First Published In 1888:  THE SOUL: ITS NATURE, RELATIONS....... Is Only Part 1 of 6 Parts of The 1915 Rare Book  PSYCHOSOPHY


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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923
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Soul in Human Embodiments  Cora L.V. Richmond

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The Full Set Of Lessons In Six Parts -- Given By The Guides Through Cora L.V. Richmond To Her Private Classes.

  • Study Notes:This Is the only work that requires perception to understand. Read with the heart-mind; cannot be understood by using mind only. 
  • It is very helpful to first study the twelve 'Definition' words very carefully before commencing this work. 
  • This book must be perceived by moving very slowly, maybe only one paragraph at a time. 
  • Maybe helpful to first trying to grasp it's quantum concepts in meditation, contemplation or dream state. 
  • Know that words and the earth mind get in the way of explaining quantum and the Soul.



Wondrous as seems the attainment of the completed life of the earth, perfect as it would seem the angelic state must be, when the earth has been vanquished and the Soul-light has shone through matter, wonderful as is the perception of that Angel who is prepared to lead other Souls to the knowledge that material life is not life, still this is but one of the stepping stones, one of the first steps in that great series that in every solar system must be twelve.

The angelic state of each planet is the perfect life of that planet, representing the Soul in its essence, or unit; but there are, as said before, many degrees of angelic states belonging to each planet. The perfected Soul, having become reunited, does not at once pass on to another planet and have expression there, but in the heavens that belong to each planet the Soul exercises its beneficent parental power. By parental power we mean having charge of other Souls who are passing through the experiences of time. These Angels are secondary Angels and represent the Primal Angels, those who accompanied them and their groups of Souls to earth.

The whole of the angelic life belonging to the earth would occupy as much time as all the embodiments upon the earth. Just as the periods in spirit life correspond, in some degree, to the expressions in mortal form in point of time, so in the angelic state there is fruition of all expressions, and a period of ministration corresponding to all the time of experience; so if Souls have been one million, or ten millions of years passing through the embodiments in one planet, the angelic state belonging to that planet will occupy a corresponding length of time, and they will assist other Souls and spirits in the states beneath. In the angelic state, as a unit, the Soul performs the labor for which the experience and expression has been perfected on the earth, in piloting other Souls through the quicksands and shoals of human life, as each has been piloted by the Primal Angels; thus there is a succession of angelic expressions belonging to the earth in the ripened states of angelic life, the harvest of all attainments.

The Angels of different degrees belonging to the angelic states of earth, whether as primary Angels or secondary Angels, from the beginning, in all degrees, have especial names, functions, and powers; but their states are so far beyond the earth and its present comprehension that we can only refer to them. For instance: the earth is one of the least of the planets of the solar system. When Souls approach a system of planets they approach for embodiments in all the planets of that system successively. The intervening angelic states are, therefore, what might be termed periods of respite, from expression to ministration. The ministering power being in the Angel, expression being that which includes all of the mortal career; so all ministering power in the solar system and the palpable aids to human spirits are in the angel states. Angels employ the ministering spirits to do their bidding, which is the will of God. Ministering spirits are often confounded with guardian Angels; you now perceive the difference. The ministering spirit has not finished earthly expression, is in sympathy with earthly conditions, is affected by the turmoil of earthly existence.

The state of the Angel is the most perfect state of labor as it is the most perfect state of rest; is that which is near the state of causation, that which is the force impelling to every activity, and that must be a state of calmness and rest. While all is agitation in the spirit state, and in the conditions of mortals on the earth, in the angelic states there is no agitation, because there is possession. That being the state of calmness, the state of perfection, so far as fulfillment of expression is concerned, on the planet of which it is the angel state. You thus perceive the object of the expression on earth and other planets, in its fruition, just as you have in the fruitage of the vine the object of its planting.

It may, therefore, be said that the angelic states of each planet are, in reality, the fruition of the planet, and hold as possession all that Souls have expressed of love and knowledge, from within, through the victory over matter, this victory being attested in the presence of the Archangels. In the angelic states of the earth, if earth were the highest planet in the system, all would have been attained that is possible in this solar system. But as there are planets beneath your earth, some of which have not reached the state of possible expression to any human life, (those within the radius of the earth’s orbit are beneath the earth in generic expression) so there are planets outside of the earth’s orbit that express unfoldment in the exact order of their positions in the solar system; those planets are beyond the earth in expression.

If the Angels of earth seem to be exalted beyond human comprehension, what will you say of those planets whose Angels would be as Archangels compared to those of earth?

When the knowledge of the solar system is complete there will be twelve planets included in your astronomical tables. Those not yet discovered by the science of earth will be known when that science is further advanced. The planetary steps from earth outward are all steps of advancement, and after the Angel of earth has remained in the different degrees of the angelic states of the earth as long as is required for the entire perfection of that expression, ministering to others, having charge of others who are following in the paths of time and sense, expression on the next planet begins.

In approaching a solar system Souls approach the lowermost state of expression possible in that solar system, passing successively through the different states of each planet. The earth was the lowest state when Souls commenced expression here. Venus is now lower than the earth, the next in degree is Mercury; the next planet nearest the sun is not even discovered, and the outer planets are not dreamed of. When Souls were first embodied upon the earth, the earth afforded the stages of expression that the planet nearest the sun, capable of any human expression, now affords, and that will be afforded by the last planet nearest the sun when the solar system is completed. When all the planets are discovered, it will be found that Souls can be embodied in the lowermost and outermost states at the same time.

The planet Mars, being next the earth in the astronomical order of your solar system, has no lower expression of life than your highest and most spiritual expression here. So, any embodiment upon the planet Mars would represent a higher state of expression than the highest embodiment upon the planet earth, (excepting the Messiahs who are beyond the angelic state of the earth) would be like your Angels.

In taking this next degree of embodiment, when all is fulfilled in the angelic states between the earth and Mars, the Angel does not pass beyond the solar system but enters expression in the next step. As there is every experience and expression on the earth which belong to earth, so in the next step, which is expression on the planet Mars, the Soul must have all embodiments and must express all that is possible there, all that the planet has provided. On entering that planet there is expression, as here, according to the laws that govern that planet. Do not think that those expressions are like the expressions on earth; if they were, Souls would not be required to pass through them, as before entering upon expression there, all Souls must have passed through all possible experiences of earth as mortals, spirits and Angels. Souls must pass through all expressions on the next planet after having fulfilled all ministrations in the angelic states between the two planets, i. e., having fulfilled all that relates to the group to which the Soul belongs. As long as any Souls in that group or in the Messianic group of that dispensation shall still have expression in mortal, spiritual or angelic states of earth, none can enter the next planetary existence. In fact, in point of time, as said before, in the angelic state there must be as great a period as in the unfoldment of all embodiments on earth.

If some of the Inhabitants of the planet Mars were presented to you, were it possible for you to perceive them with your earthly vision or spiritual perception, you would consider that they belong to a race of Angels; yet these would be but the human beings of Mars. They have physical powers and possessions of which you have no knowledge and which can only come through the Angels of your planet. Disembodied spirits can only give you this knowledge from beyond the orbit of the earth through the Angels of earth, because the angelic states alone perceive and impart this knowledge, unless the planet be beneath the earth; if it is, then disembodied spirits can minister to that planet under guidance, but if above the earth the disembodied spirit can only be shown those states and degrees, as said before, by the Angels of your planet.

To typify the states of that planetary life—what they are—we will say: where you crawl they walk, where you walk they may fly, where you dream they fulfill; compared to the earth, the atmosphere, the life on the planet, and everything pertaining to it, are of such a nature that you would think them all spiritual, angelic; still they inhabit organic bodies and are material. But as all science and art and religion upon the earth in its present unfoldment, even in the highest, are the next degree beneath the lowest that the planet Mars expresses, can you judge what must be the condition of the planet whose lowest states already typify your highest ideal? You can not even conceive it.

As said before, could you see the inhabitants of Mars, as embodied in the material life of that planet, they would seem to you as gods. Such is the next step of expression. But we are here to tell you that through the expression of life upon the planet Mars there are as great victories to win, and great achievements to be wrought, as between the lowest and highest states on earth. Thus, it will be seen, that they can by no means be like what the earth has offered, but must be a continuation, just as a next higher grade in education must commence where the lower one ceases.

Among the ancients, who knew most of these teachings, Mars was supposed to be the Nemesis of the earth. It was supposed that all powers regulating the justice of man to man, and retribution for wrong, were in some way connected with this planet Mars. It has been referred to in a previous lesson that some lives seem to sweep into human existence, not governed by the usual rules that regulate humanity, for the specific purpose of righting wrong; that these are messengers from the planet Mars.

When all the degrees of expression have been experienced, when every possible conquest has been made upon Mars, the Angel again appears, (the Angel of that planet, Mars,) and that Angel is as much higher in achievement than the one that has expression as the Angel of the earth, as the planet itself is higher in relation to the planetary system. All this time the expression is from the Soul. Remember that it is only that the higher planet affords a better opportunity for expressing that which is within the Soul. The Angel of Mars is one who watches over this world in ways that are mysterious to you, but can be understood by the Angels of the earth, those who guard mankind. These Angels of the planet Mars, having higher knowledge and wisdom than the Angels of the planet earth, must announce to the Angels of the planet earth any truths in the Celestial kingdom, any approach of a dispensation, as these can only be known through the higher Angels.

There is a break in the geometrical order of planets in the space occupied by the Asteroids. Among the ancients there was a series of traditions, that there was a war in Heaven between Mars and Jupiter, or between the deities of those planets there seemed to be discord, which caused the disruption of a planet. This divided or broken planet illustrates that which has been stated before: that the usual order proves the rule, and the exception is that which illustrates the rule. It is generally accepted by astronomers that, geometrically, these Asteroids occupy precisely the position that a planet should or would occupy under Herschel’s system of ratios. Unquestionably, in the great cycles of material life there is always a break somewhere; that, as you compromise with perfect harmony by certain notes of discord, that, as every musician will understand, there is no music that is not a compromise—were harmony perfect it could not be played by any living musician upon any earthly instrument,—so in the twelve planets, which are the harmonies in the solar system, there is this interval, this compromise.

These Asteroids are places of experiences, experiments, fragmentary states. Perhaps you know people who consider that they could have made a better world, some who think that they could regulate things better, that they could govern the world better than it is governed, those who think that God has made a mistake in the order of the universe, that something is out of place, unfortunate or wrong; these have an opportunity of experimenting upon the Asteroids. As you often send naughty boys to play in a place that is limited, giving them something to do that they may test their boasted strength and power, so these Asteroids are places of experiment for vain spirits; those who think they can do something better than, in the usual order of things, earth affords; there is an opportunity for experiment, which is generally a failure. Perhaps the typical Lucifer might have been banished to one of the Asteroids had he not found a larger kingdom on the earth where he could illustrate the darkness of his light.

As said before, it was supposed by some of the ancients that this break was caused by war between the reigning divinities. Not so, however: Jove is acknowledged to be Jupiter, and takes secondary charge of the planets next to the sun, while the Angel of Saturn has charge over all planets within its orbit.

It will be useless to expect, either on the wings of philosophy or poetry and imagery, to traverse the entire solar system or endeavor 1o take you through all the planets and their states. The lesson can be stated but the magnitude of conception must be left to the domain of the Soul.

The lowest expressions of Souls on the planet Jupiter are higher than the highest on the planet Mars. Forms, although having generic life, still have almost instantaneous perfection, such is the subtle power of spirit over the very refined substance that constitutes that wonderful orb. Even in the planet Mars it is, unquestionably, true that the inhabitants are now wondering why they cannot make the inhabitants of the earth perceive them; are endeavoring by signals, which will one day be perceived, to attract the attention of those who live upon the earth. Could it be possible for you to perceive the inhabitants of Jupiter, as they will be revealed to you by interplanetary life, you would see beings whom you would fall down and worship, but they are not to be worshiped, they are only higher expressions of  Souls like yourselves.

Those who are the highest Angels of the planet Jupiter enter into cycles or periods that make them lesser Archangels, representing the period of the one-half cycle of all planets. These Archangels are those that have communion with, or send messages to the Souls on earth; are those that announce the approach of a dispensation; are those that in. the Middle Ages have been named; and, after all tradition is taken away from demonology, enough was known to show that there was an order of Angels regarded as belonging to your planet; but the ancients did not know, however, that these were the Souls of those who bad once had expression on this planet; they become, by higher expression, higher Angels, Archangels, i.e., beyond the Angels; these Archangels are those who have greater power and scope of knowledge than the Angels. The higher Archangels understand the creative processes of life.

Between the inhabitants of the planets Jupiter and Saturn inter-communion is carried on to such an extent that you could only conceive of it by your rarest angelic communion.

If the expressions on the planet Jupiter are such that the grossest forms there would transcend your highest ideal, your visions of fairy-land, your conceptions of paradise; if matter is so subjugated by spirit, and by the law of the planetary life of Jupiter that all labor is performed by the rarest mechanism and thought; if even the perfection of all mechanical impulses, inventions, and delicate intricacies of life governing Mars are superseded, set aside, by the still more subtle and wonderful processes known in Jupiter, when its spirit prevails, then there could be no conception in the mind of man on earth of what the expression of life on Saturn is, or what the Angels or the Archangels of that planet might be.

After planetary experience on Saturn and its angelic states, the Archangels pass into the interstellar heavens, ministering there to all lower Angels. They may even pass beyond the solar system, into the solar systems of your central sun, exchanging labors and ministrations with the Archangels of those systems.

The outer planets of your solar system reveal a life that is far beyond statement. Life upon each planet reveals as its culmination the Angels and Archangels, of as much higher degree as the planet itself is higher. Those higher planets and their expressions are so far beyond the imagination of the children of earth that it cannot be possible to state them, only to say that the embodiment on each planet begins where the expression of the preceding planet culminates, until we reach the outermost planet of the solar system, where all are Archangels. These are the Souls who are ready to have charge over worlds, and it is unquestionably true that, in certain states, not only beings of a still higher order, but Archangels, must know the process of making worlds, as well as of assisting those who are passing through the experiences of planets.

In those remote and wonderful systems that shine upon you in the starry pathway or “Milky Way,” some Demigod holds sway, or in clouds of nebulae, where unborn worlds seem to move, some highest Archangel, some Demigod who has passed through all planetary existence of the twelve solar systems, is arranging new solar systems, and even knows the Souls that will be in his charge; as that most ancient Archangel who saw this solar system in its nebulous state, knew what Souls were to pass through the various expressions on the different planets. No more, to an Archangel, is this creation of worlds than the building of ships by the master builder, or the erection of a temple by one who understands it.

Such, then, are the steps of this wonderful planetary existence that they can only be hinted at in these lessons. The degrees that intervene between you and the outermost planet are degrees of gradual spiral ascent toward that which we have denominated the Archangel. The Archangels belonging to the solar system freely mingle with the Archangels of other solar systems; yet there are beings of a still higher order. There are Archangels who dwell in an atmosphere that would correspond to the white light of the sun; such as these would be denominated


Not Archangels of the solar system, but those who have overcome worlds; who have passed through system after system, conquering the external strife, and sin of all planets; who, in the presence of that Infinite Light and Splendor, perceive the twelve fold radiance not known even to the Archangels.

Around a more distant sun whose direction is hinted at in the shaft of the pyramid of Ghizeh, toward Alcyone in the Pleiades, are twelve systems of planets including your own, each having a sun. From out that central orb beings of wonderful light appear. These are the inter-solar Archangels: the Demigods, appointed by Infinite Love to aid in the formation of worlds. These are they who plan places for systems of suns, who are blessed with creative power; possessed by the Deity in the infinite degree, it is possessed by them in a finite degree. These are they who have worn the garment of mortality in all those planets and systems, who understand the meaning of all forms of expression, and have vanquished all worlds.

You thus perceive that when the Soul has given expression to all its possibilities in all these twelve worlds and systems, then the Sons of God” appear. When Christ said, “Behold, I have overcome the world,” he did not mean simply the earth, but all worldly conditions. The “Sons of God” are twelve in number, they are the culminated light from eleven other systems where they have passed through all the stages of planetary existence corresponding to your solar system. The term “Children of the Sun” is what was meant in the original, but that you may understand it better we use the words “Sons of God.”

Once in a fixed period of years, when this series of systems moves in a certain portion of the heavens, there is a Messianic Dispensation. There is certain planetary growth at times of peri-helion, when the systems are nearer the central sun, corresponding to certain periods in your particular solar system. So when the great Sun of Truth shines upon any world from this Messianic center, regulated by the great law of growth of expression on each planet, there is a period, or cycle, called a Messianic period. There are the shorter Messianic periods, and lesser Messiahs, called Buddhas, in the East. These appear on earth once in twenty-two thousand five hundred years, marking only one portion of the large astronomical cycle; but when this entire system of planets and your sun, and when all the twelve encircling suns and their systems have made a revolution around the Central Sun, then a greater Messiah appears; there is fuller growth and larger expression for the harvest of Souls. Each Messianic period gathers a harvest of Souls; i.e., those who are ready to become Angels, Angels who become Archangels. Twelve Arch-angels of the inter-solar heavens accompany the Messiahs. These are they who breathe to the Archangels of any solar system, the approach of the Messiahs. The Archangels of the earth receive from the “highest heavens,” meaning the inter-solar heavens, the state of the Sun, the messages of approaching dispensations.

It was the Archangel Michael who stood by the gateway of Paradise with the flaming sword, that those who passed out of the Eden of Adam might not return by that way, but by the only way possible, the way of Christ. Michael was the Archangel of the Mosaic dispensation, and he, realizing that man passes thus from the state of innocence, the Eden of Love, also knows the way he shall regain it: by the way of victory over sin, by the way of conquest over error, by the way of perceiving that even though he seek in the sun or in the shadow he shall not find the light there, but only from within. This is the return to the Father’s Kingdom; it is not, as said before, by the gateway of Eden, which you remember was the gateway of innocence over which Michael with “flaming sword” held guard, preventing man from returning that way; (the “flaming sword” is conscience, the perception of shortcomings in material life) but by the attainment of victory over temptation when in the mortal life; so do you attain purity. The difference between purity and innocence is that innocence is without knowledge of good; purity is perfect knowledge. Therefore in this kingdom, which is the return to the Father’s Dwelling, there is the Christ state.

The Archangel Gabriel knew that Christ was to come, was appointed from the preceding dispensation to usher in the new. It was Gabriel who closed the Christian Dispensation and passed on to a higher state of Archangels. When Gabriel had finished the Christian Dispensation, another degree was added to his experience as an Archangel, for he had seen the beginning and the ending of a dispensation.

There are only twelve inter-solar Archangels who can ever be known to earth; they usher in and close the dispensations. The Arch-angels between your earth and other planets of your solar system are one hundred and forty-four. As each inter-solar Archangel is accompanied by twelve who are within the system that you belong to, these each have their appointed powers.

Around the sun of your system twelve planets move. (When that entire system is known.) Twelve solar systems move around the more distant sun; and twelve times twelve around the still more distant sun. This is the planetary scheme, and it corresponds to the Messianic plan. The Sons of God have overcome the worlds. When a Messiah approaches the earth He is accompanied by twelve Archangels of the inter-solar heavens, when He approaches a planet His Archangels are accompanied by one hundred and forty-four who typify the highest state within that solar system, and into the charge of each of these planetary Archangels one hundred and forty-four Souls are given. These Messiahs constitute the redeeming power, the highest teaching the planet can receive, and each must be a Messiah in all the planets of a system; so there are successions of dispensations. These are the “twelve manner of fruits” grown upon that “Tree of Life” whose leaves are for the “healing of the nations.” That “Tree of Life” lost in the Eden of Adam is restored in the Heaven of Christ.

Chosen Archangels accompany the Souls to be embodied in a solar system, so the first one hundred and forty-four Archangels (including twelve Messiahs) must constitute, successively, Archangels and Messiahs of all the planets of the solar system. You will have, before the earth and the planets of the solar system have fully expressed their entire perfection, twelve Messiahs, each one accompanied by a group of twelve Archangels from beyond the solar system. These are the typical twelve in Sacred Writ, to whom, as nearly as possible in outward form, the twelve disciples are to be compared; they typified the symbols of these divine lights who have each different names and offices to perform under a given dispensation. Gabriel was the herald, under the Messianic Archangels, of the Christian Dispensation, and belonged to your solar system, but could not approach excepting to announce a Messiah. These twelve Archangels have beneath them, as said before, one hundred and forty-four Angels gathered from the other planets in your solar system, who have had experiences in those planets and who, from the first, have charge of Souls upon the earth.

When Oresses, (not Osiris) the “most Ancient Angel,” was pictured as presiding over the incubation of the world, with countenance almost like unto God, he was the Archangel who heralded the approach of the first Messiah unto the earth, with the Souls that were to be born upon the earth, in the kingdom that was to be ripened first. The seed was sown for the harvest of all the ages. Those were the “Angels of God who shouted for joy” when the “morning stars sang together” for the infant world given unto their keeping, which was to be the cradle for the experience of all the Souls that the twelve Messiahs are to call their own. The group of twelve Archangels accompanying the first Messiah, when the earth under the first dispensation was ready for that Messiah, are all the Archangels of all the Kingdoms. Those, as said before, were accompanied by the highest Angels belonging to the solar system who came with the first groups of Souls belonging to your solar system.

There are the larger and the smaller cycles, or Messianic periods. The latter refer to individual planetary states. Under the Brahminical religion the lesser period was indicated by a Buddha, or prophet; the greater period by Vishnu himself, who became incarnated as the “Lord of Earth.” In Egypt the larger cycle was indicated by the reign of Osiris and Isis, (god and goddess of the Sun and Earth) while lesser deities reigned during the shorter Messianic periods. Astronomical signs were frequently used by the ancients to represent these two cycles, in which the twelve signs of the zodiac were conspicuous; but they always bad a spiritual, as well as a literal meaning when so used. A knowledge of the esoteric meaning is given in these teachings, so you may separate the literal from the spiritual in reading ancient records.

When under one of the vaster cycles (not simply a cycle that includes one hundred and forty-four thousand Souls, for these are under the smaller dispensations) all the Souls of a dispensation shall finally be gathered, it will be found that all the Angels and all the Archangels, and all the inter-solar Archangels and their Messiah will have left the states of experience and expression belonging to one planet of this solar system, and will have passed on to the next planet, the Angels as spirits to be embodied there, the Archangels to be Angels, the Messiah an Archangel until “the fullness of time.” A certain length of time is given these to have expression in the next stage of matter under the law of the culmination of the Soul’s entire expression; that law would include all Souls that belong to a certain dispensation.

Concerning the Christian Dispensation: when it was said that there were one hundred and forty-four thousand from the tribes of the Children of Israel who would be called into Christ’s kingdom it undoubtedly was true. If you could know positively, which you can not excepting under this law, the number that ripened from the Jewish nation into the Christian Dispensation for the angelic state, you would perceive that typical number. You can not know, by any human knowledge, the whole number that Christ has reached: those who have passed to the angelic state under the Christian Dispensation; but rest assured the typical number of Souls that ripen under each dispensation have already ripened in Christ. You are children of the New Dispensation or you would not be here. You do not belong to the kingdom of Christ because He has harvested His kingdom, but you belong to the kingdom that is to come.

Your Earth is approaching the culmination of one of the larger cycles, the beginning of a wonderful dispensation, which includes the larger Messianic period, so that the fruitage ripening is more abundant than in the lesser Messianic periods of the earth. This grander cycle will include all Soul-fruitage that has been ripened since the preceding grand cycle.

This, the Sixth Dispensation is imminent; by imminent we do not mean that it is today or tomorrow, but the heralds are here, the signs and tokens are in your midst; the Messianic period dawns upon you; the light that has been foretold is coming: as it dawned over Egypt, as it dawned over Assyria, as it dawned over eastern Asia, as it dawned over Jerusalem, such is the light that is now coming unto you.

The five past dispensations are not all within the realm of your historical knowledge. The first you cannot recall, even by the dim,  prehistoric Egyptian divinities; but in the eastern portion of Asia there is a clear and distinct record, from the lines of the Brahminical faith. You may also look for a dispensation in India; another in Egypt, the prehistoric Egypt; another in the lost Atlantis, and now you have passed the Christian dispensation (the culmination of the Mosaic) and are entering upon the new. This dispensation must be nameless until the Messiah appears. The” Comforter,” whose coming was predicted by Jesus, is now here, the Avatar of that dawn that is now upon you, the herald of the Messiah that is to come. 

There has been much confusion and mistranslation connected with past dispensations because the larger and smaller cycles and their Messiahs have been confounded. The true Messiahs of the larger cycles have been mistaken for those who followed after them bearing the same names, or for reformers or teachers of a given religion.

Because this Sixth Dispensation, which you are approaching, indicates one-half the cycles in which the earth and solar system will yield up their treasures, because civilization has traversed the entire circuit of the globe and you are now at its beginning, (the country which is supposed to be the newest is in reality the oldest,) because the sixth dispensation finishes one-half the cycles of religion. upon the earth, one-half the Messiahs, so this dispensation is the more important as it will be the more complete.

The Messiahs are recorded in history only by their masculine names, but in almost every instance the feminine Christ was also understood; although the feminine principle was veiled, yet, because veiled, was the more sacred. Isis and Osiris, who were not a Christ, were the typical Angel or Archangel; were heralds of the perfection of Christ on earth. There was in every Messianic name that which was understood to be the feminine expression: in the Roman Catholic Church the Madonna is worshiped, almost more than Christ; in all other religions there are dual names for the Messiahs. When the earth passes its physical expression and advances toward spiritual culmination the feminine expression of the Christs will be more prominent than in the past. In this coming dispensation the expression will be dual, there will be man and woman, the typical Christ, the perfect humanity.

As said before, there are indications of the approach of this dispensation; under its dawning light you can trace all the different lines of religion in the past, those that are clearly outlined and are prehistoric, and by a reflected light you can almost trace those that are prehistoric, through the lines of tradition. As this light approaches the earth you can trace not only the lines of the lives of the Messiahs, but the approach of the Archangels, those who ushered in the dispensations. As the Archangels have no connection with the earthly state excepting in connection with the Messiahs, they usher in and close the dispensations. The revelation of Gabriel and Michael form typical illustrations of this; Michael was the Archangel who ushered in and closed the Mosaic Eden, and the Archangel Gabriel announced and closed the dispensation of Christ. Gabriel is the synonym of that voice which is sent forth to herald the next Messiah. That Archangel of the new dispensation hath a name unknown to the children of earth, but known to the Angels who herald the new Life and Light.

As the earth approaches this Messianic period there are hosts in the upper air and in the angelic states that seem to come together; and could you perceive them, with even the smallest perception, they would seem like the moving of grand armies of Peace and Love, each bearing the standard of their Messiahs. As the new Messiah draws near the pathways of truth broaden and deepen. The earth is preparing for a greater harvest, all the ancient nations are to be stirred. Not only are ministering spirits and angels approaching mankind today, but the Archangels who precede one of the larger Messianic periods. As it is, there is no wonder there is deep agitation; it is no wonder that nations are rising to new activity; it is no wonder that the foreboding of this light brings to some minds disturbance and to others peace, according to their states.

If between the embodiments of spirits upon earth a few hundred or a few thousand years seem long to you, and if between the expressions of the Soul on one planet and the commencement of expression on the next, the millions of years, which people count as a period of rest from their labors, seem long, what must it seem when unto the “Father’s house” those who are qualified to be the Sons of God return and pass aeons? While worlds are being born, and systems are recreated they aid in that wonderful process as Sons of God. You are thus shown the great scheme of existence to illustrate the possibilities in all Souls. As the Sons of God overcome all the physical expressions in all the planets of a system of systems, this is typical of that which each Soul will attain. All those trembling now somewhere in bodily form will one day in other worlds express the perfect Soul of which the present form is a feeble expression, will go and be a Christ to some benighted world: then each shall have passed through all expressions in all the planets; when the life that trembles here, and is so fearful of being blotted out, shall have gained the triumph over material existence; when each in the light of the Soul shall stand for the fullest value in that expression, and shall know that where a Soul is to become the Messiah of any new made center or solar system, that Soul shall not only have a voice in its creation, shall not only be one of the Angels that shall shout for joy when the worlds are born, but shall watch the Souls as they pass through those states of expression. Planets will wait for such an one as their Messiah as you now wait for yours.

As that which is lowest must be touched by the “Man of Sorrows,” so that which is highest must be typical of the culminations of the expressions of all Souls, and if you complain at even the lowest clod that you see upon the streets are you not humble when. you think of Christ? In this great balance of all things is it not a revelation to know that He whose lips could breathe no scorn for those who crucified Him revealed the possibilities of all? There could be no crucifixion, in reality, to one who was victorious over all things and worlds; and when in teaching His disciples the true Christ nature, He said, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect,” He knew what he commanded, the perfection being within the Soul which is given each to express. All are to be perfect men and women here; all are to be perfect in expression as Angels; all are to be expressed as Messiahs from out some central flame, the light of that surpassing knowledge of the Messianic heavens. One day there will be summoned twelve, the group of Souls to which each belongs will be that number, and the Light Divine, which even Angels can not see and Archangels can only perceive afar off, the Light of God’s surpassing Love will be known; the name of each as a Messiah will be revealed; the truth will be known that it is not only possible, but the greatest joy of expression to be the Message bearer, the Christ of Perfect Love to darkened worlds.

As there is the shadow before the light, so there is the typical Lucifer, the antichrist, the message bearer of darkness. We have no doubt that there is something upon which to found this theological idea or it would not be in existence. While you admire Christ and condemn Satan you do not know how high an Archangel must be the bearer of the message of sorrow and darkness. Let any one endeavor to take a message of sorrow to a friend: to a wife the message that a husband has suddenly been killed; you can not do it, you try to get some one else to take it, one is chosen who is most wise and gentle:
and if from among the Archangels one is summoned to be the back-ground for the Christ must not that one be wise? Although not to be envied, no Archangel would hesitate if called upon. So the fallen star, the typical Lucifer, becomes the light-bearer by contrast.

There is no doubt that there is always a shadow upon which the light is to shine. How wise and wonderful must be the Archangels chosen to bear the lesson of sorrow, of sin, of pain, of death unto the worlds! No weak ones are chosen as fitting representatives: they must be strong who can bear to stand and veil their archangelic light, who are willing to become a death, a sin, and a pain, and bear the blame of all the sins of mankind so that the Christ may be more visible: as a dear friend might put forward one best beloved to receive a blessing, so are all willing to receive the Christ. All this is included in the divine plan; and no Soul can be in the state of an Archangel that is not willing to be the shadow as well as the light, the messenger of sorrow as well as of joy; who is not willing to minister to those in need of sorrow: for behold, it is only in human states that there is any sorrow or any earthly joy.

The divinest light is that which comes in the highest attainment. Think you that Christ ever contemplated whether he was happy or not? Is not divinity in itself such a surpassing possession that one forgets whether there is to be happiness? There is such light that one does not care to question whether it is light. Only in the dimness of partial light does one wonder whether there is light or not, but when the sun shines fully upon the world and there is no shadow, one goes out into the glad day, drinking in its splendor and radiance; thus the Angels overcome the shadows of earth and dwell in the light that is celestial.

In each of these dispensations there have been twelve lesser lights corresponding to the apostles of Jesus, forming what has been named the “Apostolic descent,” the family of apostles or Angels in human life appointed to carry forward the line of light from one dispensation to another on the earth; under these circumstances only do angelic Souls become embodied on the earth again; i. e., to become apostles and disciples, in a certain innermost sense, of a dispensation; and to carry forward to the next dispensation the lines of light by direct spiritual succession on earth.

The Sons of God, known as a sacred order in the Kabala, were not supposed to be Messiahs, that name being too sacred even for them to pronounce, but they were the sacred twelve who, under divine commission and appointment, carried forward upon the earth, as Angels do in heaven, a dispensation which has passed, until the new one shall appear.

There have been successions of these twelve lives upon the earth since the advent of the latest Christ, as in the Orient there were twelve. In scripture they were referred to under the name Melchizedek. The Roman Catholic Church enfolds some in its keeping, others are scattered over the whole earth; they are known only by sacred symbols and signs that belong now to the spiritual kingdom and are only known by the twelve in the material world. It is a singular fact that there are perpetuated in the East, as well as in the Roman Catholic Church, the exact means by which the chosen know one another; if one of the Sons of God in the Roman Catholic Church should meet one of the same order from the Orient, they would know one another, not only by divine perception, but by the indications that are known to belong to the order.

This sacred order can only have twelve at any one time on earth. While there have been many orders fashioned in imitation of this none could be real excepting that which has the light and life. The Sons of God belonging to the Christian dispensation unite the close of the Christian dispensation with the beginning of the new dispensation. Other Sons of God will appear when the dispensation has reached its culmination: when the Messiah of this dispensation comes the Sons of God will be chosen.

This being the dispensation of reunited lives, the sixth dispensation will be twofold, as the central embodiment on earth will be twofold, and will have recognition; the coming Messianic embodiment, which represents one-half of all the Messiahs of earth, will be twofold, and there will also be twofold representation in all the sacred offices belonging thereunto.

The Angels and Archangels revealing themselves as heralds of this dispensation appear in dual perfection, revealing each portion of the Soul. In ancient time the Archangels appeared only as man, now the double life appears. One of the Archangels heralding the new dispensation is one whose feminine name is the synonym for Delight; we will call her name Delecta, the masculine, Delecton. The feminine appears above the earth, she broods and hovers near those on earth who have knowledge of the new dispensation and her name is the symbol of Joy. So the Archangel appears whose name is the symbol of Peace; the peace that conquers strife; and this is symbolized in the name that represents Harmony; Euphemia, Eupheon. The other Archangel typifying the absolute celestial state of the new dispensation appears in the name of Celestia, the feminine name of love, and Celestion, the masculine name of wisdom. Unto whomsoever these revelations come that belong to the New Life, the Archangels, Angels and messengers appear in dual completeness, and each portion of the dual Souls are named.

The “first fruits” of any Messianic period are those who have ripened unto dispensations, having had suitable time since their approach to the earth for that dispensation. Each dispensation gathers a certain number of Souls; this, the sixth dispensation and the next the seventh, will gather as many as all the others: for those having been prepared under different dispensations, who were not quite ready, those who rejected Christ, are ready now; many not ready for the previous Messiahs are ripening now. Many from among all the nations of the earth hear the voice of the summoning Archangel of this dispensation, and are awake, alert, and aware. This is why the new ministrations encircle the globe. This is why there are those among all people who know and understand it, even though it is under a new name. When the Messiah shall have fully come; when the light shall be fully here, there will be six times as many ready for this light—it being the sixth dispensation—as at the dawn of any dispensation the earth has known, so the Messiah that approaches the earth, mingles and blends the harmonies of all past dispensations in one.

No preceding Messiah has mentioned other Messiahs excepting the one preceding him; but in this dispensation all the previous Messiahs will be recognized, acknowledged, placed in their proper positions in history, and their missions to earth clearly understood; and the New Messiah will declare them and recognize them. As the day and hour draw near many hearts are quickened, many lives are touched, because there will be harmony; that which heretofore has been strife will be peace.

The New Messiah will explain all things; interpret all law, bid all sounds of warfare to cease, and will even make science a clearer pathway, and the daily thought of man more and more perfect and exalted. The children of earth will then perceive the light more than at any other period of human history, and will know the spirit of the divine life. No more, when this dispensation is fully come, can the world walk in shadow as in the past ages of darkness, for the majority will turn toward the light, earth’s children will have passed the shadow, they will have turned to the spiritual state: that which has heretofore been lived and viewed wholly with reference to the senses, that which man has mistaken for conquest and victory will have passed away; man will see that the only true victory is over self; crime and injustice will be the exception instead of the rule as in past time; violence will be almost unheard of, though there will be the ebbings of the tide, as between all dispensations; but the ebb tide will be higher than the flood tide of the first dispensation.

Only the Angels know that the Christ has come unto the heavens of the earth; but spirits know that the light is here, that the new life is being manifest, though they do not know from what rare and wonderful source of light it appears. The new Messiah will receive greater recognition than any previous Messiah: after this dispensation has fully come no more Christs will be crucified; no more prophets will be put to death; martyrdom for truth’s sake will not be known, for the earth will have passed the great half-cycle of all the cycles. Matter has eclipsed the Soul, and the earth has ever seemed to scorn her Messiahs; but spirit will more and more prevail.

Bright and wonderful as is this picture; great as must be the light that approaches the earth, that has overcome worlds and suns, there are no souls, of which you are now the feeble expressions, but what will one day in the vast spheres of eternal life, also be approaching some world, some planet as benighted as this, with great and wonderful power, with the light of all this knowledge upon you. Perhaps a glimmering of this present time will sweep across your Souls when as a Messiah you approach some world; when you will say, like Christ, even when put to death in the defense of the truth that you bring, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And this is the beginning, the stepping stone, one portion of that immortal path-way by which all Souls who have expression in time shall also have expression as the greatest benefactors. None so feeble, none so lifeless today, but what in the great cycles of eternity they may approach some planet, shadowed as is the earth, with quivering pinions and the light of Love Divine, giving forebodings of a Messianic dawn.

Thus do you perceive the order of the Soul’s expressions. Angels ministering to those who are following after them in experience, Archangels to successions of planets beneath them, Messiahs to all the worlds of a given system through which they have passed, having been spirits, Angels, and Archangels in each (or a similar) system. In this light you will understand what it means when the Sons of God are named, or set apart in these teachings as an especial order of beings; why it is that the Sons of God under the names of Avatars, Buddhas, Christs, as Messiahs shine out more brightly as time passes on, and all are more perfectly recognized as the races advance to their height. These Sons of God, like the crucified Christ, say: “I have overcome the worlds.” They abide in the perfect whiteness of the consciousness of God’s Love and Presence. This is what is meant by the final return to the Father’s house. Out from that kingdom of life and light Souls are sent forth, in the divided form of Cherubim and Seraphim, for successions of experiences, and they never come again into that absolute and divine Presence, called the Throne of God, until they have been Messiahs and return as Sons of God. All expression, the whole line of being is to that end.

What other aeons, or ages, or cycles, may hold for Souls; what beginnings may be made and perfections attained you may not now conceive, not the loftiest mind or Soul on earth can dare to dream. If Messiahs constitute the highest perfection of the inter-solar heavens what can be the perfections in other series of worlds whose systems you do not even know are in existence, whose suns will never have a name to you upon this planet, and whose light you can not perceive save in that dim, fathomless space where, like meteors, the largest suns flash and shine! If in the feebleness of the human senses man tries to grasp these divine possibilities let him remember how simple it is, how easy it is for the Soul to recall these divine possessions; and, because the Soul can recall them so easily, you may readily understand that no life can be wholly valueless when every life shall culminate in a Messiah.

It is well to beware of fictitious heights of self-exaltation and vainglory. So imminent is this New Life, so is the spiritual atmosphere of your earth and heavens pervaded by it, so impending is it in the spiritual and angelic heavens, that if one only has a glimpse of its surpassing light he would almost think he had attained it. Those who are easily exalted, who under the influence and stimulus of the New Life feel, that they already possess it, may be excused for making mistakes in the direction of that exaltation.

As there were “Christs many and Lords many” in the older time so, even today, there are many self-appointed christs; but the real Christ may not even be known or recognized when that Christ appears; so different is perfection from imperfection; for “the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.” So when Christ came there were premonitions and warnings; but only the “wise men” knew that He was there. These “wise men” were from the previous dispensation, were in the direct line of succession, and recognized by their spiritual discernment the Christ in Bethlehem.

The Five pointed Star was the symbol of that Messiah. Each point bearing a typical number and name, five being the number of that dispensation. The Six pointed Star is the symbol of the New Light and includes all the dispensations that have passed. So Egypt, and all of the Orient, all nations in the past yield up their treasures, for the earth is making ready for the New Messiah; the children of God are being made aware. Those who are ready to ripen under the new dispensation are having fine raiment, of the spirit, woven from within the Soul; with each successive embodiment, they better express the life and light that tend toward it.

As years before Christ was born the women of Israel turned prophetically toward that light wondering where, and how, and to whom the Messiah would come, so, even now, upon the earth, hearts turn expectantly toward the dawn; many mothers under the stimulus of the New Light that is here think that the Christ has already come; and so, in one sense, the Christ of Love is here; for whenever a child is born under the influence of such light and glory there is promise of the real Messiah.

Now you are approaching this light, as the dawn is here in its glimmerings and glory, your lives are more and more impressed. As upon the mountain tops there are those who see the day more fully, in the valley are those who see it dimly or not at all, so, strain your eyes heavenward as you will, you can not enter that atmosphere nor perceive that glory one moment in advance of your actual growth and unfoldment: but the Messiah can no more be put aside, nor the approach be denied, than can the royal chariot of the sun be set aside when it is time for the day. None can hasten, none can delay the day and hour; happy are they who upon the mountain heights perceive the dawn.

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace.”

All hail the dawn of the new day; the reign of the New Messiah!

All hail the Christ in every Soul: lowliest in all worlds, greatest in the kingdom of God!


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