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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923

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Along with THE  PLANET  MARS  book on this page, do see Cora L.V. Richmond's book: MY EXPERIENCES WHILE OUT OF MY BODY AND MY RETURN AFTER MANY DAYS;  click. PART II. read after 1/2 way thro.. Cora published only PART I. of this work in 1915, soon after having her Out-of-Body Experiences.  During the six days while out of her body,  Cora was shown by her Guardian the work by a Martian with other embodied Martians here on earth--a work for a near future presentation of this book below: THE PLANET MARS AND ITS INHABITANTS.  Cora therefore witnessed this Martian preparation a few years before the  N. California, Alameda County Judge, J.L. Kennon began receiving this work. This could be the reason that Cora did not allow PART II. of  MY EXPERIENCES to be published until right after her death in January 1923; allowing no interference to be caused to the MARS futuristic spiritual, stand-alone work until it was safely published in February 1922.  On reading the work, it becomes clear, this is a glimpse of our spiritual destiny where decadent lower Spiritualism of today will be left behind when  'All KNOWLEDGE OF GOD COMES FROM WITHIN'  (see Chapter VIII).





Clairvoyant Visions of Mars

In connection with the revelation contained in this book concerning the physical characteristics of Mars, the compiler of this volume, as well also as the medium, was given much information concerning this advanced planet by means of clairvoyant visions. These pictures were given the writer at different times, commencing early in 1920, and continuing until the book was finished.

As has been explained by the controls who have been instrumental in giving the information about Mars, the purpose of these clairvoyant pictures was to give the compiler of this book real visual evidence as to life on Mars; and in particular, real pictures setting forth its topography, which could be elucidated in no other way.

Written descriptions of scenery and of human activities necessarily fall short of the reality, especially when an attempt is made to record a series of events or a point of view outside the realm of our experience.

The first picture realized by the writer, and for that matter the most important one, was the view given him of Urid the Beautiful, one of the most Important centers of population on the planet Mars.

It was while lying in bed one morning the writer was contemplating the many messages being received from the Martian, who is the dictator of the subject matter of this book, that he found himself at a strange place, suspended as it were in the air over a beautiful lake of blue water, whose surface was broken by gentle ripples, due to the soft, balmy breeze blowing over the surface of the water. The writer was facing what seemed to be a westerly direction; and at a  distance of about five miles there
arose a series of small mountains about 2,500 feet in altitude.  These mountains skirted the shores of the lake. The sky was a beautiful blue, bluer than the sapphire-tinted skies of our own desert lands. The mountains were tinted red from base to top, except where the moisture near the shores of the lake had stimulated a vegetal growth, whose green contrasted most harmoniously with the red of the soil.

Two white clouds floated majestically near the peaks of the highest mountains.

The atmosphere was impressively clear and all objects seemed to stand out in sharp definition, a condition seldom seen by dwellers on our earth except in extremely dry and arid regions.

On top of a small plateau, forming the crown of a low-lying hill at the base of one of the highest mountains, and about 1,500 feet from the shore line, I was startled to see a large city. The thousands of closely nestling buildings seemed to be built of white stone. The writer was, for an instant, lost in admiration, for there in front of him, the pure white of the city, contrasting so vividly with the red soil of this faraway planet, stood the habitations of an advanced race many millions of miles removed from my own world.

The writer was impressed with the fact that, with but few exceptions, the buildings of gleaming white were all one story in height, and it became instantly evident that crowding is not tolerated by the inhabitants of this progressive planet. A few structures towered above the rest. These, as the writer was informed later, were the public buildings dedicated to the use of the people as lecture halls, centers for music and art, etc.

On a subsequent occasion the writer was shown a close-up view of Urid. Flowers, grass and green foliage abounded everywhere. The long streets were broad and well paved, and flanked on two sides with long rows of one-storied buildings of white stone, beautiful in their simplicity. No extreme ornamentation is carried out in the erection of buildings on Mars. On the contrary, the simple square outlines characteristic of our own Old Mission architecture seems to prevail on the planet Mars. The same simple style prevails with the public buildings, except that massive stone columns marked the portals of these places, reminding one of our own early Grecian architecture.

Many palm-like trees grew all over the city, especially in the neighborhood of the public buildings.

A week after the occurrence of the above incident the writer was shown, in the same manner as heretofore, one of the many canals that gridiron the Martian globe. This particular canal is one of the main waterways on Mars, and appeared to be about a mile wide at the point of observation. The water was of a deep blue color, denoting great depth. Along the banks of this waterway could be seen many houseboats or floating dwellings. Some of these houseboats were very large and evidently housed large families. The writer was informed that many Martians who have charge of the waterways dwell in these habitations.

The banks above the canal were covered with green grass and many flowers.

On subsequent occasions I was shown other canals and reservoirs, and the manner in which some of the canals were cut through the mountains. In some instances the walls of the canals were almost perpendicular. Steep cuts, even in soft ground, seemed to be characteristic of all the waterways observed by the writer.

On another occasion the writer was given a view of the North Polar regions. At that time the deep snows that covered the ground everywhere were melting. The country seemed to be very hilly. As far as the eye could reach I observed low-lying hills covered with a white mantle of snow. Patches of reddish earth here and there indicated that the thaw was general and that the snow had thinned out in spots. Between the hills I observed a large body of water, and was informed that this was an artificial reservoir which had been created by the damming of a large valley. The sky on this occasion was hidden by a mist, a very natural phenomenon in view of the fact that many thousands of square miles of the country, covered with snow on this part of Mars, was undergoing a rapid thaw.

That the large dark-colored areas on Mars, supposed by early observers to be seas, are nothing more or less than low, swampy land covered with rank vegetation, was evidenced to me on one occasion when I was permitted to see the true character of these portions of the planet. The rank vegetation was about three feet high and of a greenish red color. Interspersed throughout the mass of coarse-leafed plants were high, dry stalks the remnants of an earlier crop of Martian fauna. The season seemed to be advanced and all plant life was taking on autumnal tints.

It was in December 1919 that I saw the first close-up picture of a Martian.  The subject was a most beautiful woman.  I could only see her head which was covered with a thin veil which came down to her well-formed mouth.  She held the end of the veil with one hand.  Her eyes were most expressive.  Her hair was black. Her skin was unusually white, which contrasted with the dark hair. She wore no jewelry, or other ornaments that I could see.

On a subsequent occasion I was permitted to see a Martian male. He was playing a flute-like instrument, and as he was quite close to me.  I was able to observe closely the wax-like texture of his skin. This semi-transparency of the skin is characteristic of the Martians, and evidences a life that is free from the many bodily ailments that afflict humanity on our earth. The Martian was dressed in graceful but loose-fitting clothes of a reddish-brown color. His eyes were a deep blue and his lips seemed to be unusually red.  In respect to stature he was no different from the people of our world,  being about five feet, nine inches in height. In fact, on subsequent occasions I have observed crowds of Martians gathered together and they appeared no different from the inhabitants of our own world except as to clothing, which is much simpler, but more graceful than our styles.

I was informed by the spiritual control that the fauna of Mars is varied, but that all animal life is domesticated, there being now no wild animals on the planet.

It was shortly after I had seen the Martians, described in the foregoing paragraph, that I was shown two cat-like animals, which at the time of my vision were engaged in playing about the feet of a Martian. They did not exactly resemble cats, but were more feline than canine. They were about the size of a large Airedale. The pair were of a dark, reddish-brown color with deep black stripes, similar to the markings of our tigers. They were very playful and cavorted about just as our own dogs and cats do when endeavoring to attract the attention of their masters.

On the morning of January 20, 1920, I was shown another Martian canal. On this occasion I observed a large building on the banks of the waterway near my point of vision. This building was more of a grandstand with a roof than anything else I can compare it to. It consisted of a large framework painted white, and was as high as our two storied structures. A multitude of the people were inside the building, some sitting, some standing. They all seemed to be intently gazing in a Northerly direction, up stream.
Much green foliage and varied-colored flowers lined the banks of the canal, especially in the neighborhood of the building. The people all seemed to be attired in holiday garb, and it was evident to me that a celebration was going on.  I was informed  later that what I had witnessed was an annual celebration observed by the people of Mars on the occasion of the arrival of the first water from the North Pole after commencement of the Martian Spring.  It appears that this occasion is a very important event with the Martians, as the arrival of the life-giving moisture from the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the planet insures a season of plenty for the inhabitants of the planet. The water arrives at the equatorial regions in a little less than a Martian month (60 days) after the commencement of the Polar thaws and after a season of thanksgiving to the Father has been held by all in appreciation of His bountiful gifts. The Spiritual leaders of the different communities preside at these gatherings.

The foregoing is in remarkable agreement with a statement on page 375 of the late Professor Lowell's book, MARS.  It follows:
"The Canal quickening on Mars occupied 52 days, as evidenced by the successive vegetal darkenings which descend from latitude 72 degrees North and latitude 0, a journey of 2,650 miles. This gives for the water a speed of 51 miles a day, or 2.1 miles an hour.  The rate of progression is remarkably uniform, and this fact that it is carried from near the pole to the equator is sufficient tell-tale of extrinsic aid, and the uniformity of the action increases its significance."

On the morning of January 21st  I witnessed another interesting Martian polar scene, which was almost identical with the previous vision of the Arctic regions of this planet, excepting that the warm season was more advanced, and I was permitted to see the country from another angle.  I was facing East. Most of the Polar snow had disappeared, and the low-lying hills were now covered with a growth of dark green vegetation, except at a few isolated points here and there which showed small patches of snow. The sky was less misty than on the previous occasion.

On the evening of January 21st  I was shown a flock of Martian sheep. The herd was small and I observed five of the animals at close range. I call them sheep for the reason that the animals resembled our sheep in every particular. The wool was very long and of a dark reddish-brown color, except underneath their bellies which was yellowish.

On the evening of January 29th  I had a vision of a beautiful woman with a child kneeling at her feet. She was seated on a chair and held a book on her lap. The symbolism of the vision was later explained to me by the controls. who said: "Verily I say unto you whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter herein."  God's truths are perceived only by those who can acquire the simple faith of a child.

It was about the same time I had a vision in which I saw Sergius for the first time distinctly. He is the principal control dominating the writing of this book. He appeared very
patriarchal with a long beard. His features were decidedly semitic.  His countenance was most spiritual and beautiful.

On February 10th  I had my first vision of Mars' two moons, known to our astronomers as Phobos and Diemos. The former appeared as a satellite about half as large as our full moon, and the latter appeared  like a star brighter than the first magnitude, and could be compared with Jupiter as seen from our earth during a favorable opposition of that planet. The former satellite of Mars sheds considerable light on her primary. An interesting explanation of these two moons will be found in a later chapter of this book.

On February 17th  I was shown the actual appearance of our sun from the planet Mars. What I saw disproves the theory that owing to the distance of Mars from the sun the latter would be viewed by the Martians as a disk about half the size as seen from our earth. The Solar Orb appeared as to size and brightness, about the same as viewed from our earth, and seemed to give forth its heat with the same intensity. I was facing the sun and its brilliance blinded my eyes for an instant.

On the evening of February 29th I had a vision of a strange looking creature ape-like in appearance. The form was about five feet tall, very hairy, his body being covered with a thick coat of woolly hair of a grayish color. He was smoking what appeared to be a cigar-like roll of something, probably some sort of leaves rolled up into a convenient form for smoking. On the tips of his pointed ears were little tufts of long hair, which gave his head a lynx-like appearance. There were quite a number of large yellow spots on his hairy chest. His nose was very stubby, and his entire face was decidedly ape-like.  I was later informed that I had seen an inhabitant of the planet Mercury, where life has not yet evolved to a very high degree, and where man has not yet wholly emerged from his primary beast-like state.

Concerning the flora of Mars I have on various occasions viewed  extensive fields under cultivation, vast orchards of growing fruit trees. The trees were set out in rows similar to the methods adopted in our own orchards. The trees were dwarf like, not being over five or six feet tall. I was informed that this particular species of tree was cultivated for its fruit and for the fiber obtained from its large leaves, which is made into cloth, thread and cordage.

On one occasion a short time after the chapter dealing with the transmission of Electro-magnetic energy by wireless was received, I was shown two immense towers on the planet Mars which are used for the purpose of distributing power throughout the planet. The two towers were very close together, probably  a hundred yards apart, and were a hundred feet high. They resembled two immense round smoke stacks, such as are common in our factory districts. The tops of the towers were surmounted by oval caps, transparent as if made from glass, and protected by a system of grill work. While I was intently observing the towers there occurred a blinding flash of light simultaneously from the two oval caps. The surrounding country was covered with high trees, and it was impossible for me to observe the base of the two structures.


Knowledge of God Comes From Within

Mars, with its teeming millions of inhabitants, whose habitants cover its entire area, has no watchmen, policemen or other guardians of the peace to prevent unlawful acts on the part of its people.

As all property is considered as belonging to the Father, and is held in common by the people of the planet, there exists no incentive for anyone to steal. Each individual has all he requires for his comfort. Hence, why should anyone covet that in the possession of his brother?

There is no temptation on Mars for one to take more than he needs, for selfishness has been entirely eliminated from our planet. Selfishness has no place among really civilized beings. It is a relic of the jungle where it is necessary to perpetuate the lower animal life.

You of your earth, have, through the law of atavism, reverted or degenerated to a primordial condition or state.  This is a part of your fall from Divine Grace. And to induce man on your globe to realize his pitiful condition and redeem himself is the work of the Spirits from the higher Spheres who are now with you.

Mars has no Church system and no Ecclesiastical Hierarchy. All Martians recognize and worship one God, the Eternal Father. Each individual is taught from infancy to seek God through the doors of his own soul, which is an institutional faculty possessed by everyone.

Christ, who came to your earth two thousand years ago with a message, is known to us.  He is one of the greatest forces in the Universe--next to the Creator.

Your sectarian church systems are a hindrance to the proper spiritual development of the individual. These systems engender an element of pendability on the individual which holds back his spiritual enfoldment and perverts his true individuality, which must grow and unfold before real progress upwards begins.

All knowledge of God should come from within and not through the instrumentality of imperfect individuals, such as your religious teachers are.

The present lack of interest [in 1920] in sectarian matters on the part of the inhabitants of your earth is evidence of a slow, but sure disintegration of a system that has held your people in mental and spiritual bondage for centuries, and presages the dawn of a better day for humanity on your earth.


Mars has No Political System

When Love rules a community of people there is no need of administrative bureaus for the regulation of the lives of the  inhabitants who make up the population of a planet. For the same reason Mars has no gubernatorial or political administrative center.

This announcement may, in a measure, be a disappointment to many readers who have imagined that no considerable number of human beings could live and prosper without the aid and guidance of a complex administrative system such as you have on your earth.

Bureaucracy and autocracy are evils resulting from an undeveloped civilization, and have no place in a community where selfishness has been eliminated.

When each individual of a vast population, such as that of Mars, is actuated and guided by the Light Within there is no need for a horde of political parasites to direct the destinies of the race.

This lack of an administrative system on Mars also applies to its industrial and economic side. The law of supply and demand determines just how many  factories there should be, and just what output is necessary for a given period. But it must be remembered that the law of supply and demand on our planet has no relation to a competitive system such as you of your earth have, for we have no competitive system, a fact that will be impressed on the reader elsewhere in this book.

It is true that certain of our people who have been specially singled out by the dominating influence of the Invisible World, are occasionally appealed to by those in doubt as to what is best for their individual welfare, or the welfare of the community at large, to act in advisory capacities. These are the Spiritual Advisers of the planet, and are really God's prophets. There was a time when your race was guided by similar individuals, as is evidenced from mention of them in your sacred Scriptures. But their usefulness was lost when man on your earth forgot God.

It was then that man mistrusted the Light Within, and disregarded the unwritten laws graven in the soul by the Creator. He clamored for a Code of Laws and received them (through Moses).  His next downward step was taken when he admitted it was necessary to have interpreters of the Law,--for if the spirit of the Law had been kept, there would have been no misunderstanding or juggling of the letter.  Soon there was so much of this turning and twisting to suit man's growing selfishness, that there was need for someone in authority, over all the interpreters, whose word should be final; so your people cried aloud for Kings. And you have them, and your law has grown to immense proportions, as have also the clever sins of your selfishness. WHERE THERE IS NO SIN THERE IS NO NEED OF LAWS; FOR THE RIGHTEOUS MAN IS A LAW UNTO HIMSELF.

It must not be imagined that because of the lack of a political system on Mars, such as you deem necessary on your earth, that all is chaos and life a sort of happy-go-lucky existence. On the contrary, the Martian existence is controlled by the acme of system, which is in accordance with the law of Divine Harmony. A system from which has been eliminated all the useless wheels which so clog up your lives and make your progress slow indeed.


Mars Is Ruled by Love

"And now abideth Faith, Hope and Love; these three; but the greatest of these is Love."-- Paul to the Corinthians.

There is but one law on Mars. That law is Love.

This law is not written in a code for the guidance of the people. It is graven in the hearts of the inhabitants, and is reflected in the countenance of every individual.

This law is the incentive before the entire population and urges each individual onward to the completion of the task before him.

There are no rulers to bow before: neither is anyone better than his brother. There is no evil, for all are good; all are equal. God endows every individual expression of life with the Divine Heritage of a pure soul. It is the individual's concern to keep this heavenly gift unstained in its descent into matter. The love force of the Spirit is the potent agent that does this for the individual when allowed to permeate and radiate the entire being. When individuals have learned to bathe their innermost beings in the Father's love,-- then it must follow that a nation made up of such individuals will be governed only by such precepts as are evolved from this dominating Love-force.

It is of no import to the individual on this planet what his particular task may be, for all work is for the Father; and the humblest vocation (humbler from the point of view of the dwellers on your earth) is as important and as honorable as the highest.

Mars is ruled by Love, which is in accordance with the Divine Intent. It is the desire of the Father that every world in limitless space inhabited by His children be ruled by that Divine Principle. For when Love is the supreme law of a world, as it is of the Universe, there is no need of a system of complex laws and a horde of judicial officers to interpret and enforce them.

When Love enters into the life of a community selfishness makes its exit; misery becomes a stranger and pain and sickness vanish. From the cradle to transition the Martian is dominated by Love and guided by the Father's will. The result of this love-rule is individual and communal happiness. But above all, a Spiritual progress that unfolds the individual in accordance with the Cosmic Intent.

To die, in the sense of passing out of one's physical environment, is the destiny of every created being. Hence, in that sense, death exists on Mars as it does on your earth. But the real death referred to by Christ; a Spiritual death imposed on man by his fall from Grace, a penalty for having forgotten God, is unknown on this planet.  We, of Mars, are in harmony with the Father. Those who are spiritually dead are cut off from the Father as a result of their indifference and ignorance of Spiritual Truth.

The religion of the Martian may be expressed in two thoughts: "LOVE,--"Thy Will be done, not mine."  The true definition of Religion is a rule of life, and as our lives are guided entirely by love and the Father's will, we have a religion.

You, on your earth, have created a religion to satisfy your conventionalities.  Truth is simple, but you have made it intricate.  It is free, yet you buy it from the would-be disciples.  God is simple, and you must approach him in simple faith: "Unless ye become as little children ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Speaking of children, I desire to give expression to a thought that may appear outside the subject: The beauty and simplicity of youth is wonderful, and to be admired by all, but in the sight of the Heavenly Father, and those who have progressed to higher realms, it is not so wonderful as those older characters who have waded the marshes of life, as it were, and who have trod the dirty steps without losing faith.

This is to encourage those who sometimes think, when they look back on their lives, that all is dark. Their strength is being tried in the darkness. Therefore their courage and faith is so much more.  We, who are giving you these messages, have passed beyond the stage you are in, and do not have to be tried on every hand. We look upon you who are struggling through the pitfalls created by your false systems, with pity, knowing how great your trial is.  Do not think that because we have gone on to higher planes of life that we are out of sympathy with you. The more we bask in the sunshine of love the more tender we become towards those in the shadow,  and if you would only realize how strong you are, with the Father's love and His real consideration for you, you would try so much harder to better your condition by meeting His love with love.

We of Mars have learnt to keep the right pictures before the minds of our youth, that they may not be so sorely tried, but you on your planet have not even the beginning of a system whereby there could be kept continually before the minds of your children the real goal to be striven for. I make exception of the few homes on your planet where the parents are in spiritual growth, but these homes are not ideal--just a beginning of Idealism--but far better than the masses in their home conditions on your planet.

Now, we are ready to do all we can towards stimulating the living of the Christ-life among all souls in the Universe when it can be so arranged, but it will take aeons of time on some planets, and many decades on yours before we can scientifically teach you. To be sure, we are giving you all we can for this book, but it will not be universally accepted, although it will bring great joy to those who have faith.

If you can keep some of the pictures we are giving you of the wonderful happiness we possess it will help you in the sordidness of your own life. Picture beautiful things and your heart must be beautiful. Strive with all your mind to hold beautiful thoughts, for it is well worth your every effort towards faith.


Education and Training of the Individual

The people of Mars have a spoken and written language, but not so filled with complexities as yours, for the reason that owing to the high development of the mental faculties, thoughts are almost as audible as words. Hence, converse between individuals on our planet is not altogether a series of vocal ejaculations. On the contrary, among the older members of the race, communication between individuals is in some cases audibly imperceptible.

Printed books are used, but mostly for the very young, as information is usually transmitted impressionally.

Education on Mars begins at the mother's knee. The first knowledge imparted to the young is Spiritual. One's absolute dependence on God, and that the few years before the individual are but an unfoldment, or an individualizing of the entity into a separate and distinct unit, are the first lessons given to a child. The Spiritual lessons are amplified as the child grows and grasps these truths. This procedure continues until the pupil is ready to enter an institution of learning.

The home is the primary school, just as a physical existence on a planet is the kindergarten of a never-ending life. The parents are the first teachers.

The primary education consists, as we said before, in lessons on the necessity of expressing God in our lives in truth and righteousness in order that the mind of the individual be so molded and fashioned that absolute faith is placed in God's promises through the Master, Christ.

The keynote to the education of the individual is that one must first seek God's Kingdom, and that all knowledge and wisdom, which is the Divine Heritage of all, will be easily attained; that coming into a knowledge of God means health, happiness and wisdom.

After the individual has grasped the primary lessons, which result in an unfoldment of the spirit within, he is then sent to a school; but a school system different from anything you have on your earth. The task of the teacher is, not to teach knowledge but to assist in bringing out what is already latent in the soul, rather than a set routine, for every individual is considered a master in some line of thought and activity. The pupil is led into knowledge instead of being taught directly.

The individual is left to his own tastes and volition. The harmony of music of God's laws, which embrace Astronomy, physics and of life, together with a knowledge of the laws of electricity, is especially brought to the attention of the individual. You of the earth know as yet very little concerning the true nature of Electricity. Your methods of handling and generating this wonderful force are crude indeed, by comparison with the deep knowledge attained on Mars with the subject. And so with the study and development of the Harmony of Music, we of Mars have developed a high spiritual sense, and are able to hear and see many intermediate degrees of vibration that do not exist at all for you.  Of course there are some exceptions among the few of your earth who, after having striven hard for light have been favored by God's angels in the development of a higher Spirituality.

Your gross materialism and selfishness has stultified you. To be material minded is to be dead. Many of you are dead long before your physical bodies are placed in the grave.  In fact many on your earth are but animated corpses, and a little better than mere automata.  This is what your St. Paul meant when he said, " To be carnally minded is to be dead."

Our teachers are guides who look after their charges in an atmosphere of Love, and, as a result, right conceptions of truth are acquired by the pupil.

Thought is the expression or fruit of the spirit, and Martian children are never allowed to forget their Spiritual growth and as a consequence they are led easily into true knowledge, and having a broad vision are able to see all things in their true relations. They begin at the cause and work towards the effect, which contrary to your system.

No set rules of discipline are used in the schools. Indeed they are not necessary for the reason that the one ideal, the one goal impressed on the mind of the pupil,  is the complete expression of the Father within, for to express the Father is to have perfect life,--life in abundance.

Concentration of mind, economy of time and energy are studied and learned by the child in the early part of his career.

Astronomy on our planet offers an ideal field in seeking an understanding of the reign of immutable law through the Infinite Universe of God, and owing to the clear rarefied atmosphere of Mars, unusual opportunity is presented to students in visual observations of the Heavens.

Entire classes of advanced students, accompanied by their teacher-guides repair to the open at night when the canopy of God's Heaven is ablaze with scintillating points of light. The different constellations as viewed from our planet present the same general appearance as to configuration as they do to the dwellers on your earth, but the view is decidedly more vivid by reason of a more advantageous viewpoint.

The so-called Superior planets, such as Saturn, Jupiter, some of the larger asteroids, and Uranus and Neptune, are nearer to Mars than they are to earth, and for that reason are more easily discernible from this vantage point. Some of the satellites of Jupiter are easily seen with the naked eye.

Your earth appears to us about as Jupiter does to you, and with our observing instruments we are able to see your continent and oceans when not covered by a cloud canopy.

As to the so-called Inferior planets Venus and Mercury, the former presents the appearance of a star of the first magnitude, but being so near the sun it is only visible an hour before or after sunset, depending upon its position, but Mercury, being so near the solar orb, it is rarely that its position is favorable for observation from our planet, and then only with our more perfect telescopes.

Our students view the phenomena of eclipses of the sun and our planet with the greatest interest, just as your astronomers do.

Mars' two moons present what would appear to you a most singular phenomenon, for one rises in the east and the other in the west, passing each other at times within view of observers. The most distant satellite of Mars is known to us as Laster, to which has been given the name of Deimos by the first observers on your earth. Approximately 132 hours elapse between its rising and setting at any particular point on our planet, as a consequence of the fact that it revolves in 30 hours 18 minutes at a distance of 14,600 miles more or less from its primary; and as Mars rotates in 24 hours 37 minutes from East to West the motion is almost neutralized by the circulation of this satellite. During the time of its rotation it changes four times from full to new and new to full. The appearance of this satellite to the Martians is equal, if not a little brighter than the view of Jupiter from your earth.

The second satellite, known to us as Benii, and to your astronomers as Phobos, sheds considerable amount of light on the Martian landscape by means of its large size and closer proximity, being distant about 3,700 miles from the surface of Mars. This satellite is shut out from view beyond 69 degrees latitude by reason of the curvature of its primary. Its period is 7 hours and 39 minutes,--less than one-third the time of the rotation of Mars. It rises in the West and courses across the Heavens in 11 hours, during which time it undergoes one entire cycle of its phases and gets through half another. Its disc appears to us as a little more than half of the moon's disc on your earth at full, appears to you.

The realm of Physics presents another interesting study to the Martian student. We have advanced to the study of Nature's laws to a point which would appear to your understanding most incomprehensible. Long ago we mastered the knowledge of the method of releasing interatomic energy, *a knowledge which in the brain of an unscrupulous person would be most disastrous, not only to himself but to those about him. The energy locked up in an atom of matter is tremendous, and the release of this power is only a matter of knowing the law. The inhabitants of your world will have to abide a long time before the key that will release this giant is placed within their reach. Not until you have eliminated your inherent selfishness; not before you have learnt the lesson as Christ taught it, will you be permitted to harness one of the mightiest forces in the universe, a force equally as great for evil as it is for good. This knowledge we have, and we have utilized it in the construction and building of our mighty planetary projects.

* Ed. 1920 Footnote:
The Popular Science Monthly, May, 1920, printed the following--"Sir Oliver Lodge thinks that man is not yet civilized enough to use the energy hidden in ordinary matter. The time will come when atomic energy will take the place of coal as a source of power." The man who spoke thus before the Royal Society of Arts in London was Sir Oliver Lodge--one of the towering figures in modern science, a man who has devoted the better part of his life to the study and interpretation of the atom. This new form of energy, which our great-grandchildren may utilize instead of oil and coal, has possibilities so appalling that Sir Oliver almost rejoices that we do not know how to release it. 'I hope that the human race will not discover how to use this energy, he says, 'until it has brains and morality enough to use it properly, because if the discovery is made by the wrong people this planet would be unsafe. A force utterly disproportionate to the present source of power would be placed at the disposal of the world."

Ed. 1920 NOTE: This article was published more than two months after the revelation above was received, but is another striking confirmation of the truth of these revelations.

This Inter-atomic Energy is the source of the sun's continuous heat. Were it combustion the solar orb would have burnt itself out ages ago. All your theories to account for the continuity of solar radiation are in error. The release of Inter-atomic energy in the sun at a definite rate is the reason why its heat neither increases or diminishes, though millions of years come and go in endless procession.

And this process is not the working of a blind, senseless force, some of your scientists would have you believe, but the Creator--Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent is the Dominator; the directing intelligence, that sees to it that all is provided for His children.

On your earth you have, thus far, discovered some 85 elements. In order to complete the list of 92, [ed:As of 2005 approx. 118 are known.] to conform to the so-called Periodic Table, there are yet seven elements to be found by your scientists. On Mars the most elementary school pupil is well informed on the subject, and has knowledge of the complete list. Among the new elements yet to be discovered by your chemists, and which exist in appreciable quantities on your earth, is one which has the peculiar property of neutralizing gravity.

This neutralizing is accomplished by screening off the gravitational pull when interposed between the earth and the matter sought to be made immune from the attraction, just as you would insulate against the flow of electricity by interposing a non-conductor between two conducting metals.

The knowledge and use of this element on Mars has been utilized in the solution of our transportation problem. Instead of cumbersome railroads consuming energy at a great loss, we use an almost perfect flying or floating ship. It is made buoyant by being screened from the gravitational pull of the planet. * An ingenious device so controls the amount of neutralization that a flying ship can be made to rise and descend at will at any desired speed.  As the screen nullifies the gravitational pull of the planet on the ship, so is the cargo also cut off from the attraction of gravity with the result that the vehicle floats as light as a feather. Motive power is provided, driving the ship in any direction desired. Most all planetary communication is thus carried on with both freight and passengers, with the expenditure of a minimum amount of energy. Aerial mechanics
and navigation is an important course of study with many students.

* Ed. 1920 Footnotes:
In the February issue of the "Electrical Experimenter," (1920) which was published about a month after this information was received by revelation, the following article appeared--another startling confirmation of the truth contained herein, and points to the possibility that whatever is possible on one planet, is also possible on another, depending upon that planet's type of civilization and real knowledge, not superficial theory:

"Recently a cable dispatch from Rome brought the announcement that Prof. Maiorana discovered that lead balls swimming on a pool of mercury lost a certain amount of weight. It was explained that the weight was lost due to a screening effect which the mercury produced on the lead ball. In other words, mercury acts as a sort of insulator against the earth's gravitational waves. For gravitation certainly is propagated the same as other forms of energy, i.e., in wave form. Prof. T. J. J. See, famous investigator of Mare Island, California, in an address before the California Academy of Sciences, announced recently that his researches on gravitation in 1917 and his latest researches on molecular forces confirmed Maiorana's claim that the screening of gravitation has been shown to exist. In 1917, says Professor See, 'I explained the fluctuation of the Moon's main motion by the circular refraction of the sun's gravitation waves, as they are propagated through the solid body of our earth at the time of lunar eclipses.'

"'I found also from dealings with capillary forces that quicksilver is indeed very resistant to the waves which produce molecular action, and this developed a new theory of the depression of the mercury in capillary tubes. This would tend to confirm Maiorana's claim that a basin of mercury beneath a suspended mass of lead may decrease the gravitation of the lead by a small amount. My researches on ether show conclusively that gravitation is due to waves in the ether, and certain very resistant bodies in the line of action may thus introduce a slight screening effect.' "This reasoning opens up new avenues of thought of what may be accomplished in the future when we have found a perfect screen against gravitation."

Another subject of importance, that takes no little time to understand by the Martian student is the part played by the planet's satellites in the generation of Electro-Magnetic energy. The sun together with its circulating family of planets is a huge Electric motor, so a planet and its satellites are minor generators of Electric energy. Satellites have a higher importance and necessity than the mere creation of moonshine.  All the planets have their satellites, although your astronomers have not yet discovered any in the case of Mercury and Venus. The latter planet has a satellite whose distance is so close to its primary that its presence is lost in the intense reflection of light caused by Venus' cloudy atmosphere, which is much denser than that of your earth. In the case of Mercury, owing to its extremely close proximity to the sun, its satellite probably never will be seen by observers on your earth, as it is lost in the intense brilliance cast by the solar orb on this planet.


Education and Training of The Individual  (Cont'd.)
Vocational Determination, School Age, Marriage and Science

Everyone goes to school until the age of 16, that is, the length of time on Mars would correspond to 32 years on your earth. The Martian year is nearly twice as long as on your globe.

There are many universities on Mars where students enter direct from the homes where the primary and preparatory education is first inculcated in their minds. Wonderful teachers have charge of the students, and many truths not yet known on your earth are taught. Special and particular attention is given to the subject of the development of spiritual gifts to the end that all may come into man's divine heritage, the peace, power and plenty of the kingdom of God.

Each student is selected for his or her proper vocation, and this vocation is determined scientifically and accurately, for what benefits the individual also benefits the entire community.

Each individual is trained to perform his part in a manner that will ensure the unity and harmony of the entire industrial system of the planet, and each unit understands the dignity and importance of his position, no matter what that position may be, for on Mars no activity of human endeavor is considered menial; no one position in life is less important than the rest; all is God's work.  So each individual gravitates to his special liking in the realm of physical activity, for God has created each individual for some particular work. Six hours is a day's work, the remainder of the time is devoted to recreation, music, lectures, and those general activities that best develop the highest spiritualities with the individual, for the Martians realize that life on the material plane is but temporary; the isolation of the individual divine spark from the Infinite whole to the end that the personality may become for all eternity self-conscious and in harmony with God, which means the inheritance of God's Kingdom for all time.  Failure to come into harmony with God is destruction of the individuality, but not of the divine in man, for that is indestructible; it always was and always will be.

Education on Mars is inculcated with a view principally of developing the individual spiritually in order to prepare one for the spiritual progress after the completion of the material probationary period as well as having life in greatest abundance during that period, and with this main end in view the subject of marriage, the rearing of children, receives special consideration and attention. The pivotal idea is that when the time for mating arrives the selection of a wife by the prospective husband must be in accordance with true conjugal harmony, and this is not possible in the absence of spiritual development. Hence, divorces are unknown with us, and to that end is special care taken in the matter of teaching the truth concerning the marital relation, the rearing of children and their Spiritual growth.

The marriage age for both sexes is about 35 years, in terms of your time measurements. The result of this early training is that the young couple just embarked on the "Sea of Matrimony," are true mates and go through life without the usual occurrence of domestic turmoil so characteristic of your earth's people.

Marriage, with but few exceptions, on your earth, has degenerated from God's holiest of institutions to a happy convenience for the gratification of the animal passions, and the rearing of children is an accident, rather than a preconceived reality.  These sorts of marriages are unholy and destructive and unless your people respond to a spiritual awakening, such as God's workers are now trying to inaugurate on your earth, the growing degeneracy will be augmented rather than diminished and the extinction of the race will be inevitable.

The curriculum of our schools embraces all branches of Domestic Science, as well as all the sciences, with the difference from your system that spiritual development must be the principal task of those having supervision over the studies of the young.

One of the subdivisions of domestic science receiving particular attention on Mars is the peparation of foods.  With an atmospheric pressure of only eight pounds to the square inch, water boils at 175 degrees on our planet. This temperature is inadequate for cooking foods properly, especially the coarser varieties, but recourse is had to the cooking of food in vacuum or under pressure as the exigencies of the occasion demand.

Electrical energy, most generally, is used for producing heat and the variety of foods, both animal and vegetal, are as extensive as on your planet, for the flora and fauna of Mars differs little from yours.

Martians are not excessive eaters, as their bodies do not require the gross foods so characteristic of your earth. There are two reasons for this. In the first place the difference in the gravitational pull on Mars, being thirty-eight one-hundredths to that of your earth, obviates the necessity of supplying as much fuel to the human body as your physical make-up demands. Secondly: The Martians partake of food to keep the body alive, and not for the vulgar pleasure afforded by the consumption of victuals. We eat to live, whereas most of your earth tenants live to eat.

Although each individual has his particular place in the universe where he will excel in some kind of activity, there being no two persons exactly alike in all creation,  the student on Mars is given an opportunity to obtain a broad and comprehensive knowledge relating to all subjects, both material and spiritual.

The study of matter, divided as it is into a number of elements, offers an interesting field for study and research work, as does also its concomitant cosmic energy.

Compared to your earth, industry on Mars, by the aid of labor-saving devices, is perfect, and as a consequence the use of energy is considerable, especially so is this in the realm of Synthetic Chemistry, although it must be understood that the individual is taught that dependence must be placed rather on one's own dexterity born of that God given faculty of intuition, than on the perfectness of a man-made machine, the creation of finite mind, for it has so happened to races on other planets that complete degeneration and final extinction has come about by the entire dependence of the individual and afterwards of the entire race, on machinery to do the work required of the individual by the Creator, this dependence finally terminating in almost complete atrophy of the worker's intuitional faculties.  This calamity will surely overtake your future generations if a halt is not called on the over zealous adoption of automatic machines for most every line of industrial activity. You are now getting to the stage where the most simple and elementary mathematical problems are solved by merely pressing a few buttons or turning a crank, the operator understanding little or nothing of the fundamentals underlying the solution of the problems in hand. This means, in the near future, brain atrophy through disuse.And so with other lines of industrial activity. Not one among a thousand workers engaged in making shoes, can do other than make a heel, or perform some simple operation, one of hundreds of units in the completion of a pair of shoes, and perhaps it would be impossible to find one individual whose intuitional faculties were developed to the extent that he could turn out the perfect, completed article.

In order to explain how far we have succeeded on Mars in harnessing a mighty universal force to the end of utilizing the same in turning our factory wheels, lighting our domiciles and giving warmth to our homes in winter, it might not be amiss to state a few facts concerning our knowledge of matter and energy.

We have learned that material life simply amounts to functioning in the effect world. The cause world is the reality invisible to all while hampered with a physical body; that all forms of matter are but the manifestation of the same ultimate essence; that this essence is but a Divine impulse; a thrust, as it were, in the Ether; that although we observe with our sensory organs many different kinds of matter, consisting of elements and compounds of elements, if we were able to resolve any of the different forms of matter before us into their ultimate units, these ultimate particles would all turn out to be the same thing, the "Divine impulses" just mentioned.

Now you can best grasp the idea by imagining yourselves immersed in an Infinite sea of such Divine impulses, just as a fish is immersed in an ocean of water. Everywhere; all about us, is a teeming maelstrom of motion. There is not a cubic centimeter of space that you can call at rest. All is eternal motion. All is energy. And out of this inexhaustible cosmic reservoir, do we Martians draw our energy, and as the Divine impulse is the ultimate essence of all matter and all energy, therefore you might imagine matter in its different aspects as electrical in origin. As electricity is a manifestation of the Divine impulse, then the only Reality in the Universe is God.

We have learned to utilize this cosmic energy by getting into harmony with its origin--God--for only through God can true knowledge be obtained.

In your earth you have devised a very crude method for utilizing electrical energy. You expend more energy by burning coal or using water power than you derive from your electrical pump.  Your mashines do not generate electrical power, for, as stated before, you are immersed in an Infinite sea of energy.

On Mars we have learned to draw directly on this Infinite reservoir of energy. We have learned the law as you some day must.

Located at convenient points on our planet are high towers, capped with suitable receiving apparatus. In turn this energy is transmitted to different parts of our globe where it is used. We do not require wires to transmit energy. Our landscape is neither disfigured with unsightly wires, nor is it covered with a pall of black smoke. We devised a more perfect method of power production and transmission. *

* Ed. 1920 Footnote:
The "Electrical Experimenter" for March, 1920, printed the following item, written by Thomas W. Benson: "Recent developments tend to fulfill the old, old dream of power transmission without wires. For years men have labored in vain to transmit power without wires and thus solve a myriad of transportation problems, such as propelling vehicles, ships, trains, aircraft, etc., without having to include a source of power in their construction. It makes one's head almost reel to think of the possibilities in such an achievement and now the dream promises to come true. By one bold stroke an English genius, Mr. John Hettinger, has unthinkingly opened up the way for Its realization. Like numerous other inventions, the way lay before our very eyes, but we were all too blind to see it. While working on a means for transmitting radio waves without material aerials, Mr. Hettinger hit upon the idea of using ionized light beams as elevated conductors. Obviously simple when one thinks of it. It is a well known fact that an ionized gas is a conductor; in fact, the conductivity of a gas is a measure of its ionization. Furthermore, it is possible to ionize a gas by means of a stream of ultra violet rays. Working with these facts, Mr. Hettinger devised means to utilize them for radio transmission."
The relativity of time, space, motion and matter is an actuality brought to the attention of advanced students on Mars. An understanding of this truth exemplifies the unreality of the world of gross matter and the importance of gaining knowledge concerning spiritual truths; for the latter are the only real, tangible treasures worthy of one's efforts in their acquisition.  Already a knowledge of these truths is beginning to be sought for by some of the more spiritually enlightened inhabitants of your earth; but so immersed in the unreal things of life is the vast majority of your earth people that it will take a long time before the present seed-sowing, toward this end, will bear fruit. The seed-sowing referred to is the work of enlightenment now going on by a mighty group of spiritual intelligences who have, at the present day, in hand the task of spiritual reformation on your earth. Only truth can stand in the end.  All that is unreal, or false, must ultimately give way to truth, and Omniscience has willed that the day when error shall no more be hastened.

There are other planes of existence for the Spirit. Many of them, but they are simply extensions beyond your limited vision, for as long as you function in a world of unreality and error, your spiritual vision, capable of discerning what lies beyond your present horizon, must remain dormant.  Material eyes are but the windows of the soul, and your environment has so beclouded your vision that you grasp but little of the real things beyond.


Music An Expression of the Father

All material expressions of the Father, from the simplest chemical element to the most complex compound; from the one-celled protoplasmic life germ to the most complex organism, are vibratory in their ultimate nature.

As has been stated elsewhere in this book, material life is the vibratory reflection from the cause world into an effect world. The universe is a vibratory expression of an absolute reality--God; a material expression of Divine Harmony.  And as harmony is an expression of the Father, its antithesis, discord is the creation of Man.

Of all the vibrations that more fully express the Father, arouse the emotional within the soul, music must of necessity head the list.

Owing to man's degeneration or fall, on your earth, he has lost all receptibility to the more refined vibratory tones of the chromatic scale; tones intermediate in the scale.  For the same reason he has lost receptibility to intermediate vibrations in the color spectrum which has clouded or stultified his visional faculties. The long waves of the Infra red and the short waves of the Ultra violet ends of the spectrum are invisible to your earth's people except in rare cases of developed mediumship, although your photograph plates are somewhat sensitive to these vibrations.

You are immersed in commercialism and other selfish pursuits while all around you is a beautiful rainbow universe, vibrating with music too heavenly for your dulled perceptions to enjoy.

On Mars the development of the musical talent is held to be of primary importance. The laws of harmony are part of the curriculum of all schools and all necessary paraphernalia for its proper exposition are provided. We have instruments for measuring tone vibrations of so delicate a pitch that the existence of these tones would be a blank to the gross material ears of the inhabitants of your world.

Music arouses the innermost emotions of the soul and its effect on the individual is proportionate to his degree of spiritual development. Music is harmony, but it also creates an atmosphere of harmony.

The music of the spheres is a living reality, for harmony is the very essence of the Cosmos. By music of the spheres is meant the harmonious interrelation of all spiritual planes. Every unit in the universe is in perfect accord, one with the other, and all are functioning in perfect unison. Every solar orb and every planet, responds to harmonious law. The Cosmos as a whole is the expression of a Divine Symphony.

When man's spiritual progress has attained a degree of enfoldment entitling him to come into possession of his Divine heritage, then will the sublime vibrations of the spheres be a reality to him.

On Mars divers instruments are used for producing musical harmony, and much of this harmony, is of such a subtle nature that your crude instruments could not give expression to it.

We have a means of producing harmony of the highest order by utilizing ethereal electric vibration which produces light vibrations corresponding to tone production, (for true electric vibration is real music). This device resembles a series of globes, all transparent, colorless when not in action, but immediately they are allowed to produce music they become units of color and tone work that would give you the impression of seeing and hearing a rainbow simultaneously. You are not ready to receive the scientific explanation of this phenomenon as yet but we are ready to give it to you any time.

Singing is also highly developed on our planet, for it is the first expression of harmony that the child is taught. This is true for the reason that vocal music is the most natural expression of harmonious vibrations.

Much time is devoted to ensemble work among our people of all ages. This chorus work is of great benefit to all partaking, for individually and collectively much inspiration is received and the tremendous love-force loosed by this united expression of harmony becomes a phenomenal power and stimulus--a purifying agent for soul and body. This will help you to realize why disease is unknown to us.

In the development of the musical talents of the individual on Mars, the pupil is impressed with the necessity of expressing the true self, and the original improvisation or composition is the method by which the pupil expresses his understanding of the subject. No one attempts to ape the technique or genius of another, for on Mars all are geniuses. This is true in every form of activity. All must be creators to express individuality.

When an individual on Mars has surpassed all others in some special expression of Divine Harmony the product of his genius is for the benefit of all, hence copyrights and patents are unknown on our planet.


Aeronautics, Inhabited Planets, Sectarianism

A great deal of interest is being manifested in your city this morning (April 25, 1920), over the aeronautical show. You imagine the flying machines wonderful mechanisms; but in their present state they will not lift you out of your atmosphere. You have yet to perfect a real airship.

Your Flying machines are cumbersome and awkward, and they consume lots of fuel and make a deal of noise. It can hardly be said they are harmonious with the music of the spheres, but then it is only a sample of your earth's development.

You have seen the seagulls soar over the water seemingly without motion; and yet they go up and down, turning this way and that without effort?  This is the best idea I can give you of our airships, which really soar. No sound; no discordant vibrations disturb the quiet of the Martian atmosphere, and the tranquility of the Mars people.

When you have learned the secret--of how to tap the universal reservoir of cosmic power--then will you evolve a perfect flying machine, such as we have.

A great deal of interest is also being centered on an attempt to signal Mars, but you are not ready for it yet [1920]. Your methods are inadequate.  Your apparatus is not fine enough to receive our waves, but success will come to you in another decade and we will be able to get something through for your scientific world.

It is gratifying to know that a large portion of your population entertain the belief that Mars is inhabited: and also, that the possibilities point to the fact that other planets are inhabited. You have advanced a long way to come to that belief, but you are yet a long way from the truth. You are on the eve of an awakening and much will come through the discoveries of scientists who are devoting their lives to the study of truth. It is true that only a few of that number are bold enough to proclaim all they discover, and they must bear the brunt of much harsh criticism, but in the end ignorance must give way to light.

We look upon your inventions with much amusement, and yet, with great interest, just as you would look upon your children's finest toys. We are much older than you and are doing all we can to help your scientists by impressing them with thoughts that will lead them to discover new truths, and our interest never flags.  How could it if we do the Father's work?  For it is the Father's great pleasure to give his children all they can receive.

If you could cut loose from your world conventions and could perceive new ideas; if you would but disregard man-made theories and open your minds and souls to the Father's revelations, it would not be long before your sin-cursed and forsaken earth would be changed into a paradise.

But the tendency among you is to think as your forefathers thought rather than cut new paths. However, your children of this generation are of a different sort, and they must be taught the importance of developing the spiritual intellect. There is more individualism being born into the world today than ever before. There are fewer children, but they are stronger.

The children, with their originality and esoteric tendencies will bring on a revolution on your that will end by destroying your tread bare dogmatism. This tendency is evidenced by the recent failure of the inter-church movement. It has been the habit on your planet that you cannot accomplish anything without raising immense sums of money.  It is not money that does the real work but rather personal service. People are inclined to give anything  but personal service. If each one lived the Christ life there would be no need of money. A close study of the Martian economic system will demonstrate this truth.



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