NEWS LETTER  From Lake Sunapee Spiritual Camp  September 1900.

Through CORA L.V. RICHMOND In TRANCE  By OUINA,   September 1900

Sent to Cora's Loving, Faithful Members of her CHURCH OF THE SOUL In Chicago--
Telling of  the Summer Over-land travels to Spiritualist Summer Camps, family and friends and giving trance lectures to large audiences and news of their wonderful sight-seeing journeys to beautiful places in the north and east USA.

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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923

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Written in 4-line 68 verse form on 19 hand written pages by Ouina, Cora's very high Spiritual Teacher guide through Cora in her 60th year and 50th year of Service.

Note:   WATER LILY  is  Mrs L.V. Richmond  &    SAPPHIRE  is  Mr. Richmond

Lake Sunapee
Spiritual Camp
8 Moon - 16 Sun  1900
To The Band of Harmony
Church of  the Soul
Dear Every body

#1  Twice has the Crescent moon hung low
In the sky, even like my white canoe
Twice hath she bent her silver bow
Since you have seen me shining through.

#2   But every time you meet  I'm there
And tell in silence or in speech
Through other controls; then Every-where
I go  again, Water Lily to reach.

#3   First - she and Sapphire stopped to see
The Richmond Aunt in Cleveland Town
Smoky and warm as it could be
And all the park grass turning brown.

#4  But when the moon came out at night
The air was cool and they went to ride.
In the Horse Buffalo canoe - that's light -
Easy and open on every side.

#5  So they could see the fountains play
And the moonbeams all among the trees
Much nicer than to go by day,
And then there was a cooler breeze

#6   From  there they went to Yorkshire NH
Where the Warners live- Stella's papa dear
And  mama.  I couldn't if I would try
Write all they saw and did, it would take a year. *

#7  We have had four meetings there to preach
And our reception all for we
To tell them how Stella learned to teach
In my world - glad as she could be.*

#8 To have 'our meetin' called again
As it used to be every year
Before the Death Angel to her came
And took her to our heavenly sphere.

#9   Now we shall have the meetings each year
And Stella has grown so tall and fair
And she has on earth a sister dear
Pauline* a spirit bright and rare.

#10   I wish you could see the lovely place
With honey Locusts growing tall  -
And lawns and gardens;  you can trace
The vines and flowers bordering all.

#11 There driving along the village street
The shade trees look so very fine
the branches over your head oft meet
And no hot rays can through them shine.

#12  One day the Warner squaw and chief
Took Water Lily and Sapphire far away
With  horse canoes, far o'er the hills
It took them almost half a day

#13   Over hills and vallies beautiful
Where many streams in verdure flow
Among the grain fields; bountyful
Gifts that kind nature doth bestow

#14   Warner's "Ancestral home" was there.
"Shadownook" they have named the place.
A stream winds thro' the valley fair
And the hills against the sky you trace.

#15  Back of the Orchard a ravine
And a cool opening whose water clear
Are like the crystals you have seen.
Refreshing waters; blest and dear.

#16  Then farther up the pasture slope
They entered a ravine so still.
Where fallen forest giants cope
With death and life. A mighty rill.

#17   Now dry-rushes when feshets come
With melting of the winter snows;
In summer 'tis the wild birds home
And every fern and moss here grows!

#18  Undisturbed the fallen trees
For ages have a tangle made
And through the hemlocks the summer breeze
Breathes a song far down the glade.

#19   "I came there and talked a long long talk
Then made a poem! I wished that you
Could have been with them in that walk
And have heard  Our wish 'shining through.' "

#20  Close to Nature's heart were they
And near to us and to our home.
Down the hemlock path they went away
Before the Thunder storm could come.

#21  The lightening arrows flashing bright,
The swift clouds hurrying overhead;
But "Shadownook" was soon in sight
And they were sheltered- then we said

#22   The prayers for Warner's Uncle and Aunt each day-
Say prayers and read from the Bible too
And all the company do their way -
I've prayed but then they never knew.

#23   It was the Guides but thought t'was five,
And just as good as it could be !
When they "open their eyes" how they will shine
To think the Guides were praying -and me !

#24   From Yorkshire they went among the hills
To Water Lilys' native home!
A down the valley among the rills.
Every year you know they come!

#25   Water Lilly's sister ever bends
Above the home from out our lands!
And happiness ever-attends
The messages written thro' her daughter's hand.

#26   All the nieces and nephews gave welcome
And the Brother -husband of the one here.
And in the glen by the body's grave,
We shall hold a meeting every year.

#27  The relations and friends all came
To that sweet spot for the Gods day preach
And their spirits shone with a sacred flame
as near to heaven as mortals reach.

#28   A rare communion!  An altar fair
will be built and meetings held each year
In memory of the sister who lived there,
And who dwells with us in our kingdom here. *

#29  To  carry Pa.  they then flittered on,
Like birds of passage on the wing!
To comfort a chief [Mr. Livermore.] who is left alone
(In body) but must not be sorrowing

#30   For the lovely lady [Mrs. Livermore.] who came to dwell
In her own bright heaven with us above,
So we even weave around him a spell
And he knows her presence and her love.

#31  We had a large meeting in the Armory **
Nearly a thousand people there!
And the Guide's preach was good as good could be
For  "Peace on Earth" and Freedom fair.

#32  "The Lesson of the Hour" was the theme
And they talked of the wars far o'er the seas
Of Liberty - and the nation's dream.
Now clouded by selfish Plutocracy!

#33   From there to Cassadaga's shore.
So many of you were there last year
It seemed lonely by that cottage door
Because absent were your faces dear!

#34  The lake still smiles up to the sky!
The water lilies bloom white and fair!
And the trees wave their vernal branches high
Above the people assembled there.

#35 Never were there more people intent
On seeking light from the realm above
And pleasure too with worship bent
make the place like our brightest home above. **
**[The largest audience of the season when the guides spoke]

#36   So many children and young babes too
All the wigwams full and everywhere
So much for Water Lily to do
So many of her loved ones there.

#37  The Sun-arrows shone with furious flaring
Poisoning the air of the cities near,
But at Cassadaga the breeze was the save
And the cooling shade to shelter and cheer.

#38  Then on to Onset they swiftly flew
Twenty four tickers and they were there
Where the Ocean tides-sweep up to view,
Among the bayous bright and fair!

#39  But it was warm all of the way
And when the tide-winds ebbed awhile
It was warm, and warmer on Saturday
"Noman's Closing Day" some said with smile!

#40  I've spoken the Closing speach that day
For the "Women's Congress."  The subject was "She"
And the discourse was to show the way
That her side of life must always be
Just as important as the side of "He"

#41  On "God's Day,"  the Guide's spoke to a throng
Of many many hundred who came
To hear the truth and who climb along
Over the stones to the Alter Flame.

#42   The bay shone bright, the cool clear air
Clapped all the leafy hands of the trees.
There was peace and gladness everywhere.
The white sails fluttered in the breeze,

#43  And white robed messengers of love
Gave messages when the preach was done.
And very near did the Angels move
As the music played.  Where the setting sun

#44  Was folded in rosy robes of light
And the land and bay were tinted with gold
It seemed like a fairy land; and when night
Came on, and the clouds rested fold on fold

#45  O'er the purple bay - lo! Luna came forth
Full orbed and splended! A queen of light!
And touched with her silvery rays the earth,
Then reigned in silence through all the night!

#46  On Monday they took a fire canoe
(with many others: a' Excursion you know)
And went-and went the whole bay thro'
To Nantucket Island -50 miles below.

#47  "Four hours each way"-I heard them tell
And they saw old Nantucket now fast asleep,
For those who used to know it so well
From the spirit realm their vigils keep.

#48  The whaling ships used to come and go
And the captains and whaling traders lived there;
But, now coal oil and 'tricity flow
And the whales are all dead for many a year.

#49 But the Captain's and merchants got rich you know
And moved away from Nantucket isle,
And the piers are all moulding; the tides ebb and flow,
And only sight-seers come, to beguile

#50    An hour or two in the old, old town
With its old, old wind-mill on the hill,
And many houses empty or falling down,
And many -tho' old- standing stately and still.

#51  Yesterday (Wednesday) Waterlily and Sapphire came
From beautiful Onset, through Boston town
And up and up, 'till all else groweth tame
Compared with the mountains with Emerald Crown.

#52  The vallies and slopes dressed in emerald green,
The rivers and streams flowing swiftly along!
And thru' every gorge or deep ravine,
The cascades waken the wild birds song!

#53  When 'neath the veil of clouds the sun
was turning toward the western gate,
Where the purple mountain ranges run
And where the angels seem to wait,

#54   Lo! a bright lake burst on their view
With waters so pure and crystal clear
That thirty or forty feet, seen thro'
The pebbles seem so very near!

#55   Bosom'd amid the mountains grand
With jeweled islands and coolest glens,
With granite boulders and stretches of sand,
With many glades and bugs and ferns.

#56   Sunapee Lake is the fairest place
They have ever journeyed to on earth
And sometime you also may trace
It's lines of beauty.  Here had birth

#57  The grand Algonquin race whose loss
These forests mourn whose birch canoes
Swiftly were won't to glide across.
The clear Sunapee waters flows

#58  Are here, of all their haunts the home
Once of the deer and antelope
And firey tribes for which they'd come
when the spring tides the streams would ope.

#59   Now screaming "fire canoes" are here,
The snorting "fire Buffalo," whose trail
Brings many pale faces each year
To seek for strength.  'twill never fail,

#60   For the pure air and boundless groves,
The healthful odors of the pine,
The waters pure -these nature proves
Are medicines blest and divine.

#61   Close by the pier,  We-no-nah waits
To win you for a sail today.
The rain clouds have locked their pearly gates
And our wake has chased them all away!

#62   We'll sail ten miles upon the lake
And three across- if you will go!
And some time all the coves we'll make
And all the islands, above,below!

#63  We preach here seven times as you see
By the overland program I send,
Then when we're full of scenery
And work, our mission here will end!

#64   This is the "Granite State"- in all
The preaching waterlily has done
She never answered before a call
To preach here. I'm glad the sun

#65  Shines out so bright this afternoon
For the "Ladies Aid" holds a fair today
And Water Lily must go over soon.
This evening I have a poem to say!

#66  Next two Gods' days and Thursday go
To the Pine Tree State - the state of Maine,
And there, after two weeks or so,
Their faces will turn "Home Again."

#67  Now from the whispering of the pines,
And from the bosom of the lake,
And from a thousand lovely shrines
of rock and shore, I will poems make.

#68   And I waft from Sapphire all his love
And love from Water Lily's heart.
May all the Angels from Above
And God's love all blessings impart.


Through her medium Water Lily.
         ( Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond )

*   See Book: STELLA  A SPIRIT
       See  PAULINE  3/4  Down Web Page

     To those whom she loves
     “I love Papa best.”
     “I love Mamma best.”
      And to all Mammas and Papas who have Darlings in the Spirit World.

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CORA L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan RICHMOND 
1840 - 1923

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