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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923

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Along with THE  PLANET  MARS  book on this page, do see Cora L.V. Richmond's book: MY EXPERIENCES WHILE OUT OF MY BODY AND MY RETURN AFTER MANY DAYS;  click. PART II. read after 1/2 way thro.. Cora published only PART I. of this work in 1915, soon after having her Out-of-Body Experiences.  During the six days while out of her body,  Cora was shown by her Guardian the work by a Martian with other embodied Martians here on earth--a work for a near future presentation of this book below: THE PLANET MARS AND ITS INHABITANTS.  Cora therefore witnessed this Martian preparation a few years before the  N. California, Alameda County Judge, J.L. Kennon began receiving this work. This could be the reason that Cora did not allow PART II. of MY EXPERIENCES to be published until right after her death in January 1923; allowing no interference to be caused to the MARS futuristic spiritual, stand-alone work until it was safely published in February 1922.  On reading the work, it becomes clear, this is a glimpse of our spiritual destiny where decadent lower Spiritualism of today will be left behind when  'All KNOWLEDGE OF GOD COMES FROM WITHIN'  (see Chapter VIII).



"When an individual on Mars has surpassed all others in some special expression of Divine Harmony the product of his genius is for the benefit of all, hence rights and patents are unknown on our planet."

All knowledge of God should come from within and not through the instrumentality of imperfect individuals, such as your religious teachers are.--Your sectarian church systems are a hindrance to the proper spiritual development of the individual. These systems engender an element of pendability on the individual which holds back his spiritual enfoldment and perverts his true individuality [ed;'Cult'], which must grow and unfold before real progress upwards begins.--Mars has no Church system and no Ecclesiastical Hierarchy. All Martians recognize and worship one God, the Eternal Father. Each individual is taught from infancy to seek God through the doors of his own soul, which is an institutional faculty possessed by everyone.

"The earth and Mars are approximately on the same orbital plane, so the constellations along the zodiacal belt will appear to be the same on both planets"--  "As seen from Mars, earth is an inferior planet, never straying far from the sun."



BY IROS URIDES, (a Martian)

Written Down and Edited by J. L. Kennon


Faithfully Copied From The Original Book

"On the top of a small plateau, forming the crown of a low 
lying hill at the base of one of the highest mountains, and 
about 1500 feet from the shore line, I was startled to see 
a large city. The thousands of closely nestling buildings 
seemed to be built of white stone."  See Chapter VII.

Being a Comprehensive Outline of the Planet's Physical Features, Which Includes Its Geographic, Topographic and Meteorologic Aspects; a History of Its People  and the Plan of Their Utopian, Industrial and Economic System of their Knowledge concerning our Theories of Relativity, Constitution of Matter, Inter atomic and  Cosmic Energy, Electricity, Hyper space, Neutralization of Gravity; including a History of the Spiritual Progress of the People of Mars and Christ's Visit to their Planet Ten Thousand Years Ago.
To the millions of God's children on this earth enthralled in darkness, for whom the solicitude of the Father is
now in evidence, this book is dedicated. May it be a beacon to light the way of the weary searchers after Truth.
One hemisphere of Mars showing the North Polar Cap and the main Canal System covering the Planet. The many thousands of small lateral canals, radiating from the larger waterways, and which form an important part of the general plan, have been purposely omitted from the above to avoid confusion. The circular spots, and dots, are the principal reservoirs used for Impounding water for use during the long Martian summer. The dark areas shown in the drawing are Mar's ancient sea bottoms now covered with vegetation. It will be observed that most of the canals are double, paralleling each other at a distance of about seventy five miles. Centers of population are not shown for the reason that space is not available on so small a drawing. The City of Urid, (see front piece) is situated adjacent to the reservoir in the center of drawing, just north of the equator.


By the Editor

I am to write this book, not as the real author, but as the amanuensis of one who almost two thousand years ago, trod the soil of this terrestrial globe. It is with a new found joy in my heart that I indite this, the beginning of a wonderful revelation concerning God's infinite universe. But the joy is made more manifest to me in the knowledge of having found Christ, not through listening to the vain mutterings from the pulpits in edifices made by hands, but through the love and gentle teachings of Him, who has sent his ministers of light to me, and led me into knowledge of the life everlasting by giving me daily, guidance in all the details of this earth life and its complexities. In finding Christ I have found all worth living for, the expression of real life, which includes among its manifold blessings, health and contentment.

What a strange road I have followed to come to the feet of Him who gave up His life on Calvary that man might win back his lost birthright, the inheritance of God's kingdom. Since childhood days Christianity, to me, has been an illusion; Christ a figment of the imagination, and God, the Creator, an abstract First Cause, whose existence was against reason, but who was postulated by necessity.  But man's extremity is God's opportunity, and in my great hour of need, the light of His countenance shone upon my sickened soul and body, creating newness of life within and healing my disease.

The Father's angels are all ministering spirits, sent to minister unto them that believe on Him, (Hebrews 1:14) and I have been well taken care of by them. There is one who has had supervision over my case, and he is the one referred to in the first line of this writing. He has also had supervision in a general way over the writing of this book.

My mentor's name is given to me as Gaston Sergius. He came into my life at a time when hope had fled and the demons of despair had seized my soul for their own.

It was in 1915 that I fell and sustained a serious injury to my spine. For many months (thirty) I was confined in a hospital and my home, suffering the most intense agony. Although I received the best of medical attention my life was despaired of by my family, as the specialists and physicians maintained that a cure was impossible. Daily doses of morphine were the only alleviation for the excruciating and constant agony. It is not my purpose to go into details concerning my affliction as that phase of my experience may be the theme for another book sometime in the future, but suffice it to say that my co-worker in the presentation of this volume to the public is the sensitive through whom Sergius and my young son, who had passed over some years previously, sought to reach me with a message of hope to the effect that a cure was possible, through the Great Physician's healing forces.

The cure was wrought and it was by this means that I came into conscious contact with the Father's ministers in general and with this one, Sergius, in particular. As a result of this fellowship I have modified my entire conception of life here and in the hereafter.

The telepathic and subconscious theories will not explain the experiences that I have had, and the spiritualistic hypothesis is the only one tenable. Some maintain that the only influences that man can communicate with, are diabolical. In this respect I merely ask the reader to apply the orchard test: "By their fruits ye shall know them." I am sure you will agree that a marvelous work of reconstruction, such as I have experienced in regaining health, could not be accomplished by the forces of destruction.

Much philosophy has been presented to me concerning the life hereafter, by those glorified spirits having charge of my development, all of which is in consistent agreement with the teachings of the Prince of Peace. The one idea around which all of Sergius' teachings centralize is Love.  This element is everything; the cohesive principle of the universe. Christ came to earth with a message of love, the disciples followed Him for love, and there is no other correct principle for society than the commandment Christ gave that was to supplant all the law and the prophets: "That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." (John 13:34.) Love is the universal solvent, the panacea for all ill; in fact, man's final emancipation from sin, disease and poverty will come only through love.

The root of all evil is selfishness, the antithesis of Love. "He that sayeth he is in the light, and
hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is no occasion of stumbling in him. But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because the darkness hath blinded his eyes."   (I John 2:9-11.)

It was because the Father loved even me, that he sent to me patient and gentle teachers to direct my mind into proper channels during the time I was suffering physical pain, but I feel I must state here now that I could not receive His love until I believed on His Son, for this is irrevocable law, and applies to all alike. Upon one occasion when I complained of severe pain, Sergius said:

"Be patient and suffer, it will not be for long. Remember Christ suffered; I was pulled apart on the rack for the faith." That this Sergius is a true disciple, as well as the other constructive influences that have enveloped my being in the Father's love, has been evidenced to me on many occasions, and every instance has also shown that their love extends in all directions for humanity.

On one occasion when I was conjuring up pictures of the long months of suffering I had endured, Sergius said: "To think of the past is poison for the soul; think of the present only." This reminded me forcibly of Paul's writings: "Look not at the things that are behind thee, but ever keep thy face turned towards the things that are before thee and run thy course with patience."

And again, when I expressed a desire for more knowledge on scientific subjects I received this answer: "Get God's book into your heart, and all knowledge will be yours."

It is not the purpose of this book to incorporate all that has been gleaned from the other plane concerning the Cosmic scheme, and I will now confine my attention to the subject matter of this volume.

From the beginning of my communication with Sergius, he has dropped hints and information concerning life on the planet Mars, but it was not until recently, January 4, 1920, [2005Ed.exactly 3 years before Cora Richmond's passing from earth.]  that any definite information about the subject was received. Some days previous to this date, messages were received by the medium and myself to the effect that commencing on the above date a book would be written in which the planet Mars, its people, form of government, arts, industries, philosophy of life, etc., would, for the first time in the history of this world, be given.

At the time this foreword was written, January 31, 1920, three sittings had been held and the book started. The information so far given concerning Mars is somewhat meager, but my faith in my Master is such that I feel certain a wonderful revelation is coming.

The medium through whom these messages of Mars have come, knows nothing of astronomy and has never read anything concerning Mars. This statement is made in anticipation of any claim in which the subconscious theory might be invoked in order to explain the source of information. The subject matter contained in this volume was received through the medium while in a trance state. The messages were taken down in shorthand by myself. As I followed court reporting for some years in the past, I was competent to take the dictation. As Sergius has explained, the dictation came direct from a disincarnated intelligence of Mars and he, Sergius, acted as the supervising force. The sittings usually lasted about three quarters of an hour. At the beginning Sergius warned us that the medium must be held for only a short time in trance, for the reason that she must necessarily experience the atmosphere of Mars, which is much more rarefied than ours and would therefore suffer some inconvenience. This proved to be very true as the Medium seemed to have some difficulty, and, at first, much pain in breathing while in the trance state.

The statements made in this book concerning Mars will have to be taken by the reader on their face value. This volume was not written as a scientific proof of the existence of intelligences external to ourselves, or as a conclusive proof of the existence of intelligent life on Mars. The writer is convinced of the truth of the revelations contained herein and will rest on that declaration.

The last part of the volume is devoted to a statement concerning what has been discovered about the planet Mars by the late Percival Lowell, who devoted his entire life to a study of this planet. The data has been gleaned from the three volumes written by Dr. Lowell, vis: "MARS," "MARS AND ITS CANALS," and "MARS, AN ABODE OF LIFE". The purpose of presenting this data is to show the wonderful agreement between what Dr. Lowell actually saw with his telescope and the information presented through the entranced Medium, who, as we have previously stated, had never received any information from any source upon the subject.


 By the Medium

During the time that the information given in this book was being received and more especially after all the chapters had been transcribed, much in the way of special guidance and instruction was received regarding the compiling, arranging, etc., of the subject matter. This is in accordance with the words of the Master: "Not a sparrow falleth but the Father knoweth." Those who have had the work in hand of making this book a concrete form have been ever conscious of the Father's solicitude in every detail. Some of these specific instances will be recorded in the following paragraphs.

When the Editor had finished writing the chapter on "Clairvoyant Visions of Mars" (Chapter VII) the following message was given: "You have done well with your 'Visions'. We will give you more. Dwell more on the spiritual atmosphere with everything you write. The electrical vibratory atmosphere manifests everywhere with Divine Life. Have your mind realize it and understand it in a way that it will permeate all colors; all guides and controls; all manifestations that you see. This atmosphere has been attained through spiritual growth. We desire that you dwell on this point throughout all details of the work. You should not be so much concerned with effects as with causes, for some effects are very misleading. We are ever ready to help you when you desire it. Have this always in view: That the Father's work will be done and that it will be taken care of in the proper way. You should rest in that assurance."

When questions about the arrangement of the chapters came up, the following was received:

"In compiling the book you will first take up the physical features as they are at the present time on Mars, and necessarily will follow an explanation as to how these matters were accomplished; how the Martian's spiritual development made these physical changes possible. Then the activities, industrial life, home relations, etc. Give first the picture of life as it is lived on the planet and immediately follow with the causes, the real causes back of this beautiful life.  Remember, as we have already told you, that the cause back of these conditions on Mars, is the spiritual unfoldment of its people, attained by living in Truth and performing the Father's will. Keeping this thought in view, the material you have will fall into its proper place when you arrange the chapters. We are all as anxious as you are to see this work finished and we will give you as much help as you are able to receive. Make your material work a little easier and less exhausting and then you will have more strength to do this work which is in accordance with His will."

When the work of editing the copy began the following message was given:

"The chapters are complete with the exception of only a few details to brighten the story. It is not the fault of you that it has a strain of coldness in it. We had decided to make it purely scientific, but the minds of your people are not in a highly developed state.  Of course, we slightly emphasized that throughout the trances. Your people do not like to think that a genuine state of Utopian existence on our planet Mars is an actuality."

At last when it became time to think of publishing this work, the first problem that came to mind was the name of the work and also whose names should be given credit for it. This was quickly settled as follows: "On the planet Mars the inhabitants are not concerned with a mere name. A man or woman, when writing beautiful thoughts and putting them into book form, is not concerned over the name so much as getting the book close to the hearts of the ones that need it." The Medium stated that she did not care to have her name published and this was followed by: "Why should you care to have your name published when you know that the Father knows your worth?" So the matter was settled satisfactorily for all concerned with that result that you have already become acquainted with, in reading the title page.

CHAPTERS  I -- VI   See Below


FOREWORD By the Editor

PREFACE By the Medium

The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants.  A Martian

Populations Centers, Temperature, Climate

The Martian Canal System

Planetary Economy

Property and Property Rights

Distribution of Commodities


Clairvoyant Visions of Mars

Knowledge of God Comes From Within

Mars has No Political System

Mars Is Ruled by Love

Education and Training of the Individual

Education and Training of the Individual  (Cont'd.) Vocational Determination,
School Age, Marriage and Science

Music An Expression of the Father

Aeronautics, Inhabited Planets, Sectarianism


Life An Attribute of the Entire Universe. Jupiter

The Risen Christ (Consciousness)

Physical Environment the Result of Spiritual Causes.

Material Life a Lesson

A Martian Home


Scientific Sophistry



The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants. A Martian

Years ago, as you measure time, I was an inhabitant of Mars, I was an inhabitant of Mars, your sister planet.  My name is Eros Urides (the latter signifying "of Urid")  but a physical name is only an incidental in one's life. In the Spirit world we are given a name in accordance with our spiritual qualities and gifts and the kind of work we do.

I came into material being as the fruit of the sacred union of my parents. It is not necessary to say aught concerning their social status, for on Mars all who unfold into a material expression of the Father are equal. Equal in rank, station, and in possession of the material fruits of earth.

After my education had been completed I was, in accordance with the Martian system of scientifically determining one's rightful vocation, assigned as overseer to a section of one of the main canals supplying moisture from the North Polar cap to an impounding reservoir near the city of Urid, the place of my birth.

I was in the 36th year (Martian reckoning) of my physical life on the planet when my transition occurred, which event was the result of my inability to observe, one night, warning signals sent out from a central station, advising the eve of a tremendous drop in temperature. This occurred in the Martian autumn, and I succumbed to the intense cold. I was not married, so I left no immediate family except my parents, brothers and sisters.

I have come to your earth to give your inhabitants some idea of the idealistic life lived by your more advanced brothers. I use the term idealistic in a relative way only, for in God's universe the degrees of material progress of His children are infinite in number.

In giving this information to the inhabitants of your world I have been assisted by the spirits of many former wise children of your earth.

The purpose of the information which I am about to impart to your people is mainly to stimulate and hasten into material expression the reign of God's kingdom on your earth.

Many will reject this information, but it is God's truth nevertheless. But on the other hand, many of God's children now functioning on your planet will accept the statements as true and, they will be helped and encouraged in their hard struggle for material existence.  This struggle, unequal as it is, is the result of darkness engendered by the loss of faith in God.

Man's faith in his Creator, in the ages preceding your present era of darkness, was sublime. Man's attitude towards, and his confidence in the promises of God was as the faith of a child to its parents, whom it has always trusted. But selfishness has gained the upper hand, and is now man's master on your earth. To break the chains now binding man to self is the purpose of God's holy emissaries, who have descended from high spiritual spheres to your earth to teach and show men the way out of bondage. They will succeed, for Omniscience has commanded it. It is under their direction that I am now contributing my little part in this movement.

I am only too glad to have been able to give the information contained in this book, and I also appreciate the assistance of all those on your earth plane who so willingly assisted; but of course we are all obeying the Father's command.

As life is an attribute of the entire universe, the material aspect of all God's creations are the same. That is, life on another planet must be thought of as being no different from what experience teaches you.

All inspiration comes from the Father. Hence, the degree of a race's advancement in point of civilization is in proportion to its spiritual enfoldment.

Therefore the material aspect of life, which includes God's evolutionary and non-evolutionary* creatures, is the same on every habitable globe in limitless space.      (*or the lower animals)

In telling the story of Mars you must be prepared to believe that, from a physical point of view, the Martians are just human beings, differing little from the people of your earth.

The same may be said concerning the activities of life enjoyed by all of God's creatures. Martians work and have their recreations. They enjoy the fruits of their earth just as you do the fruits of yours. They have invented labor-saving machinery and, indulge in a multitude of industrial pursuits, but with this difference: their economic system is such that the life of the Martian is not the struggle for existence you have created on your earth. On the contrary, it is a pleasurable life in which work is as much enjoyed as is recreation. This condition is due to two causes. First, Mars is much farther advanced as a world in its evolutionary career. Second, The Spiritual enfoldment of its inhabitants is proportionately advanced.

As the Divine Plan is universal in its scope the physical characteristics of Mars, compared to your earth, are, in a general way, the same, with the exceptions shown later in this book.

The inhabitants of Mars enjoy a blue sky, mountains, hills, rocks and dells, clouds, beautiful sunsets, and in fact most of the physical phenomena witnessed by the dwellers of your earth.

The Martians live and have their being just as your people do, but they are surrounded by a different spiritual and a modified physical environment.

They take pleasure in music, art and the study of physical science, but with this difference: the spiritual growth and enfoldment of the individual is considered as most important, and all material advancement as only an aid to ultimate ends.

With main points in view the reader can now readily comprehend the real Martian character, although it may be a disappointment to many who have imagined the inhabitants of Mars as physically different from themselves, or perhaps, as semi spiritual entities, who have possibly been transplanted from other worlds to undergo a sort of probationary life amid a paradise of beautiful things.


Populations Centers, Temperature, Climate

Although Mars is little more than half as large as your earth, its diameter being 4,200 miles, it contains a larger area of habitable land than the latter, its surface area being approximately 212,000,000 square miles as against 51,000,000 miles for your earth. Hence our globe supports a larger population about 13,160,000,000 people. Your population is in the neighborhood of 1,645,000,000. Your land area is 161,000,000 square miles less than the land area of Mars. This is for the reason that your oceans occupy a vast surface of your earth, and Mars has no oceans, the same having dried up ages ago. Consequently almost the entire surface of our planet (with the exception of some small areas covered with swamps, remnants of ancient seas and oceans, and portions of the extreme northerly and southerly polar caps) is utilized by the Martian inhabitants.

Our planet is grid ironed with canals, many hundreds of the main ones being observable through your telescopes, and the art of intensive farming is practiced by us to a degree of perfection never dreamed of by the dwellers of your earth.

Our winters, even in the Equatorial regions are severe, the temperatures at times descending to as low as 80 degrees below zero. However, our springs, summers, and autumns are mild and nearly twice as long as your seasons, for the Martian year is 687 days long. We grow and mature many crops of necessary cereals, fruits and vegetables during the spring and summer months, so that want is never felt by our happy people.

Our method of irrigation is somewhat different from that practiced in the arid portions of your earth. We do not, except in a few instances, flood our lands as you do. Owing to the fact that our atmosphere is much lighter than yours, the normal air pressure being only about 8 pounds to the square inch as against 15 pounds on your earth, evaporation is very rapid, and the dew fall, as a consequence of much moisture being in the air, is very great.

This heavy humidity also tends to prevent radiation of heat, and the temperature at night does not drop exceedingly low, although frost is not uncommon even in summer. As our vegetation is acclimated and adapted to our environment no damage is done to growing crops by reason of these frosts.

The Martians experience no difficulty in living in a rarefied atmosphere. Neither have they abnormally developed lungs. God has made ample provision for the comfort of His creatures throughout all of His infinite creations, and we of Mars are not excepted from this Fatherly care and love.

Should an inhabitant of your earth be suddenly transported to Mars he could live but a few minutes, for the reason that his lungs could not assimilate enough oxygen from our light atmosphere.

Economy is a science with us.  Nothing is wasted.  Every possible square inch of ground produces food for man or beast. Even the north and south Arctic regions, after their seasonal thaws blossom forth with vegetal growth, as astronomers on your earth have observed. These regions produce their quota of food by being utilized as pasturage for our cattle. Immense amounts of forage are also gathered for the long Martian winters, when a greater portion of either the north or south hemisphere is covered with a mantle of snow.

The equatorial regions are always pleasant. No severe wind storms are experienced on Mars; neither do we have lightning or other magnetic disturbances such as you experience.

As a corollary to the tranquility of our inhabitants living in peace, love and harmony, and the truths of God expressed in our every day living, the climate is mild, the atmosphere clear and beautiful, the sky serene and sapphire-blue: the severest winds but gentle zephyrs wafted towards the equator from the more remote portion of our globe. Cloudy skies are rare and rainstorms few.

There is no lack of God's gifts on Mars. As intensive farming is a necessity on our planet, plant food or fertilizing elements are plentiful. One of the large white circular spots observed by your astronomers, located in a region on Mars named by them Elysium, and which has been a puzzle to all observers, is an immense deposit of fertilizing chemicals. An immense well is located in this particular spot which gushes forth a never ending saline solution, highly impregnated with sodium nitrate, potash and other salts. The country for many miles around is covered with a white precipitate which has been carried by the moist air and deposited on the Martian earth. These chemical compounds are refined and used to replenish the soil with plant food.

There are 153,000 centers of population on Mars, but these centers are not congested cities similar to those on your earth. Every individual has plenty of room to thrive and develop the best within him.

Our cities are not crowded and our buildings are beautiful in their simplicity; large and roomy, with an abundance of sunlight and ample ventilation. White marble and metals, such as you use, are employed for building purposes.  The inhabitants congregate in centers and, owing to our more perfect methods of transportation, go forth daily to their tasks in field or factory, to return at the end of their allotted period of industrial activity to house and fireside.


The Martian Canal System

The Canal system on Mars is comparatively new. The idea of constructing a planetary Canal system had its incipiency at the time of Christ's visit to our planet. The Master warned the people that they must make provision for their future water supply. At that time (10,000 years ago) the water supply was becoming noticeably scarcer as time went on. It was nearly 3,000 years after the Master's mission to Mars had been concluded that actual construction of the Planetary Canal system was undertaken, and during the intervening 7,000 years and up to the present time, construction on the public waterways has continued.  At the present day the system is most complete, but constant work is required to keep the canals in working order. In addition to the gigantic Canal system, provision had to be made for suitable reservoirs to impound the water after the seasonal thaws at the poles. To this end immense reservoirs were constructed at most canal intersections. In some instances the reservoirs are established between parallel canals; but in every case smaller canals, or laterals, always intersect at these points.

Many of the canals on Mars are double, as they appear to your astronomers. These double waterways parallel each other at a distance of about 75 miles. The reason for this is that as the Martian population is absolutely dependent upon the Polar waters to irrigate their crops, any accident to a canal, such as a landslide stopping the regular flow of water, or the breaking of a lock or gate, would mean a very serious calamity to a great number of people, and for that reason, soon after the main canals were constructed, second and parallel waterways were made for the purpose of guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of water from the Poles to the Equatorial regions, with the result that on many occasions the foresight of the Martian engineers, having the water supply of the planet in charge, saved immense areas from drought. The rainfall on Mars is almost nil and the immense population (eight times larger than that of your earth) is entirely dependent on the water supply from the melting polar caps. Water on Mars is a most precious fluid and there is none to waste. Our oceans evaporated ages ago, and outside of the precipitation of moisture at the poles in the form of snow, none is to be had anywhere else on the planet except in very meager quantities.

The astronomer Lowell of your earth, who made a life study of our planet, called these reservoirs "Oases," but he was mistaken in his theory. He concluded that these points, which appear as round disks in the telescope, were centers of population. This conclusion is erroneous. The centers of population on Mars are scattered over the entire planet regardless of the position of the so-called "Oases." It is quite true,  that owing to the rapid evaporation of water in the comparatively thin atmosphere of Mars, the dew fall for quite a radius from the center of the reservoirs is considerable, with the result that vegetation springs up, giving the "Oases" the appearance of a diameter of about 75 miles. The reservoirs are about 60 miles across and hold millions of gallons of water.

The same explanation may be given of the Canals. The dew fall on each side is extensive, and the vegetal growth which extends the full length of the water ways,  which in some cases extend for thousands of miles, is most prolific.

The water in the canals, in most instances, is distributed by gravity, but recourse is had to a lock system and to immense pumps for raising the water to proper levels.

The gates of the lock system and the pumps are operated by electricity, the control of which energy is well understood by us. In fact, we are centuries ahead of your earth people in the knowledge of the use of electro magnetic energy. More will be given on the subject of electricity in another chapter.

Another source of mystery to your astronomers has been the appearance of triangular dark spots at the origin of some of the Martian canals. These have been referred to by your astronomer Lowell as "Carets," named so by reason of their peculiar shape. These so-called "Carets" are the thoughtful provision for the impounding of a season's supply of water. In other words they are in part a lock system for raising water to the level of some of the main canals, and embrace also a prodigious pumping system.  These so-called "Carets," as the telescope will show, are located at the edge of some of what appear to you as very dark areas on our planet. These dark areas are Mars' old sea bottoms, and in many instances have been utilized by our engineers as natural reservoirs for water. Their convenient location near the Poles has provided ideal facilities for the preservation of an adequate supply of water.

The construction of Mars' gigantic Canal system, planetary in its extent, might seem to your earth people an impossible task; and it might prove so to your earth dwellers should you undertake a similar project in the ages to come when your seas dry up, but it must be remembered that gravity on Mars, compared with your earth, is as 38  to 100. Excavations of large waterways then becomes a comparatively easy task. We have no high mountains on Mars; in fact, none exceeding 3,000 feet in altitude. Owing to the difference in gravity the angle of repose on Mars is nearly acute as against 45 degrees on your  earth, which permits of almost perpendicular walls to the canals and lessens the danger of landslides and cave ins, but above all the biggest advantage enjoyed by us in the construction of large public enterprises, such as are embraced by our canal system, is the solidarity and unity of purpose on the part of the Martian people. As Love rules our planet no internal dissension, or public misunderstanding, exists among its people to retard any necessary undertaking for the good of all.

It is lamentable that the dwellers on your earth are divided against one another. Not only are your false ideals of racial, sociological and religious distinctions a bar to your spiritual and material progress, but your political and economic falsities are as millstones around your necks which will ultimately lead you to destruction unless you, as a people, retrace your steps and go back to the pathway pointed out by Christ the Master, 2000 years ago, when He came to your earth with a message from the Most High. The pathway is love, which leads to a true understanding of God and the Kingdom referred to by Christ.

The Martian canals, as telescopic observation will prove in almost all cases, follow straight lines. When necessary mountains have been cut through down to a proper level. Where the canals cross depressions or old sea bottoms, immense aqueducts have been constructed of solid stone and concrete in such a manner that the water, in most cases, flows to its destination by gravity.

That this has been a stupendous task may be more readily imagined when it is known that the width of the main canals averages from one to twenty miles. This announcement might seem to many unreasonable, but it must be remembered that the volume of water distributed over 212,000,000 square miles of territory is immense.

You might ask where this large volume of water comes from?

The polar caps during the Martian winter extend down nearly to the equator, and cover about five sevenths of the planet's surface when at maximum, and as the snowfall averages from six inches at the edge of the caps to 50 feet at and near the actual poles, some idea may be gained of the amount of moisture taken care of by these artificial waterways. Ten feet of snow will make 12 inches of water, so there exists on Mars an ample supply for all purposes.

Ed. 1920 NOTE--The question as to why many of the Martian canals germinate has been a perplexing one to our astronomers. Lowell observed that many of the main canals germinated a short time after the commencement of the Martian summer and for a time it was thought that the phenomena might be an optical illusion, and the latter theory was considered seriously by some observers until the double canals were actually photographed at the Flagstaff Observatory, but the cause of the doubling was never solved until the receipt of these revelations.)

Planetary Economy

What a misnomer to refer to Mars as the one planet of out entire system typifying war.  It is true that Mars is a red planet for its red soil gives it the aspect in a striking manner, but of all the planets in this system, none have reached the stage of spiritual and altruistic advancement attained by the Martians.  Carnal strife among the people of Mars is unthought of, and even the remote idea of human beings killing one another for territorial or commercial supremacy passed out of  the minds of our people at a time that might well be called the twilight of Martian history, for Mars never had its Cain and Abel.

It is true that the life, and the immutable law of evolution, is an attribute of all of God's infinite creations, and necessarily the code of the jungle, the law of tooth and claw, was part of Mars' cosmic growth, but this applies, in Mars' case, to only the non-spiritual evolutionary creatures of this planet, the animal kingdom.  But the law of the jungle was a long time ago;  yes a million years ago, abrogated on Mars and for that reason the fauna, as well as the flora of this planet has passed under the dominance of man.  Mars has no wild animals or noxious plants.  They became extinct, just as  they are becoming extinct on your planet, ages ago.  The extinction of wild animals and useless plants is necessary as a matter of planetary economy, when a race has reached a certain evolutionary stage.

On Mars nothing is wasted.  Every square inch of its 212,000,000 square miles of area is utilized for some useful purpose.  Economy is a virtue long cultivated on the Planet Mars. On your earth you waste more than you use, not only in food but in the fruits of the earth. You are using up your resources at a tremendous rate, and some day you must pay the penalty. Witness the wanton destruction of your beautiful forests, the depletion of your coal beds and crude oil deposits. All this waste is the result of lack of Spiritual guidance; a gross materialism: an inordinate selfish greed. Instead of laying up Spiritual treasures you are worshiping at the altar of Mammon. Ultimately you will find your hoardings nothing but tarnished brass, an illusion leading you on to Spiritual destruction.

With the Martians the incentive to live is to express life and be in harmony with the Creator; to develop spiritually and build for Eternity. On Mars each one strives to live for his brother to the end that all may inherit the promised Kingdom when yet in the physical being.  With the people of Mars commercialism is unknown, for no one works for profit.  The products of the toil of all the inhabitants are for the public larder, from which all derive the necessary substance to sustain life.

As a natural result of this system of public economy and industrialism, sweat-shops, child labor, poor houses, public reformatories, and the long list of pernicious and iniquitous customs in vogue on your earth are unknown on our planet.

No worries mar the life of the people of Mars. Worry has no place in the Martian mind. The wants of all are supplied by the Commonwealth, and each one contributes his best efforts to the common good, and in return each individual is supplied his every want. This is in accordance with Christ's message:

"Take no thought, saying, What shall we eat?  or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.  But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no though for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself."


Property and Property Rights

On Mars all property is considered as belonging to God, its Creator, who provided it for the enfoldment and comfort of His creatures. No individual lays claim to property in the sense that you earth dwellers do.

Through God's love does man inhabit a portion of the material universe, but only for a season. Man comes into material being to express life and acquire an individuality, after which he passes out of material bondage, when his place is taken by another.

At man's transition he takes with him only character, nothing else. If the things he has striven for during his material life have been but chimeras;  the material things of life; the fruits of the earth; then, in that case he will find himself poor indeed. The only real wealth; the only thing worth striving for, is a knowledge of God and His Kingdom, and with us Martians, a knowledge of God is the ultimate goal sought for. Hence all material things to the Martian are but expedients, soon to be forgotten.

Material wealth is an abstraction. Its usual evidence is the possession of property, which may be money, land, goods or chattels, as the case may be. In final analysis this concrete evidence of wealth is not real.

Money is nothing more or less than a stamped token entitling the possessor to so much human effort, for the real value behind money, after all, is but so much human energy or force, varying according to its quality and its worth.

Other forms of property such as goods and chattels, are the result of human endeavor and may be secured by the exchange of money, or it may be produced by the owner.

Wealth represented by lands, which were created by God for the benefit of all humanity, and not for the individual, is the so-called right, secured by barter, exchange or inheritance, to use or withhold from use, at the caprice of the owner of a certain piece or portion of the planet. Under a legal fiction the title to land extends to the center of the earth and to infinity in an opposite direction!

The test: "Thou shalt earn thy bread by the sweat of thy brow" has a deep significance to one who has come into a knowledge of Truth. Drones have no place in the Divine Plan. It is not only essential but mandatory, that each one do his part for the common good. The non producing rich man is as much a drone as is the vagabond who neither toils nor spins. The Biblical test concerning the difficulty of the rich man getting into heaven means that it is impossible for a drone or parasite to get into harmony with God.  The possession of wealth is not in itself sinful, but the possession of wealth is a corollary to selfishness. He who is unselfish will spurn wealth. The individual who accumulates beyond his needs sins against Heaven when he locks up his goods in strong boxes. The act of hoarding deprives some creature of his just portion, for God has planned there should be sufficient for all who make the effort, and a system that permits an unequal distribution of God's gifts is in opposition to the Divine Plan, and doubly pernicious is a church organization that permits it.

Only after Christ has taken up His abode in the hearts of the people of your earth will surcease come to the suffering millions on your planet.

Happiness and selfishness are so diametrically opposed that the former is impossible unless the latter is eliminated from your world, for only real happiness comes after complete surrender to God. Surrender to God means subordination to His will. His will on earth must be done as it is in Heaven. All must be self conscious of this. If God's will was adhered to on your earth what a different place it would be! Instead of a shambles it would be a paradise, the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God a fact instead of the dream of a few.

God loves all His creatures, both evolutionary and non evolutionary. His love is infinite in extent. We are all His children. Everything has been provided for us. It is only man's selfishness that deprives any creature of his just dues. Man suffers want on account of his lack of faith in God! Before man lost his faith in God he walked and communed with angels. He could do it now if he would but listen to the Voice Within, if he would only open his heart to Christ, for help is ready whenever one asks for it in sincerity and faith.

One of the sources of great injustice to the majority of the inhabitants of your earth is the belief in the dogma of Divine Right. This dogma includes not only the absurdity of the Divine Right of kings, but the Divine Right to the ownership of goods and land through the Creator's favoritism for a few.

This dogma is the mother of untold misery and suffering. Out of this ungodly theory has evolved your shameful caste system; your shameful economic ideas.

Your ancient feudal system of government has been but little improved upon today over its primitive status, for you still draw well defined lines of class distinction between God's children, lines of demarcation based on wealth and natal origin. With your inhabitants, communal standing and social distinction is proportionate to the wealth of the possessor, or to the wealth or social standing of ancestors.

The monstrous heresy of Divine Right is an invention of the powers of darkness and must be eliminated from your world, root and branch, before your progress forward is assured. God plays no favorites. His love is showered upon all alike. His gifts are for all His children. It was never the Divine intent that a favored few should bask in the sunshine of His grace while the majority suffered want and deprivation. These false ideas have been the procurers of darkness; of the Stygian gloom now overshadowing your earth.

Spiritual darkness has not always covered your earth. In primitive times, ages ago, eras whose history has been lost to you; man on your earth was in harmony with his Creator. This was in the Golden Age when man and the angels of God walked hand in hand; when man communed with God, and when the Christ spirit was abiding in the hearts of the people. In this age man was spiritually developed to a degree almost unbelievable by you.  Then the time came when man listened to the tempter (his baser self), and through the workings of the law of atavism man degenerated almost to the level of his animal prototype.  This incident in your world's history is the source of the legend of the "Fall of Man" in the "Garden of Eden." Man disobeyed God by listening to self; by giving himself over to his selfish desires. He slew his brother, figuratively speaking, when he abandoned himself to selfish ends and took advantage of his fellowman. He has been guilty of that sin ever since. It is now inherent in his make up, this selfish instinct must be eliminated before he can again find the Father's Kingdom.

No fences or other evidences of individual ownership surround the millions of homes on Mars. No lines of demarcation divide one plot of land from another.

The millions of beautiful homes, (beautiful in their simplicity, for over ornamentation such as the dwellers of your earth practice, is not tolerated on our planet) belong to the Commonwealth. The same are allotted to the individual as a life tenure only.

The same custom prevails in the matter of personal property. Should a Martian have use for a flying machine, also used by another, or other kind of property for personal use, he does not ask the use of same in the spirit that your earth dwellers borrow from one another, but use of the needed article is requested with the idea that it belongs to the community; that all material possessions are the common property of the entire race.

The millions of Martians live as one family.  It is this solidarity; this filial consideration that one holds for the other that has made the stupendous and gigantic public works on Mars possible.  In the absence of a universal unity of purpose intelligent life on Mars would have become extinct centuries ago when the last remnants of its oceans and seas dried up and a planetary irrigation system, to utilize the frozen Polar moisture, became necessary.


Distribution of Commodities

Barter and trade are unknown on Mars. The entire race of Martians is cooperative, and the production of all necessities is based on the needs of the Commonwealth.

Specialization in different branches of industrial activity is centralized, as is the case of your earth. That is, some particular parts of the planet, owing to climatic and other conditions, are better adapted for the production of some special kind of raw material used in the manufacture of clothes or other necessities of life, or the production of some particular foodstuff. But in every case the incentive for industrial activity is not material profit. On the contrary the real incentive is compliance with the Father's will.

Transportation is effected by means of flying ships actuated by the control of gravitational attraction. These vehicles of the air, beside your crude affairs [1920 ed.] are most perfect, and the amount of freight carried is unlimited, for the reason that the gravitational attraction of the cargo is nullified as well as that of the ship. (A more extended explanation concerning this matter is given in another section of this book.) Another motive power used is Cosmic, or Universal Energy. (This subject is also treated elsewhere in this volume.)

Immense warehouses and depots are scattered throughout the entire planet. These are centers of distribution. These warehouses are filled with what all the people of the entire planet need in the way of food, clothing and other necessities of life.

These depots are in charge of trained and competent workers who attend to the issuance and distribution of all commodities.

When a Martian is in need of any particular commodity he makes application to have his wants supplied to the depot nearest to his habitation. He immediately receives the needed articles. If the quantity and nature of his requisition is too large for him to carry personally, the same is delivered at his domicile by the Commonwealth's Transportation Department.


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