"Never believe or disbelieve anything. If something cannot be proved, then it must be shelved, until one day when it can be proved."

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1840 - 1923
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Dr. A. B. Childs says of Cora at age 18 years, July 24th. 1858:
 "The lady can address an audience of five thousand people with great ease, and the guides through her
give an elaborate discourse upon any subject the audience may choose.  

There cannot well be a greater test of Spirit power than this."
"If you can imagine the picture,—a child of twelve years of age standing before crowds of people,
discoursing to them upon the most abstruse questions in ethics, philosophy, science and theology, in a scholarly, dignified manner!  What did it all mean?
This was the question asked by the multitudes who listened to her, and to which the more thoughtful among them could find but  one solution —
it meant that the spirits of the departed had the power to return to earth, and by means of some psychic law could control the brain
of a human being for the purpose of giving their testimony to prove that death was but the gateway to life immortal.


Hundreds were converted to Spiritualism by means of these lectures, for the people realized fully that it was impossible for the child,
Cora L. V. Scott, to originate these lectures or create the thoughts that fell from her lips."

Cora Age 17 

This Statement Was Made In 1887, After Spiritualism's Public Birth In 1848, Rochester, New York:
"Spiritualism, has made converts of more scientific men and profound thinkers than any other sect in the world.
In thirty-nine years it had grown to ten or fifteen million believers, with thousands of mediums,
a literature printed in every known language, and converts in every quarter of the globe."

   Cora  L."Lodencia" V."Veronica" Scott Hatch Tappan Richmond  1840 - 1923 *
  The World's Most  Important Spiritual Medium
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Quotes: Gordon Melton--Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology:

      "The most famous American Spiritualist inspirational speaker and healer"

      "Cora L.V. Scott Hatch Tappan Richmond, trance medium and writer was arguably one of the  most renown spiritualists to come out of Victorian America." 

Known from an early age for her keen intellect and oratory skills. she was marketed by her first husband to the point of abuse eventually ending in divorce.  She served as pastor of the First Spiritualist Society of Chicago, CHURCH OF THE SOUL, for fifty years.  It has been said that her trance psychic power has remained unmatched.

The Test of Tests
When Cora was only 14 in 1854, Professor J. J. Mapes of New York City came to Buffalo to pursue his investigations of the Spiritual phenomena. He attended the morning circle, and later was asked by Ouina [Cora's Spiritual guide] if he would speak at the afternoon meeting, to which he replied, "Yes, if you will control your medium, and let me give the subject that she shall speak upon." He fell into the very trap that Ouina desired, since it was the tests of tests that the spirits wanted to give him. The hall was packed; Cora took the platform and after the choir had sung, came forward with her countenance so illuminated by the light of the spirit that all beholders were struck with admiration. Prof. Mapes spoke the two words, "Primary Rocks." After the lecture, the control called upon the professor to speak upon the same subject. He came to the platform and with tears in his eyes, said, "I am a college educated man, and have been all my life an investigator of scientific subjects and associated with scientific men, but I stand here this afternoon dumb before this young girl."

             ..Celestial Name 'WaterLily'  .  Liliae Praelucent Telis ~ Lilies Outshine Weapons of Wars

Distorting and destructing Cora's wisdom literature has been happening since Cora was famous at age 16 and all through her long life.
Cora only wanted to be known as  L.V. instead of using her two given middle names Lodencia Veronica.
               Beware of false publishers of her books that call her Linn Victoria and distort the original information. 
               The use of the two false middle names date back to a negative group who attempted to stop her work
               reaching the public using lies and a negative play where the two false names were used as a slap in the face to Cora.     
               Therefore it is was an insult to Cora to use the name Linn Victoria.   

Re Published Here, Works & Research Into LOST Higher Spiritualism.
See  On-Line ARCHIVES: Discourses, Lectures Poems  &  Books  by Cora L.V.  Richmond 

"They who feel that force called love, which on higher planes is known as sympathy, thrill with waves of force
which are already strong augmenting them or increasing their intensity.   They who indulge such sentiments
and encourage such forces may stop the falling hand on evil sped."   --Cora L.V. Richmond 1840 -1923
"...........Ignorance being in our view, only another name for evil." Cora L.V Hatch.----Free Agency of Man-- Delivered In Trance,  11.22.1857

"The man who denies the phenomena of spiritualism today is not entitled to be called a skeptic,  he is simply ignorant".
--Dr. Thomas  J. Hudson,  'The Law of Psychic Phenomena'

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Cora  L.V.  Scott Hatch
(Cora Lodencia Veronica Scott) 
  Carte-de-Visite Albumen print on printed card
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Circa 1857 - 1858        Cora L.V. Scott Hatch       Age 17

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The Life Of Cora  L.V. (Scott, Hatch, Tappan) Richmond,
Born Cora Lodensia Veronika Scott in 1840 in Cuba NY,  Cora was one of America's early pioneers of Spiritualism and one of the most influential 19th century Spiritualist mediums, renowned as a trance lecturer and author. Cora received her gifted ability when she was only eleven years old when she and her family were living in a community when Cora started falling into trances and channeling spirits. Her parents were Universalists with an interest in Spiritualism. They started to tour locally and exhibit Cora as a trance healer. In Waterloo, Wisconsin Cora would even perform surgery whilst channeling a German doctor’s spirit, which was reputedly so impressive that some medical practitioners feared they would become redundant. The ability to heal stopped when she was about fifteen, and it was around this time that her trance lecturing really developed: She would enter a trance and then lecture upon a diverse number of esoteric subjects secretly suggested by the audience so that she had no way of preparing for them.

As Cora L.V. Tappan, she received, from the White House under President Ulysses S. Grant, a Resolution of Gratitude for her service of six years for giving benefit to this Country in difficult times. Before the assassination of President Lincoln, Cora had moved to Washington, D.C.  where by 1865 she was very well known and to President Lincoln's Party; many members would seek her advice on the crisis of the day--the war.  See Banner of Light Front pages 1863 etc.  When Lincoln's Vice President,  Andrew Johnson became the new President,  Cora's mediumship advice was sought daily by many of the Senators of the opposition party, often a many times daily.  Later, being very appreciative of her advice,  President Ulysses S. Grant sough Cora advice throughout his first term.

Revisiting Washington in 1882, it was announced in advance that Cora L. V. Richmond would give her now famous trance address, A MESSAGE TO THE NATION, on the 24th February 1883.  This trance address was delivered through her by the spirit of the 20th U.S. President James A. Garfield, who was assassinated less than two years previously, in July 1881.  This address brought out a very large audience, many of whom, for the first time, heard and saw in public the control of a medium by a disembodied  spirit. Following this address, another resolution of support for Cora's work was passed.

Note: For research leading up to Cora's work with the White House,  Read:

Cora had a very close friendship with Nettie Colburn Maynard. Cora was the original founder and Vice President of the National Spiritualist's Association; thus bringing order out of chaos to Spiritualism.  Harrison D. Barrett,  Editor of the Banner of Light was President of N.S.A.  Cora trance-lectured across America and The Banner of Light published all her trance lectures.  Harrison also wrote a wonderful biography of Cora's life work, covering 44 years to that point in 1894.   Today,  N.S.A. is the main organization in America (now in New York State) and is known as:  N.S.A.C.,  the National Association of Spiritualist Churches.Cora opened her ' First Society of Spiritualists ' in Chicago, but had to relocate many times due to the constant increases in attendance, which continued swelling beyond available standing room.  Many people were often turned away due to this lack of space.  Each year she would travel and lecture in the capitol cities of both the east and the west.  When coming west, her usual visit was to San Francisco.  In fact she stayed so long on one visit that her Weekly Discourses and other books were published in San Francisco.  Her audiences often numbered over 5,000 people.  In later life, her Chicago church became known as the  'Church of the Soul'.  Here she lectured to a weekly audience of  2,000 to 2,500 people continuously, until close to her passing to the other side on January 3rd. 1923.  During her life she gave seventy years of the highest service, her trance mediumship, to modern Spiritualism.  During the Chicago years of her lecture tours, her own church would frequently close during her absence because they preferred to wait for Cora's return home, however long it might be.
In 1893 Cora's guides prepared a paper: PRESENTATION OF SPIRITUALISM  For The WORLD'S PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS.  Superbly  written, it's a gestalt giving the world the finest insight of all aspects of Spiritualism.  This Parliament was the first time representatives of  the world's religions came together in one location (Chicago, U.S.A.).  Every perceptive mind today should locate and read this document on Spiritualism.
Cora's very fine lectures, spiritual trance discourses & soul teachings were taken down in short-hand, copied and sold all over America and sent to eager students who knew of Cora from her many successful trance lecture demonstration tours around the  world, especially Great Britain.  Cora made two long visits to Great Britain from 1875.  During this time she used the names: "Tappan' and then later, with her third visit, 'Richmond' (during her honeymoon for her last marriage).  Under Cora's guidance, higher Spiritualism was really born and nurtured in Great Britain and it blossomed there.  Cora also successfully lectured as far away as Australia.  (See: The Life Work of Cora L.V. Richmond).
To maintain higher Spiritualism, Cora made Chicago her home with her new husband, William Richmond.   In this period, the long lasting Comstock** book burnings (the attempted destruction of our freedoms) had began in New York.  Her first books as 'Richmond' were published in England.

When only eleven years of age the family moved to Wisconsin ending Cora's schooling.   She began healing in the trance state.  Some times she performed successful surgeries wielding a knife.  Cora's German spirit doctor demonstrated the spectrum of healing gifts in front of many people.  These demonstrations of Spiritual healing and surgeries made the local Doctors and Church ministers fear they may  become redundant.   When Cora was fifteen the healing was withdrawn and the wonderful  trance-discourse lectures began.  Now doctors and men of science were following her all over the country gathering the incredible knowledge that flowed from her lips.

Cora's Very  high level trance lectures
were on ALL subjects and continue to hold very true today.  For future generations they will bring more knowledge and wisdom to students better able to perceive larger portions of the gestalt;  universal spiritual quantum physics.  They contain a far deeper spiritual truth than earth creeds and dogmas and dead science. Perceptive people will be developing many individual gifts forgotten or unheard of today and this universal truth is drawing very close to us.  We can be guided to know how to work for a more peaceful new world, if we will only become aware of caring for others and all of Mother earth's children.  Staying positive and training our perceptive minds to know universal truth cannot be done without doing the work; gaining knowledge by fighting off ignorance.  Be very selective of the knowledge chosen. The time has arrived for this missing knowledge and wisdom to be discovered again, copied, preserved and studied.-- See available hard to find rare books below and others in publication.
** Many of the best books showing the highest Light of Spiritualism and works by Thomas Paine were destroyed  under the term 'pornography' in the late 1800s to early 1900s and publishers, book sellers and mediums were thrown into prison, most died there.  We have all but forgotten Cora's wonderful trance teachings because of successful deceit and intent to hide and destroy  Spiritualism's most prolific books and lecture pamphlets by Cora L.V. (Scott) (Hatch) (Tappan) Richmond.  Literature of wonderful spiritual  wisdom given by her many high raised spirit teachers and guides, representing 70 years of dedicated service, are almost lost today.  Especially,  we must not lose site of Ouina, her refined  philosophy will always be waiting for us to discover her gentle guidance and wisdom for the future world yet to come.  Cora was America's longest lasting and most consistent medium;  one of the most respected and well known of her day.

The dogma of earth religions, and the many cults and magic societies engaging in occult rituals towards the end of the 19th century became popular and caused a loss to Spiritualism's mediumship when people turned from the light of Spiritualism to the errors of occult Spiritism.  This was a dark time, but, Cora, totally free of this kind of negativity, remained true and prolific for her large audiences.  Her trance lectures were given from the early mid 1800s  into the first quarter of the next century.  They reveal and bring out into the Light of spiritual reason, the true meanings that have been kept hidden in ancient religions of all ages, in myths, symbolism and secret societies throughout history.   We are moving towards a day when all religions on earth will become one glorious peaceful new universal truth.   Higher Spiritualism will Light the way.

The true unveiling of Isis-***-The Female aspect and The Mother principle of the INFINITE of ALL THAT IS and her FAMILY is shown in Cora's complete book of the Soul, Psychosophy, which will be available soon.  See below:  Part I, available for Sale,  The SOUL In Human Embodiments.

*** Madam Blavatsky did not show the true aspect of the Mother principle in her book--ISIS Unveiled  (Blavatsky's book  may have been brought forth through questionable occult method).
Quote From The Book: THE UNIVERSITY OF SPIRITUALISM:     Page 211  ".........All their efforts to prove that psychic phenomena are a mere extension of physical powers, land them on the horns of a dilemma every time.  They must either admit the existence of the ****aura as a mind field, or adopt the spirit hypothesis. By no possible law of auto-suggestion could Cora Tappan (Cora L.V. Scott Tappan Richmond), a child eleven years old, dig out from her inner conscious knowledge  that enabled her to wield a surgeon's knife successfully, speak four definitely proven foreign languages and deliver hundred's of scientific and philosophic addresses without a moments preparation.  These examples can be multiplied by the thousand. Neither can race nor religion make any difference.  Truly, "God is no respecter of persons." That is our Case [Spiritualism].
****Note:  Kirlian's method of photographing auras has long proven the existence of the Auras and can be researched through the Kirlian Aura research work originally done at University of California at Los Angeles through Dr. Moss.

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"Higher Spiritualism IS; its philosophy, the inblending into the one perfect whole of all its
parts the union of its phenomena and spirit, the meeting and merging of its body and soul."
By Higher Spiritualism we do not mean that which is occupied with occult, curious or magical phenomena. Such spiritualism keeps man away from progress. By Higher Spiritualism is that in which the soul is enkindled and illuminated.-- But only those who have reached a certain evolution can realize the next step in this evolution. It is for us to awake only those who are about to awake and allow to sleep peacefully those who are yet fast asleep. They must not be awakened before their sleep is over; they have not had enough, they will feel inclined to awake some other time. It would be like taking a child to a dangerous electric machine. Not only would the child be hurt, but it would spoil the sensitive mechanism of the machine, or it might even destroy a whole factory. The attempt to reform the whole world because one has found out one aspect of the truth is to try and awaken great numbers of people who are not ready to be awakened. Let them sleep on.-- and some day all will have found the higher spiritualism when they enter into the joy of the Lord.--The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan
Soul Development--Higher Spirituality--Quantum:
InterFarFacing.com pages are dedicated to spreading important lost history and re publishing the now very rare works of Mrs. Cora L.V. Richmond. Once the most famous and prolific, highest spiritual leader in America and England for 70 years. (b.1840 - passed.1923).  Some have said  that Cora was 'The Awaited One,'  even her name suggests an 'Awakener.'  It seems so right that it would have been a gentle and very sensitive women that would show us the hidden way to our real future.  No other *religious* leader could improve on her high spiritual sermons and teachings (Celestial),  Philosophy & Science.   A great many tried and failed.  Many sincere ones followed her to the end, remaining her truest friends and they came from many professional areas and halls of learning: medicine, science, engineering, philosophy, religion etc.   Cora's books are now nearly impossible to find due to the little known puritanical click "Comstock Pornography Postal Laws", that caused the Inquisitions, imprisonment and destruction of many of our finest philosophical books and papers published in New York, over a period of nearly 30 years up to circa 1915.  Thomas Paine's works also suffered this same destruction very severely.
Click  Emma Hardinge Britten:  A Major Enemy Agent Against True Spiritualism--One of Many.
 One needs to be very discerning, reasoning & perceptive to find higher truth:
Much of Spiritualism today, cannot tell the difference between  erroneous 'New Age 60s drug culture philosophy / psychism  and the mediumship of the 19th. Century.  The three-fold aspects of higher  Spiritualism; science, philosophy and religion remains hidden through intent and ignorance after 100 years.
Very Hard To Find &  RARE: Books, Lectures, Discourses  & Teachings
Lost In 30 Years of New York's Book Destruction To Approx 1915 ( By Puritan Comstock )

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Very important and complete biography by H.D. Barrett ~ 760 pages.  Cora founded the first national Spiritualist's organization in 1893 with Harrison Barrett being the first President.  Cora was one of the most important and best known and respected mediums in America, England and Australia.  Cora went on to form  her 'Church Of The Soul'  in Chicago.
As our contribution to the efforts of the Spirit world, we are republishing  the many volumes of Cora's wonderful contributions through her unfailing gift of mediumship.

 Her works, books, lessons and inspirational trance addresses  were at one time very prolific, but through the attempted destruction of Spiritualism in the late 19th and early 20th Century by agents who sought so earnestly to destroy it forever, it has mostly disappeared. 
The knowledge and wisdom that came through Cora will be better understood in the future than it was in the past. This knowledge, wisdom and rare spirituality will exist again for the future as it is the highest truth for the benefit of future generations. It must be rescued before it is lost forever

19th Century Newspaper Quotes:
Cora Hatch, "She is the intellectual wonder of the age" at the tender age of only 16 and just married to Dr. Benjamin F. Hatch quickly became the best known and most successful  "Trance speakers" of the Spiritualist phenomenon starting in the middle of the nineteenth century. Spiritualism attracted, a wide following.

"It will be scarcely necessary to premise that "Cora the Teacher" is accepted by the "Spiritualists" as an inspired medium. ."

"A Remarkable Young Lady,"  The Banner of Light, October 24, 1857  Page 5
Mrs. Cora L. V. Hatch, . . . if we may believe all the accounts we have read of her, is one of the most remarkable women the world has ever produced. She is seventeen years old, of medium height, delicately formed and possessed of an ethereal beauty which may not at once attract but enlist the admiration of the beholder by its deep absorbing spiritualle. In ordinary circumstances she is simple and childlike to a charming degree, but on the stage, when laboring under what she believes to be the spirit agency, her flights of eloquence are bold, lofty, sublime, and beautiful beyond description.

    Having never attended school since she was ten years of age, it cannot be supposed that her education is of the most thorough character; nevertheless, she will discourse by the hour upon the most profound sciences, never lacking a word, never making a mistake, and never repeating what she has said before.

    "Believe what you will of Mrs. Hatch's source of inspiration," says the editor of the Home Journal [N. P. Willis], "whether she speaks her own thoughts, or those of other spirits -- it is as nearly supernatural eloquence as the most hesitating faith could reasonably require. I am, perhaps, from long study and practice, as good a judge of fitness in the use of language as most men; and, in a full hour of close attention, I could detect no word that could be altered for the better -- none indeed (and this surprised me still more) which was not used with strict fidelity to its derivative meaning. The practiced scholarship which this last point usually requires, and the curiously unhesitating and confident fluency with which the beautiful language was delivered, was critically wonderful. It would have astonished me in an extempore speech by the most accomplished orator in the world."

    Philosophers have heard her with astonishment, and orators have listened to her declamations with boundless enthusiasm. She has carried New Yorkers by storm, and every one of her lectures in that city have been attended by wondering thousands; and frequently the streets have been thronged a whole square with persons eager but unable to obtain admittance. The New York journals have devoted whole pages to minute descriptions of her personal appearance, and elaborate reports of her addresses. Such is the new divinity -- the "bright particular star" now shining in the spiritual firmament, whom our citizens are to have an opportunity of seeing, hearing and judging for themselves.

"She rises, and pours out an eloquent prayer to the "Divine Father of Love and Light;" and then, almost without pause, proceeds with the subject, "Is the soul of man a part of the Deity?" This was the challenge of a reverend gentleman then present; and the audience voted that the medium should then and there discuss this metaphysical abstraction.

Both spoke well; and the divine sustained the affirmative with zeal and acumen, while Cora assumed a modified negative with brilliant success. At least, we give this as the conviction of several persons of distinguished intellect who were present, and who pronounced her argument the most splendid metaphysical effort they had ever encountered. The illustrations drawn from the solar system and other apposite allusions, evinced a breadth and clearness of mental culture really wonderful in a girl of seventeen. Her graceful and surpassing elegance of diction was another fruitful theme. A calm, equally sustained manner; a rich, clear voice, that filled the ear without one over strained vote, and a modest unconsciousness of display, or an entire absorption in the subject matter, are the characteristics of Mrs. Cora Hatch as a public speaker."

One article began  "Miss Cora Hatch, The Eloquent Medium of The Spiritualists," in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, May 9, 1857.  " Cora L. V. (Scott) Hatch one of the most famous women in America. Thousands pack halls up and down the east coast to hear, and to see, her."

Leslie's described her appearance in New York City: The most celebrated medium was Cora L. V.  (Scott) Hatch, later Cora Tappan, and finally Cora Richmond. She was a "trance speaker," someone who spoke directly under the influence of the spirits and, presumably, in their words. Trance speakers were among the earliest women to speak in public before audiences of both men and women.  Unlike other mediums, Hatch did not, at least at this point in her career, claim a specific spirit guide. Nor did she convey specific messages to or from specific individuals on "this side." Instead she addressed broad questions of the sort posed in the Leslie's Illustrated article. For the powerful discourse from November 1857 click on the "Immutable Degrees of God and the Free Agency of Man,"

Frank Leslie's article also described the manner of her presentations, which she called "elucidations." Her husband, Dr. B. F. Hatch, who had married her in 1856 when she was just sixteen and he over fifty, acted as master of ceremonies. He had the audience choose a committee of its members who would, in turn, propound questions. She would address herself to whichever of these the whole audience voted she should. The procedure was intended to prove to the skeptical that she had not prepared her address in advance since she had no foreknowledge of the question. Her willingness, while in a trance state, to answer questions and engage in debate, made the same point. So too, as the article emphasizes, did her age. As a "girl" of seventeen she was presumably too young to have mastered the metaphysical topics she discussed.

"In every sense the phenomena of spiritualism is worthy of a careful and systematic investigation by the most candid and competent of its contemporaries, for it is wrong to say that a faith, however delusive, which counts at least half a million believers in the middle of this century of searching skeptical materialism, is too unimportant for investigation. Men of deep and varied science, learned theologians and cautious men of the world -- some of the boldest and clearest thinkers of the day -- have been captivated by this strange belief that the children of earth have direct communication with the spirit world."

Mrs. Cora L.V. Richmond:
Higher Spiritualism's Truth Will Remove "The Darkness Which Rests Upon Humanity..."

In a mediumistic trance discourse reported in the BANNER of LIGHT Newspaper, April 3, 1886, said:

"The Great reformer of the world is Spiritualism.  When modern Spiritualism made it's appearance [1840], it said in so many words. I come to reform the world, Spiritualism came to put the ax at the root of the tree of human evil, it came to decide upon the most important and vital thing connected with existence;  i.e., Is man only evanescent, material, earthly being, or is he immortal?... Spiritualism came to reform death, to resolve it into life; came to reform fear, to resolve it into trust and knowledge; came to reform the darkness which rests upon humanity concerning the nature of man's existence."

In the same paper, April 6th 1887, was given the following prediction of the future of Spiritualism:--

"Modern Spiritualism will grow, and deepen, and broaden, and strengthen, until all false creeds and dogmas shall be swept from the earth -- when faith shall be buried in knowledge, when war shall be known no more, when universal brotherhood shall prevail to bless mankind."

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Ancient Voices From 
The Spirit Realms

159 Spirits Speak.  639 p. 2 Vols.

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A great Persian Sufi mystic set afloat these reminders more than seven centuries ago:
From the turret of Heaven, a call bids you Home,
But fallen into the snares, you hear not.
No one knows where the mansion of the Beloved lies,
But sure enough, the chiming of the bells proceeds therefrom.
Take the seals from your ears, and hearken unto the Voice of emancipation calling you constantly.
Attach not to the ephemeral world of matter,
as the elixir of life is showering from above.
The beat of Love sounding in the Heavens,
Sends blessings to the souls of the devotees. --Khawaia Hafiz,.

Higher Spiritualism   Researching Our Spiritually Informed Past Towards A More Beautiful Future
-- From "Dashed Against the Rock" by W. J. Colville, 1894
Note: Colville was another medium activated into service by listening to Cora when she visited England.



LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built and understood... 
Cora L.V. Richmond

" The philosophy of Spiritualism is the inblending into the one perfect whole of all its parts;

the union of its phenomena and spirit, the meeting and merging of its body and soul."
                                                                                                   Cora L.V. Richmond 


The Over Soul - Infinite Intelligence - Universal Mind - The God Head " Quantum Physics".

" Quantum Physics"  -  Now Has An Understanding About Love & Service
 Quantum Physics is proving to us today the power of  thought.  That if you want real change to occur, you must learn to see beyond your ego or “small self” –  and  open your awareness to the vast “field of intelligence”  that permeates everyone and everything around you."

Life Force In the 'Spirit Minded',  Higher Spiritualism,  Soul Development, Universal Quantum Physics,  Healing.  Development of Individual Spiritual Gifts.

Let the sunshine of your prosperity and the tears of your adversity fall upon the sacred garden of the spirit:we shall know by the fruitage of your  lives, by your love, and truth, and goodness whether the germs have quickened unto the harvest of the Soul." --Through Cora L.V Richmond.
Christ's Dispensation Has Already Been Harvested.   We Are Now In A New Dispensation " --Cora L.V.  Richmond.

"The most famous American Spiritualist inspirational speaker and healer" --Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology.


The most famous trance lecturer was Cora L. V. Scott (who through subsequent marriages acquired the last names of Hatch, Tappan, Daniels, and Richmond. 

Writers of the time, already influenced by the Romantic movement, were intrigued by trance lecturing, and by the possibility of cultivating the ability to encounter what we might today call a different level of consciousness. 

Only through LOVE and WISDOM can the POWER be given:  " Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven."   True wisdom coming from being used as an instrument of the Life Force by working for the betterment of humanity to the best of one's ability.  This is The Sisterhood / Brotherhood of Man, the Love that is respecting of all humanity and being a guardian on earth for all nature and its creatures.  Truly desiring a higher wisdom while still in the winter of ones life in the earthly body.  Willing to do more for others than oneself, is higher than the earthly concept of the 'Golden Rule' that was given from the Spirit world well over 100 years ago.

Through life experiences during this long time period, many have raised a little in their soul consciousness towards others.   Loving kindness contributes greatly to building the summer home, ones rightful place in the spirit world.  Ignorance of the laws of Sisterly / Brotherly Love by loving oneself more than others, means no preparation being made for a home in the 'summerland.'  Instead, a barren land waits to become the real home but, only after the soul develops.   It is far easier for souls to prepare while still in human embodiment than to arrive in the spirit world ignorant.  For a fine example of preparing ones home in the Spirit world,  see:

The spirit of Benjamin Franklin speaks through Cora L.V. Richmond, 
80 years after passing to the world of spirit
1883 San Francisco- Cora L.V. Richmond
Question:   Are not some of  the married relations of the spirit world imperfect, and subject to the law of evolution as is the case here?

Answer: There can be but one spiritual marriage and that must be perfect, and that is as the angels. It is quite true that the associations and ties which form the earthly happiness continue in spirit life.  But do not mistake a spiritual tie for the physical:  your spiritual natures exist there in response to that which is holiest and highest within you.  So, human ties, if perfect, will there become more perfect, and many between whom the shadow of selfishness lies on earth, will find themselves nearer than they supposed to spirit.  Therefore it is not well to speculate upon the transitory nature of things that have their relationships on earth , while spiritual relationships are eternal.

These Pages Show Only A Part Of  The Very Highest Light That Cora. L.V. Richmond, Gave Us

We must ask ourselves, why have the organizations of Spiritualism today, all but forgotten their original founder Cora Richmond? Cora, the finest and truest medium gave 70 years of pure service.  Today a shell remains only. The Spiritualist Churches seem to have exchanged her higher teachings for a lower truth;  ignorance. Spiritualism is not fortune-telling. 

Is For Research Into Higher Spiritualism, 
Published Trance Works Of Cora L.V. Richmond & Her Spiritual Native America Guide~

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    •  See there " The Message" spirits of world leaders that have past over-- talking of true peace. Very Good
    • Other Books of Cora's Now Found From The Period of destruction.
    *Television Medium 
    For  proof of Life after Death

    Excerpt From The Book:
       Now On-Line  The SOUL: Its Nature, Relations, And Expressions In Human Embodiments.
    VALEDICTORY As when the horticulturist has carefully prepared the soil and planted his seed he allows time for germination before he watches for the tender shoots, so we will ask you to allow these seeds of celestial truths to rest within your spirits until they have time to quicken into growth.  Do not permit material shadows to retard, nor superficial reasoning to attempt to hasten, their germination.
    Not all at once can the mind grasp any truth, and never until there is preparation from within.

    We have given the thesis for you to accept or reject; rest assured that we neither ask you to accept it on our authority, nor will we seek to enforce it by argument.  Truth, like mathematics, is its own demonstration, when the principals upon which it rests are known. Thinking without knowledge is of no value: when you are perplexed seek the source of knowledge, of perception, within the Soul; the mind grows clear when illumined from within.

    Endeavor to grasp the central truths and all small problems adjust themselves easily to the center.  If the mind revolves around anything less than the central truths we have enunciated, bewilderment and error will ensue.

    Bear in mind also that truth, as well as the perception of it, comes from within; the presentation of truth to the mind is of no avail unless the Soul comes forth to meet it.

    If in doubt wait for growth; if perplexed wait for growth; and if in darkness wait for the light that cometh from the Soul.

    We have planted in perfect love; let the growth also be in love. Let the sunshine of your prosperity and the tears of your adversity fall upon the sacred garden of the spirit: we shall know by the fruitage of your lives, by your love, and truth, and goodness whether the germs have quickened unto the harvest of the Soul.


      We need to ask and do seriously research as to why the written work of the most spiritual of Spiritualists and
      Thomas Paine,  70 years after his death suffered mass book burnings in the period of the late 1800s...... 

    These  works, so important for enabling every person in this country to find freedom, peace and their rights through critical commonsense individualistic thinking, wait still to find the full light of day.
    See Paine's Library   All this research and more can be found else where on the Internet.

    Publishers of these works and Spiritualist Mediums were sent to prison or worse; death at the hands of their 'Medium Testers'.  The book burnings at the end of the 19th Century were massive.  Why were the unconstitutional powers existing at that time, especially in New York, working so hard to denounce the truth of High Spiritualism and the efforts of educated pioneering women in the sciences?  What other truths were being hidden by a possible 'Replacement Plan' for control of people's minds?  What other valuable materials has the world lost by these little known but, extensive book  burnings of that period?

    March 31, 1848 ~ 2002 154th  Anniversary of Spiritualism.
    Cora L.V. Scott Tappan Richmond 1840-1923
    We Celebrate The Re-Birth of SPIRITUALISM Since It's First Public Appearance 
    153 years ago.   Thank You ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS 1826-1910,
    CORA L.V. RICHMOND 1840-1923 
    And Others, too many to mention here, for all your hard work and for the incredible dedication for bringing us the true Light from above in the dangerous times that you did so.
    The Coming Religion - Spiritual Knowing,  Not Blind Belief
    The coming religion is a religion in which the temple reared to God will be in human form, instead of being built of brick or stone.   A religion of work, rather than worship; and, in place of the deathly creeds, with all their hungry parasites of prey, a religion of life--life actual, life here, life now, as well as the promise of life everlasting!   --Cora L.V. Richmond,  Psychosophy

    "The Temple Of The Soul,  whatever it will be called in the future, not only has proved itself scientifically today, but has already proved itself to be the greatest solvent of Ancient dogmas." Cora L.V. Richmond.

    To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing, in the world of forms, truth, love, purity and beauty - this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings, incidents and attainments can, in themselves, have no lasting importance.
                                                   - Meher Baba. Last Avatar This Cycle (Dropped His Body January 1969)

    TRUE JOY This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one - The being a force of nature;  instead of a feverish selfish clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.  I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community,  and, as long as I live, it is my privilege, to do for it whatever I can - I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live.  I rejoice in life for its own sake -  life is no brief candle to me -  it is a sort of splendid torch, which I've got to hold up for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible, before handing it on to future generations.-- G. Bernard Shaw (Dropped His Body 1950)

    Cora's Guides Stated A Higher Teaching And Taught:

    The word, Re-incarnation (physical return of the spirit) is incorrect teaching.
    The  'Re' part of the word should never be used and must not be misconstrued with the SOUL (non physical) in human embodiments.

    Note: Before one can understand better this spiritual law, the concept of the Over Soul must be understood;  Spiritual Quantum physics.  Soul cannot be discussed with earth bound linear rhetoric as it is celestial in scope and cannot be bound in earth time.  Soul, therefore requires it's own special symbolic language, using few carefully chosen words with deep inner understanding.  Soul does not belong to earth mind thinking, but is closer to the spiritual heart.    A  spirit  is a vehicle for a soul to have experience.

    Dr. Carl A. Wickland,  stated: The theory of reincarnation can undoubtedly be traced to early stages of mankind when departed spirits took possession of the bodies of sensitive individuals and lived and acted through them, thus seemingly indicating reincarnation. But in reality this was only spirit obsession or possession.  (See p.351)  Sections on obsession and possession in THEOSOPHY and BLAVATSKY TEACHINGS  30 [THIRTY] YEARS AMONG THE DEAD, 1924 By Carl A. Wickland, M.D.*    It must be remembered that even Madam Blavatsky tried to  RE-turn  after her passing over to the spirit world.  On finding that she could not will herself or choose to return to earth as she had taught in her theory of re-incarnation, Blavatsky's work in the spirit world became 'rescuing'  spirits trapped in the darkness who were only looking to return to earth life and in so doing  found themselves lost or, obsessing or possessing another's physical body.  Putting right her erroneous earth teachings, Blavatsky helped to guide lost spirits into Spiritualistic 'rescue circles' here on earth, to help them find the light again and be able to continue their  progression into  the higher spirit world.

    *Carl A.Wickland  M.D.  b.1861 d.1945,  a psychiatrist and pioneer in the recognition and treatment of earthbound spirits with his Mediumistic Wife Anna. He practiced first in Chicago until 1918 and then in Los Angeles, California where he founded the National Psychological Institute. Dr. Wickland wrote two books,   THIRTY YEARS AMONG THE DEAD, 1924. and THE GATEWAY OF UNDERSTANDING, 1944. These books can be purchased through Health Research Books www.healthresearchbooks.com.

    Look For These Books Second Hand or New:
    Thirty Years Among the Dead (1924).... 30 Years Among The Dead
    The Gateway of Understanding (1934)... Gateway Of Understanding

    Quote From:
    The Soul: Its Nature, Relations, And Expressions In Human Embodiments, Given through Cora L.V. Richmond in Chicago 1887.
    "… but rest assured the typical number of Souls that ripen under each dispensation have already ripened in Christ. You are children of the New Dispensation or you would not be here. You do not belong to the kingdom of Christ because He has harvested His kingdom, but you  belong to the kingdom that is to come."

    For Research Go To:    Click Here For   Cora's Trance Discourse March 7,  1886 


     Through the Mediumship of Cora L. V. Richmond.

    Citizen Tom Paine
    THOMAS PAINE'S DOCUMENTS http://www.thomaspaine.org/contents.html

      Tom Paine's life was as heroic as his vision of a better world. Born in poverty in England, he was helped to America by Ben Franklin; he became an editor in the little provincial capital of Philadelphia. With the news of the battle fought at Lexington came the crystallization of ideas that had formed as he had watched and worked in the embryonic democracy of the new world. Paine wrote "Common Sense." It swept the colonies, adding great flames to the fire of independence. When the guns were silent, "Common Sense" left it's imprint on the shape and on the very words of the Constitution.

       Paine's work in America was done and "where freedom was not there was his home." In England and then in France he fought for the Rights of Man. He became a member of the French Convention. He was imprisoned for months in the Luxembourg Prison. At last he came back to America, nearly forgotten, despised and poor, but he found the nation to which he had given his strength and devotion a triumphant and free Republic.--  From the jacket of the 1945 World edition
    For More Research Go To:  ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS 1826-1910 Many Inexpensive Reprints

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