concerning the religious history of mankind.It proves that all religions originated in sun worship.

Note: See book by  John Edward, #1 Spiritulist Psychic Medium on Television:WHAT IF GOD WERE THE SUN

It shows that Christianity and paganism are  identical.  It lays bare the system of deception practiced by the founders of Christianity.  Jesus Christ proved to be a mythical character.

It  is THE  book of the 19th  Century 625 pages, illustrated. 
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Re-Print of  1892
A Very Rare Book
Ancient Voices From The Spirit Realms
639 Pages 2 Volumes
ISBN 0-7873-0729-7


ISBN 0-7873-0729-7

First Published 1892 
Oriental Publishing Co. Philadelphia

This volume contains a wonderful treasury of knowledge and explains how the life and teachings of Apollonius of Tyana were appropriated, upon  which to construct Christianity, the name of Jesus being used in place of Apollonius to hide the truth


Ancient voices from the spirit realm disclose the most startling revelations, proving Christianity to be of heathen origins. Anitiquity Unveiled comprises a series of remarkable communications from ancient and modern spirits bearing on Oriental religions and their relation to Christiantity. Contents include: Apollonius the Nazarene; Apollonius of Tyana; Damis, the Pupil of Apollonius; Plotinus; Pope Gregory VII; Cyrillus Luchar, a Greek Patriarch; Julius Lucius Florus, a Roman Historian; Gregory, Bishop of Constantinople; Albertus Magnus; Socrates Sholasticus, an Ecclesiastical Historian, etc.
639 pages in Two Volumes
                    APOLLONIUS, THE NAZARENE
The accompanying engraving represents Apollonius of Tyana, who proves to be the Jesus Christ of the Christian Scriptures.  It may be interesting to the reader to be informed how the oil painting from which the engraving was taken came into existence.
In 1874, the owner of the painting on his travels visited the late N.B. Starr, well known as a wonderfully inspired medium, through whom were painted very remarkable spirit portraits, and requested Mr. Starr to execute for him any portrait he felt impressed to paint.  He could do nothing in his normal condition in the way of producing them, but while in an unconscious trance condition, with eyes closed, the colors were mixed and applied to the canvass in a masterly manner and with great rapidity.

When the painting was received, on the lower edge of the canvas was found this inscription; - "The Nazarene, by Raphael. N.M. Starr, Medium."   Nothing was thought of the inscription until about eight years after, when several of the ancient spirits, Strabo and others, in giving their communication ( a full account of which will be found in  the body of the work), alluded to the painting, saying that it represented Apollonius as near as it was possible on the earth plane.

The painting as a work of art is a most marvelous production  Especially is this so from the fact that it was accomplished in four or five sittings of an hour each,  through one who never received instruction in the art.  Such an undertaking, in the hands of an accomplished artist unaided by spirit power, would require months to finish; even then it is doubtful if the remarkable effect portrayed in this spirit portrait could be produced by mortal hand unaided. Such, briefly, are the circumstances connected with the history of  the portrait of Apollonius.

Apollonius of Tyana, from Tyana in Cappadocia, 
Asia Minor--  Tyana  still  exists today  in Turkey- 
-East of the Taurus Mountains & North of Syria 

Nazarene  Sect of Esseans
was never a place until much later 





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PREFACE,     3 
APOLLONIUS OF TYANA, the Nazarene.-Born A. D. 2, died A. D. 99 -His history and teachings appropriated to formulate Christianity-  The original  gospels of the New Testament brought from India,    17
DAMIS, the pupil of Apollonius.-The Epistles of Timothy written to Damis-India the source of Christianity,     35
DEVA BODHISATOUA, a Buddhist Prophet.-The original gospels as understood  by the Hindoos-Received from spirit sources through Bodhisatoua as a medium,        48
PLOTINUS.-The testimony of Ulphilas, Apollonius, Vespasian, Deva Bodhisatoua and others confirrned-The scriptures of Buddhism and their relation to Christianity,    57
POPE GREGORY VII.-HIS reason for destroying the library of the Palatine Apollo-The manuscripts contained therein would prove the non -existence of Jesus Christ,     59
EUTHALIUS, a Greek Theologian.-The teachings of Apolionius of Tyana mutilated to make good the Christian scheme-Euthalius substitutes Paul  and the Christ idea for Apollonius and Chrishna in these writings-The Acts of the Apostles, Pauline and Catholic epistles divided by him into verses,     61
POTAMON, the great Alexandrian Reformer.-His attempt to purify the existing religions leads to exile-The Eclectic School of Philosophy- The teachings of Potamon drawn upon to fabricate Christianity,    64
VESPASIAN, a Roman Emperor.-No such person among the Jews as Jesus of Nazareth-The books of the Jews-Disease produced by spirits- Apollonius a great medium,    79
FELIX, Procurator Of Judea.-Alcibides, an Egyptian priest and not Paul, as recorded in Acts, arraigned before Felix,    82
PLINY THE YOUNGER.-His letter to Trajan referred to the Essenes and not to the Christians-The word Christians a forgery,  87
ORIGEN.-Christianity and Paganism identical-The narratives relating to the person Jesus Christ derived from the Greek and Egyptian god    89
FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS, a Jewish Historian.-The reference to Jesus of Nazareth fraudulently interpolated by some Christian copier of his history- No such person as Jesus of Nazareth existed in the time of Josephus,    91
FLAVIUS PHILOSTRATUS, biographer of Apollonius of Tyana.- The non-existence of the Christian religion in his day- Apollonius worshiped in Rome as the  saviour of men-Every effort made by Popes and Emperors to destroy the history of Apollonius,    94
COSMAS INDICOPLEUSTES, the great Antiquarian.-The symbols or keys of the Christian religion found on the Adulian marble- Fraudulent plates being manufactured  by excavators to support the Old Testament,    100
JEAN JACQUES BARTHELEMY, a French Scholar.-The modern Christian religion under the form of symbolic worship written upon all the temples and  tombs of antiquity,    101
HENRY SALT, an eminent English Traveller.-All historic religions have their origin in the Sun-Blinded by Christianity while on earth,    104
M. SERVILLIUS NONIANUS, a Roman Consul.-The Christian Jesus none other than the Chrishna of the Hindoos--No Christians nor Christianity in the time of   Nero, A. D. 45 to 68,    108
PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS.-The Alexandrian Library-Where the principal parts of the creeds and tenets of all religious systems were obtained, .  109
PONTIUS PILATE, Procurator of Judea.-He knew nothing of the Jesus of the Christians-Jesus Onanias a robber; tried before him and crucified by the Roman soldiers--  This testimony positively corroborated in our own times,    112
CYRILLUS LUCHAR, a Greek Patriarch.-The Alexandrian manuscript-The infamy of Christianity-Millions of ruined souls in the after-life because of its teachings--  Christianity not from the Jews but from the Greeks,    114
QUINTILLIAN.-Denies the existence of Jesus Christ-The cross has been the symbol of various religions ever since the days of Rameses II of Egypt,    118
JULIUS LUCIUS FLORUS, a Roman Historian.-The spirit of progress buried beneath Christianity-Jesus and his so-called apostles not known in Rome A. D. 125,   120
URBAN VIII, a Roman Pontiff.-Facts in regard to the mingling of Paganism and Christianity-The bronze decorations of St. Peter's at Rome-- Where obtained,   122
AQUILA, a Cappadocian Philosopher.-Neither Jew Nor Christian- Not the translator of the Greek version of the Old Testament as recorded in history,   123
SYMMACHUS, a Grecian Statesman.-The Christian religion a duplication of the Eleusinian mysteries,    124
POMPONIUS MELA, a Roman Geographer.-No Christians at Antioch A. D. 54- The goddess Diana worshiped,     126
CARDINAL STEFANO BORGIA.-Christianity cannot stand the blazing light of the original writings of the Latin Fathers if placed in the hands of scholars and  free thinkers,   128
CARACALLA, bishop of Nicomedia.-The Council of Nice-All works pertaining to the mythological origin of Christianity to be destroyed- Bibliomancy,    129
HEGESIPPUS, a Greek Theologian.-The attempt to make a new religion out of the old religions--The struggle between learned scholars and pagan priests,    131
ULPHILAS, a Catholic Bishop.-The source of the Codex Argenteus-The Brahminical gospels of Apollonius translated from the Samaritan tongue in the Fourth  Century-The names changed to suit his Christian employers,    133
ABGARUS, a Grecian Priest.-The famous letter to Jesus Christ a forgery by Christian writers-He corresponded with Jesus Malathiel, a Jewish priest-Eusebius responsible for the circulation of this falsehood,    135
GREGORY, bishop of Constantinople.-Destruction of many valuable books-Jesus interpolated for Apollonius in history- Eusebius spent his whole life in mutilating and destroying everything that militated against Christianity 138
EUSEBIUS OF CAESAREA -An unwilling witness--The power of truth-All Epistles and Gospels in reality the creation of Christian priests-Justin Martyr the forger of  the passage in Josephus in relation to Jesus Christ-Eusebins admits copying it- Dr. Lardner's arraignment of Eusebius- What Gibbons thinks of Eusebius,   141
ALCIPHRON, a Greek, Writer.-The story of the "Wise Men of the East," a theological legend brought from India by the Gymnosophists,    150
SIR THOMAS BODLEY, founder of the Bodleian library.-The Anti-Nicene library-Collection of manuscripts against the Council of Nice-Missing leaves of the Cambridge manuscript, 152
MARCION, the Father of Christianity.- The Pauline Epistles appropriated by Marcion -He changes them-The description of Paul interpolated to disguise the  identity of their author, Apollonius of Tyana,      154
LUCIAN, a Greek Satirist.-The insignificant measures used to formulate the Christian Gospels- The St. Luke of the Gospels-- Apollonius the Apollos of the Greels-- The original works of Lucian mutilated -Who St. Paul and St. Mark were,   157
CONSTANTINUS POGONATUS.- The sixth council of Constantinople A. D. 680-Prometheus of the Greeks adopted to represent Jesus Christ-Lamb worship changed  to man worship- Lamb worship a relic of paganism-The edict prohibiting the worship of the lamb on the cross,     160
CONSTANTINE THE GREAT.- Fettered by the truth - The Buddhistic gospels mingled with the teachings of Potamon,    162
EPAPHRODITUS, a Latin Grammarian.-Josephus a member of the Ancient Order of the Initiated-Why Josephus did not mention Apollonius in his history,   163
F. NIGIDIUS F    FIGULUS. - Connection of astrology with Christianity,      166
VELLIUS PATERCULUS.- The Signs of the Zodiac the key to all religions,     167
GREGORY, bishop of Neo-Caesarea.- Apollonius worshiped in the Temple of Apollo-- Valuable manuscripts destroyed by Eusebius,   169
UMMIRIUS QUADRATUS, Governor of Syria.- The feast of the unleavened bread a blood purifying ceremony- The carefully concealed secrets of the Essenes-- Travels in India, 170
C. CORNELIUS TACITUS, a Roman Historian.- The Essenian Brotherhood-Spirit manifestations-- Never heard of the Christian Jesus nor of Christianity,   173
MANETHO, an Egyptian Priest.- The god Osiris of the Egyptians-Materialization as understood by the ancients- The Sun personified, the revered saviour of all nations,   175
VARRO, a Roman Writer.-The celebrated literature of the ancients destroyed by the Christian hierarchy- His "Key to Ancient Religions" destroyed by order of  Constantine the Great,   177
IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH, Patriarch of the Essenes.- Apollonius of Tyana investigated the religion of the Essenes-- The sacred writings of the Essenes blended with those Apollonius received from India,   179
TITUS LIVIUS,  a Roman Historian.-The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the annual passage of the Sun through the
 constellations of the Zodiac,   181
Q. VERANIUS.-The God of the Britons identical with the God of the Christians- The idea of being saved by a man born of a virgin, established among barbarous  people centuries before the Christian era,    183
PORPHYRY, a so-called Heathen Philosopher.-None of the early Christian Fathers, so-called,-were Christians in reality-The gods of all religions have arisen out of astronomy and astrology,    185
MARCANTONIO: DEDOMIS, a  Heresiarch.- The old Roman gods, re-chiselled by the sculptors, are the Apostles of the Christian religion- The vestments of the Roman Catholic priesthood copied from the priests of Apollo,    187
SEJANUS, the favorite of Tiberius.-New light on the story of the crucifixion-The obliterated portion of the  Alexandrian Codex    189
ALOYSIUS LILIUS, an Italian Savant.- The connection of the life of the so-called Jesus Christ with the gods of antiquity- The doctrines of the Christian Trinity  based on the Pagan Trinity,   191
POMPAEIUS SATURNINUS.-The secret meeting of the Sons of the Sun or the Initiated -Ancient Spiritualism,   193
CARRA.- The inscriptions on the Adulian Marble relate to the life and miracles of Apollonius of Tyana,    195
CLEMENT ALEXANDRINUS.-His writings mutilated by Eusebius - interesting revelations concerning the Christian cross- The Council of Alexandria,    197
HERMOGENES, the Essenian rival of St. Paul. - Astronomy the key to the Book of Revelation - To understand the symbolism of Christianity read the stars,    200
JEAN SYLVAIN BAILLY.-What can be found at Ancient Tyre - An important book,   203
CARDINAL CAESAR BARONIUS, Librarian of the Vatican.-The Hindoo god Chrishna, in reality the Christ of the Christians - Sworn to eternal secrecy,  205
RUFUS QUINTIUS CURTIUS.- The Jewish legends borrowed from Persian mythologies- The breast plate of Josephus,     207
M. ATILIUS REGULUS. - The Greek and Roman religions copies of the Egyptian religion of Osiris or the sun personified,     210
ROBERT II, of France.- The Great Infinite has marked out no set of religious rules for men to be governed by- The effect of too much religious belief- All pictures  of Jesus Christ copies of those of Apollonius of Tyana,  212
PYTHAGORAS, the Samian Sage.- The god principal within us- In ancient times all sages were mediums- The effects of erroneous religious teaching of children almost ineradicable,  214
AMMONIUS SACCAS, the pupil of Potamon.- The Book of Revelation written under spirit control by Apollonius- Christianity known under the name of Gnosticism,   218
GALERIUS, a Roman Emperor.- Why Diocletian issued his famous edict against the Christians,    222
GEORGE DEYVERDUN.- The Last Supper taken from the Elusinian Mysteries--(Gibbons' book, "AENEAS, The Lawgiver of the Eleusinian Mysteries," destroyed   by the clergy,    225
HEINRICH E. G. PAULUS.-  The Gospel of St. Matthew - A remarkable communication,    226
SIGEBERT HAVERCAMP.- The writings of Damis in existence as late as the Eighteenth Century,    230
CHARLES DE BROSSES.- The worship of the Fetish gods.-Christianity a mixture of all preceding religions,   232
CHRISTIAN THOMASIUS,  Jurist and Philosopber. - Luther knew that Jesus Christ was a myth but dared not acknowledge it- The-true cause of Materialism in Germany,  235
SATURNINUS, the Essenian Philosopher.- The founder of Gnosticism- The story of Jesus of Nazareth, and the Christian Scriptures the mixed systems of Brahmanic, Buddhistic, Jewish, Essenian and Gnostic teachings- Apollonius heals by the laying on of hands,     237
CARDINAL ROBERT BELLARME. - Compelled to testify by the disappointed hopes of millions who believed and trusted in Christianity - Refers to the portrait of Apollonius-- All should know who the real Jesus was,    242
HORMISDAS, a Roman Catholic Pontiff.- Destruction of the Pauline Epistles-Eusebius a scoundrel - Jesus Christ worshiped in the form of a lamb -- Romanism is Paganism changed into Christianity,     244
APPIAN, a Roman Historian.- His writings destroyed by the Christians- The Hindoo Chrishna changed into the Greek Christos,    246
JOHN FIDENZA, St. Bonaventura.-The doctrines of Apollonius in the hands of the Maronite Priests on Mt. Lebanon, Syria,    250
ANNIUS OF VITERBO, a learned Dominican Friar - Startling revelations-The manuscripts saved from the Alexandrian library- The key to the old Egyptian  manuscripts found at the entrance of the ancient temple of Apollo at Rome,    252
MIZRAIM, the Chaldaic king of Egypt.- The worship of the Egyptians- The signs of the Zodiac- New facts in history- Mizraim the name of a king and not the name of a country as claimed by historians,     256
EUXENUS, a Pythagorean Philosopher.- The teacher of Apollonius-Explains the seven Pythagorean principles as taught in his day,   264
JEAN BAPTISTE COLBERT, Prime Minister of France.-  The inscription on the marble throne at Adulis, referred to Apollonius of Tyana 'The Armenians  fire worshipers,- The ancient Egyptian virgin Isis identical with the Christian Virgin Mary,  269
GODFREY ARNOLD, a German Mystic.- The communication of Euthalius confirmed,  272
AUGUST VON SCHLEGEL, a German Philologist.- The Tamil language more ancient than the Sanscrit-The Tamil idea of the Trinity,   274
BODHISHORMAH, a Buddhist Priest.- The books of the New Testament from St. John to Revelations parodied from the versions of Bodhisatoua - The Gospels of Matthew,   Mark and Luke derived from ancient Gymnosophic religions,    276
SERVIUS SULPICUS GALBA, a Roman Emperor.- Who the Jesus of Nazareth was that created such confusion at Jerusalem,  A. D. 34-35,   280
JUNIANUS JUSTINUS, a Latin Historian.-More works mutilated by Christian writers- Hesus Christos changed to Jesus Christ in the days of Eusebius,   285
PLOTINA POMPEIA, wife of the Emperor Trajan.- The famous letter of Pliny the Younger to Trajan- What the light of truth reveals- Ancient copies still in existence fraudulently interpolated in order to manufacture proof of the existence of the Christians at an early period - The worship of Apollonius at Rome- The historical proofs of the existence of Jesus disappear under the light of these communications,    290
FACILIEDAS. King of Abyssinia. - Some interesting testimony in regard to evolution,   294
FATHER AMIOT, a French Jesuit. - Christianity cannot stand before unbiased thought and reason - All deistical ideas inconsistent with the laws of life and organization  of matter,   295
CHARLES FRANCIS ALTER.- Interesting philological discoveries- The mystic symbols of the school of Ammonius Saccas,    297
HERENNIUS, a contemporary of Plotinus.- The first writing or tablets of man's history were found in Ethiopia - Christianity contains all the ceremonies of the ancient pagans  combined with a god that never existed - Plans for the formation of the highest and noblest system of religion ever known overthrown by Constantine the Great,    300
AMELIUS, a disciple of Plotinus.-  Why Eclecticism was checked in its infancy- Pagan priests preferred to see their ceremonies continued through the Catholic church rather than have them become obsolete,   302
STRABO, Historian and Geographer.- " If the records of the past had been allowed to stand there would be no Christianity to-day"-  Confirmatory proof that the portrait of the Nazarene is a true representation of Apollonius,    306
PHRAOTES, King of Taxila.-The visit of Apollonius to India-  Receives the sacred Testament of The Mountain of Light Circle from Iarchus- Light upon the Book of Matthew-  Millions of spirits would rather cease to exist than that these revelations should come to Mankind,      311
JOHN FREDERICK GRONOVIUS, Critic of the Seventeenth Cen tury.- The works of Pliny, Livy and Sallust, very much changed in order to conceal the real origin of  Christianity-   Confirmatory proof in regard to the forgery of Pliny's letter,    315
ABULPHARAGIUS, bishop of Guba.- Christianity essentially the Sun Worship taught at Babylon by Zoroaster- The Jesuits supporting the opposition to the truth as revealed from the spirit world,     317
MINUCIUS FELIX, a Montanist Patriarch.- Where civilization originated- Christianity an outgrowth of Buddhism- Sun Worship and Egyptian Osirianisin one and-the  same thing,     319
GRIESBACH.-Zodiacal interpretation of all religions-  The five ancient Testaments- The incorrect translation of the Greek statement,    321
HAICO, the great Armenian King.- The Jewish legend of the Tower of Babel disposed of in an effective manner- The Old Testament belonged to the Armenian people  and not to the Jews- The secret chambers of the Pyramids of Ethiopia,   324
MONTANUS, the Phrygian Ecstatic. - The teachings of Montanism- Their books the canons of Buddhism- Materialization in ancient times,    330
AKIBA, a Jewish Rabbi.- Chronological forgeries resorted to in order to make the Jewish religion appear ancient,    333
LUCIUS APPULEIUS, a Satirist.- The difference between the teachings of Apollonius and Potamon- The Greek and Egyptian divinities identical with older gods,    338
M. COCCEIUS NERVA, Emperor of Rome.- Fifteen other gods besides the Hindoo Saviour Christos worshiped at Rome-   History of them all based upon a god-begotten  virgin-born man who was to die to save the world,    341
HERODES AGRIPPA II, King of Judea.- The true version of the trial of Paul before Agrippa as given in Acts,    344
RABBA JOSEPH.-  The writings of Gamaliel tampered with by Christians,    349
MOSES MAIMONDES.- The Augian Codex- Absolute proof that Apollonius of Tyana was St. Paul,    355
PROCOPIUS, the Secretary of Belisarius.- Eusebius changes the Hindoo Chrishna into the Jew Jesus Christ- Julian the Apostate did not recant upon his death-bed,     358
EUNOMIUS,  the great Arian leader.- Whence came the name Jesus Christ- Why the Council of Nice was convened- The attempt of the Emperor Constantine to blend  the prevailing heathen religions,    364
CARNEADES.  a Greek Philosopher.- Christosism converted into Christianity in the Fourth Century- The philosophy of Plato a combination of the doctrines concerning  Christos and Prometheus,     376
SOTION,  the teacher of Seneca.- Diana of the Ephesians supposed to be the virgin mother of the sun god Christos in the time of Sotion- A fatal mistake,   379
SEPTIMUS GETA,  a Roman Emperor.- Rivalry existing between the followers of Christos and the worshipers of Apollo,      383
JACOB JOSEPH VON GORRES.- The plagiaristic nature of the Scriptures- No Hebrew literature until after the Babylonish captivity- The ancient Jewish history taken from the writings of Zoroaster,    387
FREDERICH GESENIUS.- The Hebrew languages derived  from the ancient Chaldean tongue- Etymology of the  name Moses- The scribe Ezra revises the account of Daniel,   390
ST. CHRYSOSTOM,  a Christian Father.- All systems of religion amount to misunderstood spirit control- The important document contained in the Ambrosian Library,     394
ANANIAS,  a Jewish High-priest.- Apollonius and not Christ accused before Felix--: - The only Christ preached in Judea was the Christos of Apollonius,     400
CHARLES MARTEL, King of France.- The worshipers of Jupiter, Hesus and Christos,   409
RADBOD, King of Friesland.- Similarity  between Christosism and Hesusism,     410
WINIFRED  OR ST. BONIFACE.-  Not a Catholic Christian but a  priest of Christos--- The books rejected at the Council of Nice,     411
LUCIUS OF CYRENE, the Secretary of Damis.- The Apocalypse written by Apollonius,    420
SEVERUS, Patriarch of Antioch.- The Monophysites- The attempt to make Hesus Christos a Jew,    424
AGABUS.-  The folly of religion as a means to spirit happiness- Mediums used to propagate the Apollonian system of religion,      425
JOHN BIDDLE, an English Theologian.- The persecutions ordered by the Christian churches responsible for the overthrow of their power- Persecuted for denying the truth of the Trinity,     427
ST. FRANCIS DE SALES, a Bishop of Geneva.- A defiant spirit- All proof in the hands of the Catholic church- The priests have hidden their tracks well- His challenge accepted,    429
SILAS OR SILVANUS, a Disciple of Apollonius of Tyana.- Interesting facts concerning the systems of Apollonius and Chrestus- New light on the Scriptures- Marcion and Lucian appropriated the theological labors of Apollonius,      430
FRUMEMTIUS, an Abyssinian Bishop.- The Ethiopic version of Christosism- The founders of Christianity claim the solar Christos of Frumemtius to be identical with their Jesus Christ,     439
CHRESTUS, the rival of Apollonius.- The subject of the disputed passage in Suetonius, not Jesus Christ but Chrestus- The teachings of Chrestus,     441
ARONAMAR.- The difficulties attending spirit intercourse- The Council of Nabopolassar- The first Talmud- No Targums of the books of Daniel, Ezran and Nehemiah- Targums of those books would have shown their Chaldean origin,      454
ST. DECLAN, an ancient Sun Worshiper.- St. Patrick a sun worshiper- The round towers of Ireland-   The literature of the Druids destroyed,  457
LEONARDI BRUNI, Papal Secretary.- The forgeries in the secret archives of the Vatican- Mutilations by Eusebius-- The destruction of documents by Popes Celestine and Gregory,     461
ST. DOMINIC DE GUZMAN.- The Catholicism of spirit life- The persecution of the Albigenses,      474
LOUIS THE PIOUS, King of France.- The mystic teachings of Dionysius the Areopagite- Jupiterean-Christosism,    475
CELESTINE III, a Roman Pontiff.- Suppressed manuscripts- What can be found in the library at Florence,     485
JOHN ASSER,  Abbot of Sherburn.- The manuscripts of Alfred the Great- Fourteen crucified saviours- Jesus and Hesus preached alternately,    487
INNOCENT III, Pope of Rome.- An unwilling witness- The mutilation of the Alexandrian manuscript- The missing leaves - The psychology of spirits used to lead mortals  astray,    490
ALBERTUS MAGNUS.- Astrology furnishes the key to show  who the real Jesus was -  A pathetic statement,      498
SOCRATES SCHOLASTICUS,  an Ecclesiastical Historian.- The communion service taken from the Eleusinian mysteries-- Bacchus the god of wine, Ceres the god of  corn- Where proof of the truth of these communications can be found,     500
GABINUS, Roman Governor of Judea.- History of the Jews a mixture of the traditions of the Chaldeans and Armenians-  Abraham  a Chaldean,       503
APIANUS.- The teachings of spirits in the Sixteenth Century- A pupil of Paracelsus,    505
MARCELLINUS.- The doctrines of the Trinity-State policy, not religious impulse caused Constantine to adopt Hesus Christos -Relation of Gymnosophism and Eclecticism  to Christianity,     507
LACTANTIUS.- The doctrine of the Trinity in existence in India 1600 years before the Christian era- An important communication showing the identity of Christianity  and paganism,     513
HERMES, an Apostolic Father.- His suffering in spirit life- The Greek myth Prometheus the prototype of the Christian Jesus - The honor of the founders of Christianity  impeached,     515
IAMBLICUS, a Syrian Philosopher.- The Sun the central object of the Christian theology- The concealed key,    517
BELZONI.-  Symbols of the Christian religion found on the Tombs of Ancient Thebes,     518
AMMONIUS THE PERIPATETIC, an Alexandrian Philosopher.- Religious symbols- History of Jesus a re-deification of older gods,    520
ANASTASIUS, Librarian of the Vatican.- No evidence to show that Jesus Christ ever existed- The pictures of Jesus taken from those of Apollonius- The Christian  religion the out growth of the teachings of the Alexandrian schools,    522
JONATHAN BEN UZZIEL, one of the Writers of the Targums.- Moses a creation of Jewish priests- The legends and traditions of the Jewish people extend no further than Ezra the Scribe- Jewish and Chaldean history identical- Every man and woman their own redeemer,    524
SAADIAS-GAON.-The Jews bad no history as a people anterior to 450 B. C.,     526
ARNOLD, Abbot of Citeaux.-The persecutor of the Albigenses- Terrible remorse of a spirit,     527
JOHN BAINBRIDGE, an English Astronomer.- The significance of the astronomical and astrological signs,   529
CHARLES HARDWICK, an English Theologian.-India not the mother of civilization nor the originator of all religions,     530
MESROP OR MESROB, an Armenian Theologian.-The Testament of Apollonius of Tyana=The Coptic or Egyptian version of
the Scriptures-Apolionius worshiped as a god,     533
PAULINUS, Archbishop of York.- His mutilation of the Scriptures - In spirit life be finds Jesus Christ to be Apollonius of Tyana- He copied after Eusebius,    543
ST.  GERMAIN.- The original gospels written in the Syriac- Hebraic tongue-Copied into the Armenian tongue by Moses Chorensis- The Maronite monks of Mount Lebanon have valuable manuscripts in their possession,     545
MONTACUTE.-The Druid worship of the God Hesus prevailed as late as the Fourteenth Century,     547
FRANCIS ANTHONY FLEMMING, a Roman Catholic Priest.- St. Patrick not a Christian but a Druid-priest,    550
JACOB CAPO, an Architect.- The stones of pagan temples converted into Christian churches- The statue of Hesus of the Celtic Druids mounted in a church at Florence-  The statues of Jesus and his twelve Apostles are pagan gods re-carved and modified to suit Christian requirements,    552
J. S. SEMLER.- Dying gods of virgins born, a mythical idea 15,000 years old- Corroborative evidence to be found in the encyclopedias of the Chinese and Japanese nations,  553
CARDINAL SANCTA DE CAPO.- Interesting account of the original gospels-When the first bible was printed all marginal notes on manuscript were dropped except those manufactured bv the priests- The Samaritan copy of Ignatius of Antioch,    556
POPE NICHOLAS IV.- The difficulty of communicating in the English tongue- The opposition of spirits, - The twelve apostles of St. Peter's in Rome copied from the twelve gods transported from Olympus to Rome in the days of the Emperor Hadrian- Terrible conflict in spirit life,    562
ZOROASTER.-Startling disclosures- The Jewish Book of Daniel contains the actual earthly experiences of Zoroaster-  Zoroaster, not Daniel thrust into the lion's den- His works appropriated by the Jews- The Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel open up the secrets of antiquity when properly interpreted and understood-  A description of the ancient religions- Confounded in history with the elder Zoroaster- The disputed question  "Who was the Darius mentioned in the  Book of Daniel,"  settled at last- Corrections made in history,    565

End of   ANTIQUITY   UNVEILED   Contents

See:Encyclopedia Brittannica: 

  See:Apollonius Of Tyana, a Neo-Pythagorean who became a mythical hero during the time of the Roman Empire. 
  Empress Julia Domna instructed the writer Philostratus to write a biography of Apollonius, and it is speculated 
  that her motive for doing so stemmed from her desire to counteract the influence of Christianity on Roman civilization. 
  The biography portrays a figure............ 

  See: Neo-Pythagoreanism,  With the ascetic sage Apollonius of Tyana, about the middle of the 1st century AD, 
  a distinct Neo-Pythagorean trend appeared. Apollonius studied the Pythagorean legends of the previous centuries, 
  created and propagated the ideal of a Pythagorean life--of occult wisdom, purity, universal tolerance, and approximation 
  to the divine--and.........   from,  See Pythagoreanism.

Web Master Note: Researching through the philology of Godfrey Higgins, Anacalypsis 1836 we find that prior to 325 AD Christianity was not as it is known today, infact, it was known as a troublesome heathen religion before this date.  Also, from the Greek word for this heathen belief system it can be seen to translate into the word CHRESTIAN or CRESTIAN, meaning; one who does not like what is good.  'Crestian' was the form used by Romans for addressing slaves, even if a slave earned his freedom.   But the Roman Chuch today has reversed the correct Greek meaning to it's opposite meaning which should apply only to 'Christianity'  and not 'Chrestianity / Crestian'.  And, about the name 'Jesus', the letter 'J' did not arrive in the Hebrew alphabet until circa 600 AD.  Therefore Yesus or Hesus as this God was known, was not the God of the Chrestian / Crestian heathens, but the Infinite God of the Druids and the Phoenicians and other groups knowledgeable in the science of nature and how to live according to the seasons with HIM / HER.   The knowledge of which has been removed by the patrical Romish church. Therefore, the name Jesus did not come into being until after Circa 600 AD.   HESUS KRISTOS was put together by the Council of Bishops at Nicea in 325 AD as a patriarchal system, binding together in sin instead of goodness and 'fear of God'  instead of Love of God, as  many people as possible. Remember, the Bible says; Think not that I have come to bring peace, for I have come with a sword. 

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