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What I love about Ziaa…
By  Kathleen Meadows, M.A.

I met Ziaa over the phone in mid-December 2007.  We connected immediately in a recognition that we both house spirit at the highest pinnacle in our lives.  I wanted to know more of spirit so when I was ready, spirit guided me to Ziaa.  If you are getting connected with Ziaa today you can know absolutely spirit has brought you here for a very good reason. Your life is off balance and veering down a path that is not your rightful, spiritual place. 

You might ask yourself why would spirit bring me to Ziaa's sphere?  Because she will generously, in plain terms give you the Truth.  She won't waste your time or money with cooing niceties that you can buy for money on any psychic site on the Internet.  No hand holding, no co-dependent coddling, and no excuses.  Ziaa will see right through your denials and give you efficient and effective guidance directly from spirit. 

People now are asking, "Am I on my rightful path to spiritual living?"  You have come to the right person to determine that.  From a clean, holistic perspective, Ziaa will help you to see where you are not facing the real challenges before you with an open heart, a clear eyed perspective, and personal accountability.  You might wonder how you will KNOW where you are veering off track.  Ziaa will show you exactly how you are not facing the Truth about yourself and your life. 

Your rightful purpose, interpersonal relationships, health choices, paths of study, financial viability, and ultimately your relationship to Spirit will come under exacting and wise scrutiny.  Your life gets a "spiritopractic" adjustment that will shift your whole world view to be more in tune with what this Earth plane existence is all about for you. 

I've never met anyone who possesses more knowledge than Ziaa.  I've taken more than 42 university courses in 6 universities across North America.  I've studied extensively with so called counseling gurus, taken yoga classes with some of the best over the past 35 years, and have been an avid spiritual seeker all my life.  But it wasn't until I met Ziaa that I knew immediately I had finally after an exhaustive search found a true Spiritual Guide. 

In a very short time I have made enormous changes to my life that have resulted in a more peaceful, purposeful and healthful existence.  Imagine having a thermometer to check regularly to see if you are in balance with your spiritual purpose? That's Ziaa. She is fiercely honorable, dauntingly unselfish, clean as spring water, and wise with the kind of experience that only determinedly staunch risk takers get. 

Her love is pure, unconditional and True.  Not the sort of love we are used to receiving – that cloying, what's in it for me kind of love we are taught is real.  No.  The kind of love that has your place in the spiritual scheme of things at the forefront. 

There will be times when you want to run away from Ziaa.  Like a crystal clear mirror in the bright sun, no flaw is hidden.  No excuses, or self pity will be accepted.  The stark reality of who you are and what you are doing will be revealed. 

Ziaa is not for sissies.  Nor does she suffer fools who hold silly notions typically touted by the New Age gurus of today.  You aren't going to hear patronizing slogans that are just remakes of so-called positive thinking ideologues.  In fact, what you will hear from Ziaa I can assure you you won't hear anywhere else.  Because Ziaa will scrupulously scope the health and protection of your eternal soul very seriously and tell you what you must change and adjust to warranty its growth and development in the rightful direction. 

At first you might wonder how is what Ziaa is telling me making me happy? Happiness is a relative term.  Making healthful change in our lives doesn't always make us happy – at least not at first. 

At first it's painful, frustrating and frankly somewhat terrifying. But what you've been doing up until now obviously hasn't been bringing you fulfillment and joy or you wouldn't be here on Ziaa's web site. So don't for a second imagine the work of getting yourself back on track is going to be pain-free, easy and fast!  It can be simple and fast if you adhere to Ziaa's teachings, but it won't be pain-free or easy. 

Ziaa is not going to offer you up a dish of mass produced fast spiritual food. But you won't have to do it alone. Not as long as Ziaa is willing to offer of herself as she has done here.--  Kathleen

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