First Published In 1888:  THE SOUL: ITS NATURE, RELATIONS....... Is Only Part 1 of 6 Parts of The 1915 Rare Book  PSYCHOSOPHY


Soul in Human Embodiments  Cora L.V. Richmond

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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923
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Soul in Human Embodiments  Cora L.V. Richmond

ISBN 0-9671610-8-8
  S&H Media Mail Total $16.95


The Full Set Of Lessons In Six Parts -- Given By The Guides Through Cora L.V. Richmond To Her Private Classes.

  • Study Notes:This Is the only work that requires perception to understand. Read with the heart-mind; cannot be understood by using mind only. 
  • It is very helpful to first study the twelve 'Definition' words very carefully before commencing this work. 
  • This book must be perceived by moving very slowly, maybe only one paragraph at a time. 
  • Maybe helpful to first trying to grasp it's quantum concepts in meditation, contemplation or dream state. 
  • Know that words and the earth mind get in the way of explaining quantum and the Soul.




Not alone is any Soul pushed out of the Celestial Heavens, out of the whiteness of the throne of God, to seek expression in material life. Even as the mother bird gently pushes her young from the parent nest that they may learn to fly, but ever hovers near and hovers beneath, spreading her wings to catch them if they fall, so the Infinite Mother Love watcheth the fledglings of the skies. 

Not alone do Souls approach the earth. In all manifestations of nature there are association and groupings; atoms arranged in duads, triads, quadrads and quintads; the flora and fauna in species and families. So groups of Souls pass from the Celestial State toward a solar system for expression. Archangels and Angels, of degrees adapted to the states of expression intended, accompanying them. 

In groups of one hundred and forty-four thousand come Souls under charge of an Archangel. This is a Kabalistic and Messianic number, is referred to in the vision of the Apocalypse in the New Testament; it here refers to such Souls as approach the earth (or any planet) at any given time for expression. Other groups, of Souls each numbering one hundred and forty-four thousand approach the earth, until all are embodied that the planet can ever perfect in its expression. This largest group is divided into smaller ones, the two smallest numbering one hundred and forty-four Souls, and twelve Souls, respectively. The group of twelve is called a Family of Kindred Souls, and is in charge of a Parental Soul; i.e., a Soul having passed through the degrees of earthly expression and being, therefore one of its angels.

The number twelve is the mystical number, the sacred number of the ancients. The larger number, one hundred and fortv-four, twelve times twelve, expresses also a mystical meaning, and has relation to the Twelve Angels, who, grouped in the angelic state, have charge of the twelve groups of Souls. One hundred and forty-four thousand constitute all that come in a certain period of time and begin, approximately, their lives together on the earth. One of these groups are those who first approach the earth and form what is called the " primal nation," the beginning. These take their primary lessons and pass on through the different steps of this life, taking the same steps at the same time, though scattered far and wide upon the earth. 

The indications of the relations of the groups is made manifest in the first nations of the earth, where tribes and nationalities held sway according to their physical states, and there the indications are very strong. The tribal rules of the primal nations, the absolute sway of the patriarchal form of government prove that the idea of the parental Soul was recognized, that the one who has charge of the tribe is considered the superior.  Sometimes this parental rule is represented by both man and woman. This patriarchal rule, and the harmony of the tribe and family, existing among primal nations, is like the innocence of childhood, and is soon disturbed by the material selfishness that follows. 

There are periods of peace in the primal conditions of the nations of the earth; after that there are discord, striving, and warfare; the groups of Souls then have become dispersed into different nationalities; the members of the same nation are no longer kindred, they quarrel in the same household. The typical Cain and Abel of Scripture are the typical aliens in the same household, not being kindred in Soul, expressing different stages of growth in connection with earth. These aliens are to be found in almost every household in any society or community. But for these illustrations, and the true causes, of them, there never could have been wars among the nations, and families of earth. Souls become separated, they are no longer nations, of the life of the Soul, but nations of the body. 

The foregoing explains why the ties of relationship and the ties of consanguinity in the lower orders of human life are much stronger than they are in the intervening states, between the lower and higher orders, because the ties of consanguinity are the physical expression of what is termed affection. The first beginnings of strife are after the dispersion of the primal household or nation, and before the higher or spiritual recognition begins. The kindred Souls have become dispersed and only gradually, with occasional glimpses and vivid flashes, do they come together in the same household or nation. They do notusually meet until in later embodiments when there are great crises or culminating periods on the earth. 

Illustrations of these groups of kindred Souls, and their recognition, are upon the earth now in great numbers, and are to be found in every period of human history. When you see, in different portions of the earth, lives spring up suddenly, with natures that resemble one another, similar in thought, alike in purpose, having corresponding sympathy, you may know they are kindred Souls, and yet they may have never met in their earthly forms. There are those who appear and act together in emergencies. Take, for instance, bodies of reform ers or groups of people who are intent on carrying forward art or science; musical, artistic, scientific, patriotic lives, who are as brothers and sisters, yet do not belong to the same earthly parents. 

It has been observed by thoughtful minds very frequently, that poets and painters exist in certain countries and ages in groups. What constellations clustered around a certain period of time in Italy; the Preraphaelite period, leading up to the wonderful age of art when there seemed to be poured out a new spirit upon the earth, an age created by the group of geniuses that clustered around imperial Rome. Then followed the Renaissance. In poetry also there was the Grecian age; afterward was the Dantean age, and later the Elizabethan age of poetry and literature; all these ages are so named because of the constellations of minds that seemed born for the same epoch, and created the art, or literature, of their period. Who other than a group of kindred Souls could have thrilled Germany with such light as finally clustered around Goethe and Schiller in the small court at Weimar? 

When any great movement is in the world, like temperance, like the abolition of slavery, like anything that enlists the attention of philanthropists, there spring to the surface workers in that movement, seemingly already prepared though they dwell in different lands. Around the Reformation there clustered a certain galaxy of minds that seemed to have been made ready for the occasion and the work; were one in the fraternity of the Soul. 

In the matters of scientific discovery or invention it usually occurs that more than one mind, perhaps several, make the discovery or invention at the same time, and there is scarcely any nation that does not claim for her favorite scientific mind the honor of each discovery, proving that many think in the same direction at the same time. Each is as much the author of the discovery as any other, but the friends of each frequently have accused the others of plagiarism in ideas; in most cases this refutes itself, since none could know of the experiments leadingto the discovery of the others. In the time of a great intellectual epoch, like the period of the Platonists, there are those who are ready to rally around and receive the central thought. The teacher, like Socrates or Plato, represents the center of the group. The household or children of any particular light rally around their center as there are others who gather around other centers, of art, science, philosophy, or religion; all in these groups are more closely united than those who are simply united by the ties of consanguinity, each recognizes that theirs is a larger brotherhood. 

These fraternities are observable in advanced states of human society not in the lower states, as said before, because of the selfishness in external things that intervenes. In the higher states, when great themes or purposes enlist humanity, you will observe that there is a spontaneous fraternity formed among certain people for working out great moral purposes. This is why there are groups of reformers, groups of men of science, groups of artists. What greater evidence of these groups of Souls could be offered than that afforded in the high state of art revealed in the geniuses who gathered around the period of time when Raphael was upon the earth? What greater evidence than when the poets of England followed one another in quick succession, and when they passed on left the earth almost bare and barren of poesy until a new generation of poets came into the world? What greater evidence than in the patriots, heroes, and statesmen, who rise with wonderful power of pen, or sword, or voice to fight for country? what greater evidence than Italy; than Hungary; than Europe to-day, where not only individual groups, but constellations of groups, seem to rally around the great movements that are upon earth? 

Even in ordinary states of earth-life, how easy it is among the multitude of people, if formality is withdrawn, to discover the attractions of each: artist seeks artist, poet seeks poet, the musician seeks his fellow harmonist, the convivial seeks one of his kind, men of trade and commerce confer together, and the butterflies, who hover near the gaudy blossoms of fashion and pleasure, are found at the shrine of their worship. 

Frequently people in different stations in life associate mysteriously together. Sometimes a prince of royal blood finds his chosen companion in a peasant. The court, society, and all the world are scandalized, but the prince, in some subtle way, recognizes the fact that there is more spiritual sympathy and kinship between the peasant and himself than between himself and a whole line of his royal kinsmen. This kind of illustration extends in many ways into lines of thought that are most fascinating; sometimes in reading a book one will recognize a kindred Soul in the author, although unknown in person. 

If one were on the plane of Carlyle, but had never seen him, and if in perusing his works his sentiments would impress one more than any other writer, this would prove a kinship. If one understands another person and sympathizes with each aspiration, it is always evidence that they belong to the same family of Souls. One often meets with strangers, so far as any previous personal acquaintance is concerned or any outward recognition, yet after five minutes in the presence of such an one, each feels that there has been an acquaintance of years. One frequently enters into conversation with another and in a short time the two become intimate friends; while with others one may live in the next house, or even in the same dwelling, and each never know the other.   A clasp of the hand in an hour of need or sorrow; a look of encouragement from kindly, although strange, eyes; a tone of the voice that sounds like the voice of one long lost and well beloved; these are the occasions that sometimes reveal a kindred Soul. 

This is the solution of those ideal friendships that history has recorded: they are typical illustrations of the fraternity of the Soul. Damon and Pythias is the ideal brotherhood which, beyond all ties of consanguinity, made these two one in the consciousness of the Soul. This tie is that which frequently binds men together in business or in literature, or science, and they are as one man, they are brothers. 

This longing for the kinship of the Soul explains often the great loneliness that is felt in the world. How many people have felt that they were aliens, almost outcasts from human life!  Many people feel that there is, perhaps, not one upon the earth who can enter into their feelings or understand them. The most God-like mind, even the Christ, was heralded in the ancient record as the one who trod "the wine press alone;" so far in advance of mankind as not to he recognized. This loneliness which many feel, which sometimes results from friends and relatives having passed out of mortal life, or from being alienated by conviction, sentiment, exaltation, from other friends and relatives, is explained in this higher kinship of Souls. Thus when one meets with a mind who is sympathetic, who understands every thought, who in conversation seems to understand what truth it is that one is striving to express, who continually exclaims: "I understand this, it is plain;" the thoughts of each flow together: such as these are Soul kindred, unknown to each other by name or nationality; they may each be of a different country, speaking another language; but when that language is translated by the spirit, when each thought is understood as coming from within the Soul, it expresses the kinship; such as these are of the household of Souls. When You find your friend, your brother, your sister, though not reared in the same family, who has a different name and parentage, yet to whom in your very heart and Soul you feel nearer than to those who have ties of consanguinity, you have found one of your Soul kindred. For such friendship the whole world has often been forsaken, as history many times has revealed. 

We have known those who were orphans in the midst of their parents, and a whole house full of brothers and sisters, so far as the earthly tie was concerned. The story of Cinderella is not a fable: rejected by earthly kindred, the Fairy is the Soul who works wonders out of meanest material things and brings each Cinderella to her own inheritance where her Prince is sure to be found. 

We have known those who had wealth of kindred in Soul who had no human relatives. To those who feel the orphaned state which seems full of desolation and wandering weariness; that which sometimes takes possession of lives at birth; that which causes them to feel as aliens upon the earth; that which comes to each one, oftentimes in crowded cities, or even in the midst of friends, of family and of the household, that there is no one who understands, no one who can appreciate the feelings and thoughts that are within, we will say: do not believe it; there are those who do understand, those who appreciate; and the time will come when you will meet, when you will recognize one another, when the longing for the brother or the sister will be fulfilled; when the Soul-tie is accomplished. 

These periods of recognition come only at some great height: when the Soul has had expressions of sorrow, when the heart has had its tears, and the days of weariness have been full of trials, they have quickened the perceptions and made the Soul rush through and claim its own. This recognition does not come to those who have not need of it: to those in the outward conditions of life, who are satisfied with worldly things and treasures; nor is it always true that they come to those who are dissatisfied. Sometimes there are members of the same family who are Soul-kindred. Two brothers will be more attached to one another than to the others, two sisters will seem to be nearer and closer to each other than to the other members of the family. Sometimes the adopted child is the heart-child of the mother, is nearer to her in spirit than those of her own flesh and blood. She puts it aside in outward conviction, or it is veiled from her consciousness by the soft light of tender pity, but in spirit she knows it. Even those who have no children oftentimes may recognize in the ones about them those who are children in a dearer and nearer sense than if they were their own in mortal tie. So what is denied in material life the spirit always provides. Sometimes, like a prophecy of the divine family, the whole household are kin. This is the ideal household on earth; there is no jarring or discord; all are pervaded by deep spiritual love. 

There are those who say, concerning these teachings of embodiments: "They divide the mother from her child." We answer the tie that is real can not be divided either by mortal birth or death. Can any one tell us what tie it is that binds the mother to her child unless it is the Soul-tie? There is no Soul-tie, and sometimes no human love, accompanying some states of physical parentage. Can any other teaching explain why the harsh parent sometimes casts aside the child, disinheriting from love, estates, home or crown? No teachings ran separate the mother from her child; the world and its selfishness divide, but the Soul reunites, and the true parent and the real kindred find every tie perfect in the kingdom of the Soul. 

All Souls having expression at one time upon earth, being in groups, those in the groups of any twelve Souls (twenty-four embodied human lives) express themselves in similar states at the same time. The twelve groups composing the one hundred and forty-four are also, as groups, passing through similar experiences. But there are divergences among the one hundred and forty-four thousand, some groups passing through an experience or series, of experiences a little in advance or in slightly diverging lines from the others; but when the culminating period is reached all groups belonging to one Dispensation will have had similar experiences. 

As all Souls in these groups of twelve, and one hundred and forty-four, and, at last, in the whole one hundred and forty-four thousand, have similar expressions and experiences within one of the cyclic periods of the earth, their ripening (or perfection in expression on earth) forms one of the smaller Messianic periods, or Dispensations, hereafter to be explained. 

The foregoing will explain why in great crises, like that of the Reformation, there were those who were ready, those who rallied to the cause of the Reformation. All who thus answered were kindred in Soul, belonging to the same or kindred group, had reached the same altitude of perception, through expression and experience, at the same time. If upon the earth to-day the highest subject that enchains the human thought could be presented simultaneously to the whole world, as one might fire something from a cannon's mouth without warning, there would be one hundred and forty-four thousand ready to receive it. Soul-groups of twelve and one hundred and forty-four would receive the new truth together, and the ones who are ready are in those numbers. 

All religious societies, brotherhoods, and sacred recluses who have united for an exalted purpose are illustrations of this idea. Associations, or communities like the Shakers, Quakers, and some of those smaller bodies who have retired from the world to establish the millennium, are prophecies: the ideal of Socialism, (not its degenerate namesake,) the ideal human brotherhood, of which Fourier might have been the prophet, and Shelley the poet.

Kindred Souls, as said before, do not recognize each other, except in momentary glimpses and prophecies, until a certain line of embodiments are being completed, or in culminations of genius. They recognize each other in great crises of nations, and, finally, in periods of great spiritual change, like the birth of a new religion. Every Dispensation appears simultaneously to those who are ready among all nations. The truth which is the heralder of the New Dispensation is not given to you alone in this far western land, but to all the nations where human lives are found ready to receive it: the light from beyond death, and the truth which is now being expressed to you, finds also its expression in almost every language beneath the sun. 

We have thus made known who are kindred Souls; they come under charge of the same Angels, and their Angels under charge of the same Archangel. They traverse together the degrees of human life, and reach those states that will be referred to throughout these lessons as the "first fruits," in each Dispensation, that are gathered by the Messiahs. 

We now, with reverent steps, approach the most sacred shrine of the Soul in the expression here: the reunion, or recognition, on earth of the Soul, divided in expression by material existence. This is the culmination of all embodiments, the Crown and Kingdom of all experience.

As the monogamic marriage is the highest state of human society, so is it a prophecy of the Soul marriage, this divine reunion. This ideal state is revealed in all poetry, in the highest literature, and is that which constitutes the dream of the world. In every human life that is lifted above the clod, there is the one ideal state: the thought of each that there is, somewhere, another all its own, its possession. Once each one seems to remember having had this Soul companion, this other self, in some long past period of human expression; or was it an ante-natal dream, a glimpse of the heretofore and the hereafter in the skies? 

The Soul, in its twofold expression, having passed through all forms of embodiment, meets. This is the perfected Soul, in its conquest over matter. What is meant by this is, that when the expression of life is spiritually perfect, when the exaltation is complete and the earth has no more temptation, the Soul having expressed in every form, then the life is complete, then the dual life appears.

Once only, in the entire series of embodiments, do these divided expressions of the Soul meet, before this final expression. In such cases the meeting is called "a happy marriage," a union of those "Made for each other," a "marriage made in heaven." This meeting is when one half the cycles of earthly experience have been passed. It is a prophecy of the final recognition and leaves its impress or reminiscence. Such instances of marriage, form the typical state of human happiness; it may not be accompanied with great exaltation in any other ways; but in the perfectly happy marriage, where there is never any jar nor discord, nor divergence, there is spiritual, as well as mental and moral interchange and interblending. This is not because the two portions of the Soul are interchangeable or may be expressed, the masculine portion in other than the masculine, and the feminine in other than the feminine form, but because, in this meeting, there is a mutual exchange of experiences, which forevermore is borne on until this final experience when all the lines are complete in the Angel. This is why the most exalted men are tender and loving as a woman, not that they are "weak and effeminate," but that they are tender, kind, and feminine; because, having come in contact with the feminine portion of their Souls in expression in the one half cycle, they have received the baptism of this feminine life. The same is true with women who express, as did "George Eliot," the intellect of a man, but with all the sensitive nature of a woman; as did many Grecian women in philosophy, or poetry, or strength of physical endurance, express the qualities that are supposed to be masculine, but always coupled with refinement and delicacy. 

In this, as in all other states of human expression, there are the false and the true heights; the fictitious and the real attainments; so in this Soul relation there are the most fatal earthly mistakes before the real height is reached. In many states where the life otherwise is, apparently, ideal, as in the intellectual height of Greece, marriage seems to be disgraced and disregarded; in the revolutionary period in France, when woman's power seemed to be the greatest, there was the least sanctity in the home life. 

Frequently minds who are illumined somewhat on the subject of the Soul-life start from their anchorage as though they expected to become angels at once. Let no one suppose that by going out with intellectual, spiritual, or other than angel light, this angelic state is to be found. No man seeks or finds that which is greater than his attainment. The false and feverish states in social life are as easily solved in this system as the many other complex problems of human life, as you will perceive ere the close of the lesson. When we portray the real it is the truly ideal, the divine; not a present possession with many, but a prophecy for all. 

The different stages of human experience convey indications of approaches to the angelic or perfected state. Human society offers many beautiful and many painful illustrations of the true and the false heights in this direction. 

In human states there are many who expect to attain this perfect angelic life while merged in the imperfection of the senses; there are those who expect to convert, or pervert, the accepted states of human society into something that will lead them to the triumph of the ideal height where their selfishness will never permit them to ascend. Human beings are not angels until the angel, by growth in expression, is fully revealed, and then the perfection is manifested in that perfect state. Many social reformers, as they are named, suppose the ideal state is to be reached by the making or unmaking of human laws, but most of the unhappy conditions and relations in human life (indeed we may say all) are the results of the states of individuals, which no human ordinance can affect. One must not confound this ideal and final state with degrees of expression less than perfect

Many suppose that they have to begin at the apex to build the structure of perfect life on earth, instead of growing to the height by attaining self-abnegation by growth. So it has been supposed that institutions are in the way of human happiness, but human states are in the way of perfect happiness.  Let no one suppose that he or she can find this Soul-state by going out and searching for the immortal matehood. When one grows to the height of a perfect marriage there is no power in heaven or earth that can keep it from one. Until one grows to that height, there is no power in heaven or earth that can bring it to that one. Therefore the lesson to be learned is that every human state of society is as perfect as the individuals that compose it. Fulfillment of all the duties in life, fidelity to each relation, constitute the highest law in human progress. 

There are often lives that are trembling toward completion, having longings, aspirations, prayers and hopes which certainly do not belong to the physical, but are the approximation of a nearer relation, an inner unfoldment. You have, perhaps, known gifted people, similarly endowed, who were merely kindred, but who have entered into a nearer relationship that has proven disastrous to both. Many of these instances might be cited in those intellectual marriages, so nearly do they resemble the real, so nearly are the ties of intellect and aesthetic taste like the ideal, that it is often the fatal mistake of genius to suppose that in another genius is to be found also the other portion of the Soul. Where, sometimes, such association has been but a blessed state of mutual helpfulness, there are other lives where it has been shipwreck and disaster, not from any immorality in either, not from any fault that could be named, but from the mistaken idea that that kinship is Soul-marriage. 

There is always a restless period accompanying any reform. These agitations afford most singular illustrations of what we are now teaching: that wherever the changes of such revolution affect the intellectual, political and religious states, they affect marriage. Under imperial decrees there are marriages formed or abrogated, set aside or increased; in periods of speculation as in France or in this country, marriage becomes a commodity, a matter of barter and sale. In periods of revolution all marriage is lightly set aside and lightly entered because every depth of human life is being stirred. This is why many reformers, springing toward the ideal, as in the German "Storm and Stress" period, or in the French Revolution, or in the earlier Grecian history, or as in more recent times, have expected the perfect marriage on earth before there were perfect men and women. 

The highest law of Christian lands is the marriage law, as the highest state of Christian society is the marriage state, the bulwark of all social and moral ideals. The mistake is in supposing that the ordinance makes perfection; it is the state in each individual that makes the perfect or imperfect marriage. By laws man merely regulates the differences that must arise in states that are inferior to perfection, but the Divine law is in itself the ordinance of Heaven. That which made the typical man and woman in Eden, before and after the fall, cling together, makes marriage sacred in the light of Heaven, as truth unto the present state. No one can depart or fall from that truth and win the highest, because the highest must grow up from within. As marriage is the highest state of civilization, so its abuse by perversion, by force, by unjust laws, must constitute the deepest source of human misery. There must come a state to the whole world, as there has come to individuals and groups of Souls, when all dross will be put aside and the Soul will be one in this state. Each will become the angel again. 

The Souls embodied here do not pass back through the Eden state, but through the experiences of darkness and light, sorrow and joy, tribulation and conquest, reach perfection; and this perfection can not be reached until all earthly things are vanquished. Foregleams of this ideal state, prophecies of this divine fulfillment have been given in the perfect lives of past dispensations, and in the expressions of Genius, whose Soul-dreams become the reality of the perfect human paradise. 

This Soul-marriage is the theme of many writings; many songs and many philosophies; of music, poesy, painting, sculpture; so does it pervade and imbue literature and art., and different forms of philosophy, that it has become accepted generally in human thought that this perfect Soul-union must belong to the perfect human state, when that state becomes divine. 

The Deities of antiquity reveal this Soul possession as the final recognition on earth. Osiris and Isis were a prophecy; also Jove and Maia, and the enthralling divinities that clustered around Olympus and Parnassus. Great scholars, teachers and geniuses, as Cadmus, the builder of the city of Thebes, and the inventor of sixteen letters of the Greek alphabet; he it was who searched in vain for his sister, his spouse. Plato pictured the ideal of his Soul in the divine "Una." Dante, at Florence and Verona, exiled, bereft and lone, revealed in his sublime vision Beatrice, who from out her Paradise taught him the words and works of his divine poem, gave him the syllables in which to breathe it to the world, and across the only stream which divided them, which was human life and his earthly state, gave him the White Rose of Immortal Love. 

Schiller's "Mystery of Reminiscence" is the surpassing poem of this Soul recognition:

"Who and what gave the wish to woo thee, 
Still lip to lip to cleave for aye unto thee,
What made me long thy very breath to drink, 
Thy soul in mine to sink?

"As from the conqueror's unresisted glaive
Flies without strife, subdued, the ready slave,
So, when to life's unguarded fort I see 
Thy gaze draw near and near triumphantly, 
Yields not my soul to thee?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

"Were once our beings blent and intertwining,
And for that glory still my heart is pining; 
Knew we the light of some refulgent sun 
When once our souls were one?

"'Round us in waters of delight forever 
Ravishingly flowed the heavenly nectar river; 
We were the masters of the seal of things 
And where truth in her ever-living springs
Quivered our glancing wings. 

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

"Weep for the godlike life we lost afar, 
That thou and I its scattered fragments are, 
And still the unconquered yearning we retain, 
Sigh to renew the long and vanished reign, 
And grow divine again." 

We have only quoted a portion of this beautiful poem, also wonderfully rendered into your own tongue by one of your own poets--Longfellow. Shelley's rare but imperfectly understood ideal, as revealed in the Soul-poem "Epipsychidion," portrays this possible recognition as seen in the highest realm of poesy, which is also the realm of inspiration. 

The most sacred Soul-love is also the most enchanting to mankind. Dante, painting the divine image of Beatrice upon canvas as well as in verse: who would not give more to see that picture that he held sacred, than to read the poem given to the world? Who would not rather have seen the sonnet that Raphael wrote to his beloved, his wife, than to see all the beautiful images, the dear Madonnas that he painted? And who, knowing that Plato worshiped his divine ideal called "Una," would not rather know what mystic tie of human recognition was included in that Una than solve all the problems of his "Kosmos"? 

What this revelation and recognition means, when it is attained, let those lives who have given perfect truth to the world attest; what this revelation means let every heart longing and thirsting for perfect love realize in the promise divine; what it is when attained let each wandering waif in existence bear in the voice of prophecy from within. 

You who are alone, lonely and desolate; you who think yourselves companionless and unknown; you who long for the highest companionship, remember: that there is no dream, however beautiful and perfect, that can, by any possibility, equal the perfection of the Soul that knows and claims its own; that there is no ideal, however pictured by painter or poet that can possibly illustrate the Soul possession. But it is by no self-seeking; when all external self is vanquished, then, as a revelation, comes this divine state, and the nearer you approach it the more humble and less expectant do you become, for you feel the presence, at such time, of the divine and perfect life. Sometimes it has been revealed in the typical marriage of earth, which is also the ideal and, in its highest estate, is the prophecy of this divine marriage. 

When all vanquishment of earth and self have been made this final recognition comes into human life; it is not necessary that when the recognition takes place there shall be any exalted external position, or anything that people will recognize as greatness in art, science, or learning. Sometimes it is in the lowliest walks; sometimes it is in the cloister or convent when across the sacred barriers of vestal vows and celibate lives the flashing light of the revelation comes, not to break down the barriers, but to send the light of Soul-love far from the body within the Soul. In the angelic condition there is no turbulence nor turmoil. 

All lives tend to this ideal. This perfect, transcendent state is that which was pictured by Swedenborg when he said: "Those who are truly married on earth are in heaven one Angel."  When Jesus was asked about marriage in heaven, He said: "They are neither married nor given in marriage, but are as the Angels." This is the meaning of the state of "the Angels." No spirits are angels, but when the Soul has been expressed in all possible states of mortal life, the recognition then takes place and the Angel is there. The two are one Angel. This is the revelation that comes from the angelic state to earth. Disembodied spirits do not know it, but Souls. The light of this truth gleams fair and bright above all earthly conditions, and this is that which comes as the crown of all expression and experience on earth. 

So step by step the progress to attainment of power and glory must be won in equal portion, and that achievement, that attainment, that final recognition betokens the Angel. It is the final step which is always indicated by no self-seeking, but by the vanquishment of all earthliness; by that which makes humanity perfect and complete, a life of self-abnegation and self-forgetfulness; and he who would go to find the Angel because he thinks himself ready is blinded by selfishness. Lives that are dissatisfied and restless will do well to attend to the duties of the hour and know that when the Angel appeareth there is no more self-seeking. Sometimes in dungeon cells wherein the self-forgetful life has been immured; sometimes in lowly paths of duty; sometimes in such self-denial as expelled Dante from his native home, and gave him the key to the gates of paradise; whenever and wherever found it is the one life of fulfillment, the crown of existence. 

The dual life merged in one becomes the Angel; not by the pathway traversed in the involution, but by the pathway of overcoming, of vanquishing the material expression until there can be revealed through the mortal form the angelic Soul. This height has been attained by such as have led and guided the world, which slowly follows after them. 

The dual lives flow together in outward expression, and that is the perfected life, the expression of the perfect Soul; the final embodiment on earth is that perfected Soul expression, and not until this expression is attained by every conquest can the recognition take place, and not until that recognition has the Soul finished the earthly expressions, then the Angel is made known. 

When the Angel is completed in expression, when such as these pass from mortal forms, they are not in spirit states, but as one Angel enter the angelic state, which is beyond the spiritual state, the perfection of all spiritual states; they will no more be embodied in mortal form, but will have charge of the Souls that come after them. These Angels are Parental Souls, or Guides; not in the sense that the word parent is used generically, here it is used to express the degree of difference between the perfected Soul, i. e., the Soul that has perfected its expression in the 'earthly state, and the states of the Souls who are still in the progress of perfecting the expression. So those who enter and pass through the earthly state and who have been gathered into the angelic kingdom constitute the Parental Souls of those who are to follow in the next cycle or dispensation; are their guardian Angels. When any one is told of a Guardian Angel this term must always mean the Parental Soul of a group of twelve Souls, (twenty-four human embodiments) who are kindred Souls. 

These Angels have possession of all experience and wisdom of earth, and thus have the power to aid others who are following on in the pathway and pilgrimage of earthly life. Those in the spheres of Angels, being beyond the spheres of ministering spirits and departed friends, keep watch and guard by appointment over those spiritual states connected with the earth, each Angel appointing ministering spirits according to the need or state of mortals. There are many degrees of Angel life which will hereafter be referred to. 

These completed, or angelic Souls, remain in the state of angelic ministry unto earth until succeeded by another harvest of Souls, who become in turn guardian Angels of those on earth; so that all who ripened under the past dispensation remain as guardian Angels of the Souls that they have in charge for the present dispensation. 

There are other angelic states; and in each of these states, there are degrees; but that which is to borne in mind in this lesson is, that none are either left to grope their way in darkness nor are they unduly aided, but are assisted by all the light and knowledge in the universe, by the Parental Soul, adapted to the needs of each. 

In great periods, like those of spiritual dispensations, more lives culminate than at any other time. So when Christ passed into and out of the earthly ministration His Angels accompanied Him, and the "first fruits" of His kingdom were completed Souls who were ready to become angels when He appeared. 

Unto those to whom this ideal thought, this perfect revelation can come, this recognition of kindred Souls, this knowledge of the Parental Soul and its guidance, this Soul-marriage, there is complete fulfillment of all prophecy. The states of mortal life, chastening, purifying, uplifting, unfolding, lead, step by step, to the condition of fulfillment, to the condition of perfect recognition, and under that love, under that fulfillment, the Angel is won. Then all lines of life are revealed, there is no more imperfection, each portion of the Soul sees within the other that which has been passed, there is all reminiscence with its perfect grace; and all divinest prophecy. 

The points to be remembered in the lesson just given are: 






THE SOUL REUNITED OR RECOGNIZED ON EARTH BECOMES THE ANGEL. This angel state is the result of the conquest over every form of earthly imperfection, the perfect man, the perfect woman, the two perfect expressions of one Soul. 



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