And My Return After Many Days 


By Cora L.V. Richmond

Published In 1923

But Only Allowed To Be Published After Cora's Passing  Jan.3 1923 


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1840 - 1923

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 ."In other words, man is not the product of the earth but man is the inhabitant of the heavens. It is his body which
he has borrowed from the earth. Because he has forgotten his origin, the origin of his soul, he has taken the earth
 for his origin, but this is only the origin of his body and not of his soul."--The Sufi Massage of Hazrat Inayat Khan


And My Return After Many Days


By Cora L.V. Richmond
___ ___


Published In 1923

But Only Allowed To Be Published After Cora's Passing  Jan.3 1923 








"Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavily laden and I will give you rest"

One may have seen the rarest tints of earth mornings empurpling the gray dawn in the eastern sky, changing to crimson and golden hues, diffusing the glory until the whole atmosphere and the earth seemed to glow with consciousness of their own loveliness--ere yet the full orbed splendor of the Chariot of Phoebus blazed O'er the horizons verge; one may have seen in many lands, amid all beauteous scenes, the same Day Splendor sink to rest amid the encircling cloud bursts that ever bear him company, or in ocean billows when the Cavalry of Neptune toss their white manes until jeweled by the wondrous coloring, or behind mountain ranges see him descend into gorgeous caverns of gold, out rivaling all the fabled palaces of Oriental Kings, illumining the shadow sides and filling the ravines with amethystine lines, or on the far plains and deserts one may have marked the vast orb drop suddenly from sight, without a cloud curtain of fold of tinted atmosphere and note all at once that the light of stars had come; but whether it were jeweled morning--new from the Creators, (ever new, ever old)--or eventide with its tents and whisperings of Paradise, that which was now shown--or experienced--so far exceeded in its surpassing and transcendent beauty the most ravishing scenes of Earth that the latter, if remembered then, would seem as shadows--almost as naught. 
Even, as when the Pilgrim [Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress], who in his journeyings was beginning to know the true victory, came to the Delectable Mountains, so in this intervale I was angel led into scenes of such transcendent beauty that neither brush of genius artist nor pen of most gifted poet could ever hope to portray them! 

A Vale of such ravishing beauty, such loveliness as has never been dreamed of or imagined by mortals, encircled by mountains of grandeur and majesty, whose lights seemed a part of the heavens, or crowned with fleecy cloud pictures--or visaging temples of rarest proportions and perfection, pavilions, domes, terraces--or rising sheer unto the very sky. All tinted and toned by the glory of the Light that was everywhere. Adown the mountain slopes were wonderful forests, mingling their verdure in the subdued light of the intervening vales; for down the slopes and along the valley were most beautiful flowers of every unknown form and hue unknown to human sight having no earthly names, their loveliness and fragrance greeting one on every side. 

Along the valley flows a stream whose sources are in the far mountain heights--from crystaline springs and dancing rivulets--life giving, murmuring most musically--as they hasten to become merged in this rare River, the glory and wonder of this Vale of Wonders. 

In the translucent depths of the stream were mirrored the sky, the mountains--the clouds, the trailing branches along the shore, or where the waters were broken in their flowing the images changed in the reflection until they seemed like dream pictures of all the enchanting scene. Along the stream floated flower barges, bearing groups of joyous beings whose voices of song and rippling laughter blended with the monody of waters and breezes and with the rapturous songs of birds of such forms and tones as are unknown on Earth.  The very Soul of Joy seemed to here abide and pervade every living thing.  Adown the vale among the flowers and fronds of fern like--bordering the River were other groups of beings so radiant, so illumined with joy from within that one could not recall in their presence that "shadows" and "cares" had ever been. 

These were Souls who have "come up through great tribulations" and are now in possession of the "peace that passeth understanding" in this transcendent Vale: the peace that they have now.  Bathed in the pure waters of the River of Delight the last vestages of Earth shadows depart. 

Within the innermost of this Vale is the home of       THE ANGEL OF DELIGHT:

Here are Souls who as mortals and spirits were the particular charge of this Angel. 

The entrance to the sequestered shrine of the Angel is almost hidden by enwreathing garlands of ever blooming flowers; all the blossoms of beauty that here abound o'er arching, concealing yet inviting into the inner Shrine. 

At the loving, unspoken mandate of the Angel, the flower gates open and those who are one with the Angel may enter. 

The ineffable delight, the surpassing peace of this Vale is manifest in its every scene of rarest beauty, in every form and hue of loveliness and chiefly, in the joyous beings that here have found rest, respite, peace, who once were o'er-weary, and who won their peace by victory from within. From this peaceful realm they go forth on their missions of Peace and Joy and Love. 

Far down the Vale the winding and winding River flows on and out beyond the receding mountains to a dazzling Realm--lost in the brightness, merged in the Greater Beyond. 

As the Angel Guide led the way mountains, clouds, forests, valleys, flowers, forms of joyous Beings, the Vale and River of Delight were merged in the Vastness the unlimitation of a more wonderful Realm. 

"He maketh His Angels Spirits; His Ministers a flaming fire",--Bible.

"Those who are truly married on Earth are in Heaven One Angel."-Swedenborg.

If that which mortals name "Light" of suns, planets, stars, moons, or all the Concentrated Electrical brilliance was known or even "Radium" is "Light," then that into which the Angel Guide led, that which was overwhelmingly revealed and partly perceived was something so infinitely more in its Glory that a new name must be fashioned out of the language of the Soul for that revealing the Kingdom Celestial.

Nothing can better describe the ineffable glory into which we entered than the words of one of old: 

"The Light of God." 

The Souls as revealed in this state are the Light of the Realm Celestial. 

Those comprising this Realm seem like another order of beings than those with whom one had freely mingled and communed in the spirit States of Earth and even in the Vale of Delight, but they are those who once were mortals "Spirits of the just made perfect." 

There was no abrupt contrast or change from the highest spirit states, yet this Realm differed in a vastness, a glory, that became more and more surpassing wonderful. Although the states merge and mingle one seemed to be saying in passing through the Vale of Delight.  "We leave the Spirit states, we enter the Angelic state." 

The Beings that compose the Celestial Company are each and all ensphered in their own brightness, each revealed as an illuminated sphere having a particular radiance all its own. 

These Spheres seem unapproachable, unbroken except where from within the luminous orb divides or seems to include one in it Aura sphere. 

It came to the consciousness, by perception or knowledge from previous teachings, that these Aura spheres are the Angels: the completed, the perfected lives; divided in manifestation on Earth and in Spirit states, united here.

Oh! With what rapturous thrill came this knowledge!  The perception of the Angels as they are in their own States of Being! 

These perfect orbs of Light meet and mingle in Divine accord yet each perserves the distinct individuality. 

As we entered into that Celestial Company the Angel Guides, who had companioned and instructed during all the experiences in the spirit states, became also ensphered.  One Angel: the previously noted dual expression became one orb of radiant beauty! 

Thus was borne to the consciousness that the Angels when manifesting to those in spirit states or to those in human life appear in separate forms (man or woman as the case requires) and that the forms may be in appearance or personality those last known on Earth. This apparent division is, however not real; one endowed with higher vision and insight can see (or perceive) the ensphereal Angels even during the manifestations of the angels to spirits or mortals. 

Most absorbing and wonderful was the revealment concerning the 

of those in Earth life and in the spirit states immediately following transition: 

Those on Earth who are aware of receiving messages and ministrations from spirits usually (quite naturally) expect such messages to come from the spirits of loved ones who have "gone before", the dear ones of the household who become the loving Guardian Spirits of those left in the Earth home, and this is blessed and beautiful. 

Sometimes, however a message is given from a "higher spirit" and is received with great awe and reverence.  Beyond and above the ministering Spirits is the Guardian Angel of a group to which each member of the group belongs by adaptation.

All people are members of some group according to enfoldment and adaptation. 
The Guardian Angels know and appoint the Guardian or ministering spirits according to adaptation, and the Angels are aware all that pertains to the lives of those whom they guard and guide; they know the heretofore and the hereafter of those lives. 

"Let it not be supposed, however, that either Guardian Spirits or Guardian Angels (Angel Guides) govern human destinies; they advise, assist, admonish, aid, instruct, strengthen and inspire, but the governing power is the Infinite and directly reaches the Individual Soul from within," thus said the Guide.

Some of those previously seen as Spirits among the various assemblages in spirit states, particularly among those who "love their fellow men, " were now perceived as Angels; both potentialities (seen before as man and woman) now merged in one. 

In all ministrations to those in the not-yet-united spirit or human states, the angels thus appear--as previously written--in separate forms. 

The appearance of "Angels" as "men" to the ancient Prophets and Seers, the pictured or carved images of Angels in works of Genius. (Ideals of surprising and wonderful beauty thus imaged), bear witness to the Power of Angelic Beings to manifest in human similitude according to the needs of those to whom they manifest and minister. 

But not all the aids of the imagination, quickened by Genius and Inspiration can approach any adequate portraiture, either by tongue, pen, brush or chisel; (Milton, Dante, Leonardo; Cosseggio; Guido; Angelo; all the throng of geniuses), of the Angels as they are in their own Realm, a Realm not "fashioned" but "eternal in the Heavens"!

How perfect they are! They are that Realm! 
While in that state and contemplating the wonders of Angelic Power there seemed an adequate interpretation of the Biblical text "He maketh His angels spirits, His ministers a flaming fire."  This explaining that the Angels appear in spirit states or to those in Earth life to whom they minister as Spirits, because, although not divided as the angel, each one so appearing in human guise (man or woman) thus manifest to the condition of those to whom the ministration is given, but the Aura sphere of the angel is not broken. 

The "Surpassing light" the glory that is described by the poet in the vision of Abouben Adhem might be more often perceived if human lives were not so much engrossed in earthly things; yet the "thrill--the "cool celestial breath, the illumination and exaltation which one is sometimes aware of experiencing in earthly form during crises are evidences from that Inner Realm of The Presence of the Angel. 

In their own Realm where the Angels meet and mingle in perfect, divine accord the "appearance" is indescribable. 

Light! Harmony! 
No human language is in the smallest degree adequate to portray the ecstasy produced by the vision, contemplation of perception of this all glorious state! Orb on orb of transcendent beauty, sphere on sphere of celestial splendor! 

If that is music heard on Earth when one endowed with the gift of voice and genius to use it in vocalizing some rarest composition of other genius, or that which is heard when the master musician touches the chords of some perfect instrument, or when the orchestra, led by a master mind and hand produces the wonders of master composers, then this, this is something that must have only a Celestial name. 

The Glorifying Soul of Harmony, I weep, since words must fail! 

These are the Beings that move upon the less luminous realms of Spirit and earth states. These are the Angels who are the glory and harmony of all this Beautiful Realm 

"As one star differeth from another," not in the Angelhood, but in the Individuality of Being; in the appointed work, so do they differ. 

In their several spheres they meet, mingle and commune in mutual accord, each and all intent upon the accomplisment of some supreme  purpose, as appointed: Some ministration to those who are their particular charge, who are passing through the states. 

This Individuality is Eternal; is the Ego of which the small personality of earth and even of the spirit states is but a fragment of manifestation.

These Angels have Great Knowledge, but not All knowledge; great power, but not all power. They have the perfect unity of the Love and Wisdom of the Perfected Souls of earth. They know all that relates to the earth; its past, its present, its future; particularly all that relates to those lives of whom they are the Guides, the Guardian Angels. 

Angels are intent on missions of vast import connected with groups of Angels, with spirits, with "themes" that form the "Movements or great "Reforms" on earth; the subjects or "Ideals" that are the stepping stones (or more properly speaking, the indices) of Human Progress. 

'When the time is ripe where it is the "Day and the Hour" groups of these shining ones, these Resplendent ones, move upon the spirits in spirit states of earth that are ready for the appointed work and they in turn move upon the prepared minds of Earth. At such times the Angel of the movement may appear on Earth in human form. In times of great stress, like that which preceded the war that brought the downfall of Chattel Slavery in the United States; or like the present fearful conflict that involves more than half the nations of the earth, [This was written in 1915.], the Angels move upon spirits and mortals to forward the "Highest Ideals" to point to "a more excellent way" for human Liberty and advancement. Thus is every "great cause" begun and borne forward. 

Even if one could bring from that Realm Divine all that one is permitted to know while there, illumined by the Angels who know, one is not permitted to reveal, in fact one cannot bring into human consciousness, the knowledge that belongs to that higher state until people are ready. 

In the narrow limitations of human existence one cannot see as do the Angels, which is "the better way" leading to lasting Peace born of Justice, Liberty, Fraternity, yet one must know, even in the shadows of Time and Sense, that those who fight for Justice and Freedom in the highest sense fight for Humanity. 

In that Radiant Realm in that surpassing state where perfect Love and 'Wisdom reign, where no shadow can abide, one seems to feel that the perfect perfect day of Peace is at the very gates of the world. 

Sometime it will be so.
Ensphered in their own Light ever in the Light of the Infinite, these resplendent Beings from the Realm Celestial. 

(Sphere on Sphere of Splendors meeting inter blending, dispersing) move upon souls in need. Each enfolded in a beauty all its own all ensphered in the glory of that perfect state utterly baffling any possible description! How can such vistas of Heavenly Beings be described? In what terms or forms of language can these glorious scenes be depicted? Color? Tint and love from which all beauties of earth's manifold shadings might have been borrowed? The pure White Light of the Soul.

Music? A Rapture of Harmony whence Orpheus and Apollo might have brought to Parnassus the first sound of Music? Or was it the "pipings of sweet Pan" that first enchained all earth creatures to music's enthrallment? The perfect Silence of the Soul. 

All beautiful scenes of nature all Temples, palaces, cathedrals of rarest human art, fall away into nothingness amid the unlimitations the unfashioned the "Not Made with hands": 

Sometimes the Angel inspired poet of earth perceives glimpses of these glorious things--they weave themselves into the magic of his songs, and from the shadow language of earth he forms the Epic of the skies; they crowd in manifold splendors through the empurpled gates of the sunset clouds with interblending tints and hues and forms of loveliness and the inspired artist catches from mountain brow and cloud pavilion a suggestion of somewhat that the glory of the Angel Realm might mean! Aye more often the lone watcher by the couch of a suffering one--one who is being released from pain and sorrow--ah--then and there the pure white light of the Angel fills the lowly chamber, pervades the encompassing atmosphere of earth shadows and makes of the hour of mortal agony a Supreme Triumph! 
One can thus readily realize that the Angels do not remain continually apart in their ensphered joy, aware only of their own Divine Estate. 

Angels meet and mingle for added knowledge, added power to bear forward the great purposes of the Infinite; to aid those whom they are appointed to guard, teach, and guide. Nor are they ever away from the Kingdom Celestial.  They are that Kingdom; whenever and wherever there is work to do, THERE IS HEAVEN 

Whenever an Angel approaches to aid one or many who are in spirit states (or earth forms,) the Angel seems to emerge from the ensphering brightness in two forms as previously written: The perfect man, the perfect woman, and although never separated in purpose or work the manifestation of the two is an adaptation to the condition or state of those to whom the ministration is given. 

During the visits to this Angel's Realm one becomes aware that many, the most "Reluctant" ones the "Shining" ones, whom one had seen in spirit states as spirits were now, in their own Realm, Angels. Among the spirits, in their separate personalities, they were centers of groups of Shining ones who "love their fellow men" and who in Earth forms had led the Advance Guard of "Pioneers in human progress".  Rarely can one in human existence perceive the angel so embodied, but oh, what rapture thus while in their Realm to know with more and more awakened perception and understanding that those who have been ones ideals in human life are among the Angels of Light. 

In this Realm "Time" and "Space" (all the limitations of matter) are naught; therefore "to be present" Angels do not "wing their way" through leagues upon leagues of space to minister to those whom they guard and guide, nor does it mean that to "enter" the presence of the Angels in their own Realm (as far as one who is still linked with the earth form can be thus received) one must be "borne through space" for thousands and thousands of leagues. 

As the Kingdom of heaven is within", so those of the Angelic State flash their "presence" their ministrations to those for whom they are intended. And instantaneously (simultaneously) the "message" is received by the one or many for whom it is intended (those in accord with the Angel.) 

Nothing in the Service of Physicists or even the comparatively profound departments of "Psychic Research' can illustrate this perfection of Angelic Ministration. 

In their perfect state the Supreme reality is Soul, the volition of the spirit becomes the illuminating force to reach those in any state. (Spirits, appointed by the Angel receive and convey it by adaptation) but those prepared receive it as it comes from the Angel--simultaneously with the Volition of the Angel--this is the "word" the "Logos." 

This partly explains to our dull and feeble human comprehension the oft noted fact that true inspiration never is evolved by any mental process, but seems to flash at once into the consciousness of the one inspired from the Inner (Higher) Realm. When, however, the ministration is to reach one or many on earth through the agency of ministering spirits, as is usually the case those spirits are chosen who are prepared by adaptation to receive the messages from the Angel and communicate them to those on earth for whom they are intended.

These stages of adaptation show the wisdom of the Heavenly Kingdom not only in imparting knowledge but to impart only that for which the recipients are ready. This latter statement reveals more perfectly the wisdom of the skies:

'What to withhold is often more important than what to give, so limited is the range of human comprehension. so feeble the glimmerings of scarcely awakened spiritual perception.  "I have many things to tell you but ye cannot bear them now." 

"Why can't I know now"? Grown up children are familiar with the illustrations of the "pint cup" will not hold a quart of water; "simple arithmetic before geometry;" every human parent and teacher must say often and again! "'Wait until you are older," meaning mentally as well as physically; yet human beings arrayed in their own shadows of self importance metaphorically challenge the skies and say!  "If the Angels know why don't they tell us"? But the people of earth are told, every day, every hour, the messages go forth, ever and anon, in clarion tones or in soft voiced whisperings the messages of the Angels are declared, the truths are announced, but only those receive or perceive them who are awakened, who are ready. 

'Who sees the glory flaring in the sunset sky? Who hears the voice of the child upon the street sobbing because of cold and hunger? Not the man interested only in "business" pursuits, not the woman whose only thought is "success in society" because of her wealth and adornments. 

Neither God nor the Angels ever accepted a challenge like this: 

"If God and the Angels know why do they not tell us" 

In their Kingdom of Love and Wisdom, of Knowledge because of Love and Wisdom, all that is valuable and important to know--as far as this planet is covered, is a part of the possessions of the Angels; and here from whence all real activities toward and upon the earth proceed, the doing is not accompanied by the indecision as to method, time and place, as is the case even among the skillful experimenters of earth, for here we learn that all that is usually considered "doing something" in earth life is but the preparation, the growth toward the state of these Angelic Beings who do becaus they know. 

Block houses for the babies; palaces, churches, prisons for children of older years; lispings of baby lips to frame human speech, questionings, laughter, quaint 
remarks and crude performances of growing children are but illustrations, in degree, of the equally imperfect crude and incomplete efforts of grown up children and nations. All these stages and conditions of growth have their final solution here in this Super--Real Realm. 

THE ANGELS HASTE NOT THEY DO NOT DELAY: When the lives that are enfolding form within are ready the Angels know and perform their work according to the needs of those in their charge. 

How transcendently great is THE WORK OF THE ANGELS!  People often say in human life, people who consider themselves "intelligent" "brilliant of mind": "If the Angels have such Knowledge and power why do they not stay the hand of the criminal, why do they not stop this cruel war?" or some other human--that appeals to them as most important. They do not yet fully understand that each soul embodied on earth must "work out its own salvation", aided, of course by all the helps the Infinite has provided. 

How little is known by mortals of what the Angels really do Unknowingly as a babe receives the care and protection of the loving parents so do human lives receive appropriate to their own uses, but seldom recognize the angelic blessings that are the soul of their daily existence. "Having eyes they see not, having ears they hear not" and having minds they do not understand the works of the Angels that are all around them; The Angels "call" and none hear except the few; the Angels "appear" yet none save those who are illumined, see the stupendous works of the Angels moving, forward to accomplishment, the ages alone reveal them to the slowly awakening and unfolding minds of Earth. But all people must grow by experience, they must gain victory by winning it. 

There are, indeed, aids--temporary moral and Spiritual helps, Angelic crutches for those in states of moral and spiritual deformity, yet these states like all other imperfections are to be outgrown from within by overcoming.  Divine pity and compassion certainly do abide and are given in Angel Ministration. Through every stage of human lack of enfoldment there is ever the helpfulness from all the lives that have won the Victory! Admonitions, warnings, instruction. Ah when the "Inner Way" is opened by actual growth how clear and plain the path appears that was tangled and "over grown" when one did not know that the voice from within is the voice of the Angel, the voice of the Soul. Thus each climbs to the attainment, to Angelhood by all the steps of Self Conquest.

Attention was drawn to a Company of Angelic Beings, Spheral Splendors that formed a Constellation of rarest radiance, moving upon a vast number of mortals and spirits for a mighty purpose. 

No wonders of a "Night of Stars" seen in the firmament above the earth, no constellation of Suns beheld through distances innumerable and through earth enshrouded atmosphere: belted Orion, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, ah, those systems of Suns fade before the glory of that Resplendent Company, radiating its all-potent influence upon those in Spirit and human states who were prepared to receive it.

Even these Angels of Earth and Celestial Kingdom, although moved upon by those more Transcendently Glorious Beings, cannot know their full splendor, much less can one enshrouded in earth form and surrounded by earth scenes, attempt to describe their majesty and power! 

That which was shown was a Work of Wonder; so vast, so far reaching, that it seemed the very Highest Heavens had opened to unite the Heavens and the Earth! The vast Angel Company poured its Light upon those who were to receive it, through the Angelic states of Earth, through those in spirit states that could be illumined, to One upon the Earth, wearing the human form who had gathered such lives as were ready; these with one accord, Angels, Spirits, those in human forms and the One who was their leader, were moved upon by that all conquering Angelic Power. 

Those upon Earth who were thus prepared were borne to the heights of Enthusiasm and of doing; the realization of an all time Dream, an Ideal of the Ages; others in human life, half turned to the glory but were sad because they could not follow; others mockingly derided the theme and the Workers--yet, far within, knowing its truth; while larger numbers did not even know of the theme, the Movement, nor the Workers. 

AH, THE ANGELS KNEW They did pour out the "Flaming Fire" of their Truth through the states of Angels, Spirits, Mortals who were ready! And they are succeeding! The Work is to be Accomplished! 

As written in the foregoing, those in the shadow states do not even know when such a "Movement" is in existence. 

Lives of the All Glorious Light, tracings of the perfect Beauty, intertwining, interlacing, interblending and pervading the lives of the Illuminated Ones indicate, to those who can perceive, the Stupendous Work that is being borne forward.  Sometimes a work is accomplished with a MIGHTY SWIRL 

A purpose and power that sweep in and through the lives of persons, of a people, or of nations; or a portion of the people among all the nations of the Earth.  In such a "Movement" there is a great upheaval, a  tottering and falling of Kingdoms and thrones (of Kings and Rulers) and a  Great Day Dawn for Humanity 

"The former things pass away"; the New Heavens and the New Earth" appear. 

I beheld a shaft of Light extending from Angelic state to one in Earth form; endowed with such wonderful gifts that all the elements of Earth and air seemed obedient to his command. 

He ever worked in harmony with the "laws of Nature" where those laws were known, but in his higher range of activity of mind and spirit he revealed other "laws" and more subtle elements not previously known, and he knew the way to apply them to the uses of his fellow mortals. As he worked I beheld the higher Angelic Source of his illumination, sending a radiance and splendor of such transcendent Light and Power that I marveled that it did not penetrate even the dull human vision of those who were near him in human forms. Yet the future years, perhaps ages, alone can reveal all the wonderful work of the wonderful Life. 

There are degrees of Angelic states in the Heavens of the Earth, and these were perceived to extend in vast encircling spheres of Glorified Beings (onward-upward-inward-outward?) until they meet and are merged in some degree with SUPERIOR BEINGS FROM A MORE ADVANCED PLANET of our Solar System. 

While the more advanced Angels of Earth and of the Higher Estate never seem to live and work in a reflected glory, but are their own light; living, working in the radiance and through them Knowledge from those still Higher states, those more perfect ones who move upon and illuminate the shining Angels of Earth, and far, FAR, FAR in the innermost and UTTERMOST states of ARCH ANGELS must be those who hold THE KEYS OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE! 

The Angel Guide (Mother Love, Father Wisdom) ever in these ecstatic experiences drew one more and more into the WORK OF THE ANGELS. 

For, as previously written, in that Realm is the Origin of all real Work. Things which must be solved or attempted in the human state in the Experimental Crises of Experience are here solved in the Divine Alembic of the' Soul (Love and Wisdom) are possessions. 

"Problems" that must be "computed" in the one perfect Science of Earth (Mathematics) are known in the Angel state. Even in the imparted light or perception awakened by the Angel Guide one found it possible to perceive that the "perplexing problems" of the human state are solved; indeed they are not. The Angel way is the only way of release from them, and we have the assurance that all, Souls find that Way by GROWTH FROM WITHIN: Conquest, Victory, Attainment!  All this is perfectly clear and plain when one is in the unclouded, uncontaminated, (and unconditioned) light of that Realm Radiant, but cannot be known when one is passing through the Shadows of Earth Experiences. 

A Splendor drew us by that attraction instantly known to the Angel Guide. The ensphering radiance enfolded us and I was enabled to perceive.

THE ANGEL OF A CAUSE known on Earth; One who through opposition, obloquy and persecution carried forward a GREAT WORK on and on to fulfillment. Even in Earth life and spirit state one could realize the majesty and beauty of such a life; its simplicity, its singleness of purpose; its humility yet its wonderful Power in the exposure of 'WRONG, in the presentation of RIGHT.  One fain would follow the impulse of John upon Patmas when he beheld the Angel in the Apocalyptic vision, fall down and worship, but one must "worship God." The communion thus invited was of those Great and Vital themes that now engage the Angel and the Group of Shining Ones who are bearing them forward in the Spirit and Earth states. When thus illuminated and inspired in the Sphere of the REAL WORKERS 

How one longs to hasten with "swift sandalled feet" to bear the Divine Message to the world: The Love and Wisdom that mean Justice, Freedom, Fraternity, Peace, but one is admonished. 

The Angels can Work. 
The Angels can Wait. 
They perceive, they know, they do.  They are not discouraged, they are unafraid, undismayed--that human awakening and progress seem so Slow. In that Transcendent state and its Baptismal Communion one knows that a day, a century, an age of earthly time count as naught in the Soul's Eternity! 

Thus one becomes approximately able to perceive Group after Group of these Celestial Beings, these Refulgent Ones, and to know the themes and wonders of the works they perform. The mists that enshroud earth minds, the dimness of the spiritual perception of most of those immersed in "Time" and "Sense", in preoccupation by material things do not permit even a suggestion of what those themes and works might be. But a will be fulfilled when enfoldment and growth make ready the human lives that are to receive them. 

Sphere upon Sphere, unnumbered Hosts of Orbed Splendors! (If the senses could be used how they would fail! Eyes would be blinded, ears could not hear; and the mind which is adjusted to Earth's limitations would falter and fail upon the very verge of its attempt to understand!)

If Beauty is form and color then would it utterly vanish before the Soul of it, and rarest Symphonies of Earth Music would be discord and sink away in the Divine RAPTURE OF CELESTIAL HARMONY! Although not of it one could, in some degree know its uneffable, ecstatic delight, all born of the Love which is Being. 
Wisdom which is Doing. 

From beyond the farthermost, uttermost of those Angelic States that one was permitted to perceive or of which one could have perception, there was a flashing of SUPER-LIGHT 

[MARS* Read Here & See Foot Note Below]

So intensely brilliant so far more transcendently Radiant that in its glory even the highest Angelic States of Earth seemed dim, and from the Earth, even from one in human form a similar brilliance responded illuminating the Angels with an added glory. "This revealed the Guide" is a message from Mars. As you have been taught the Angel and Spirit states of Mars are as far in advance of the Spirit and Angel states of Earth as is the planet and as are its inhabitants superior in enfoldment to those of Earth." 

"The dazzling Line of Light perceived, revealed a life embodied in Earth form for a particular Work, it was a message from an Angel of MARS, to one (also from MARS, thus embodied, Angels of Earth are made participants in such messages and work, when they are prepared and appointed by the higher ones to aid that work; but if Angels of Earth are not ready and have no part in the work they may not even know the message is Sent. (So explained the Angel Guide) 'that which one might, if aided, perceive as "light", to those in this Realm who are chosen for the work would be the Message--the communication."  Higher and still Higher; Inner and still more Inner; Resplendence crowning Resplendence! If human vision falls and fails before the' noonday brightness of the sun of our Solar System, what must befall even the Innermost perception when such All Glorious states of Being are even partly revealed? How more than doubly futile any attempt at portraying the added glory of those more perfect states!  What language, what thought can reveal those Celestial Beings who were moving upon Angelic states of Earth, and upon a mighty Life on Earth for a mighty Work? 

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"No human Spirit, whether embodied or in spirit states of Earth, can be made to know (understand) the states of those in spirit or Angel spheres of planets more advanced than Earth; even MARS, next in the order of planets (from the sun) beyond Earth is so superior in Spiritual unfoldment that only the highest Angels of Earth can perceive and receive somewhat of the ministrations from that Realm.   There are no terms yet existing in the continually increasing Vocabulary of Earth Scientists to express even the material conditions of that planet, much less are there words thoughts or mental perceptions capable of conveying or even imagining the spirit and angel states of the higher planets beyond the orbit of Mars.

(Even as I write these feeble words, the brilliant radiance of Jupiter is gleaming in the sky--and over the south-eastern horizon Sirius--that distant sun of splendor glows and scintillates with such radiance that one trembles to even dream what are the Kingdoms of Divine Intelligences associated with those higher planets---and still higher; those far distant Suns that can transform even the sky of earthly vision into such a dome of Wonder!) The Angel Guide had said, and the teaching had been previously given, that the chosen (prepared) Angels of Earth may know the import of the message that some messenger from Mars gives to Earth when there is need and preparation on Earth for the message to be given. Sometimes, during a rare period like that herein seen, such a messenger visits the Earth in human guise. 

We have no key in mortal life to reveal the personality of the messenger from Mars who may be in our midst, but the (shaft of) "light" that was shown in this vision was so unlike that of any of the Angels of Earth; scintillating, flashing, gleaming in the dim night of Earth's beclouded spiritual atmosphere such resplendence as seems to belong to the planet itself when seen through the clearest physical atmosphere that Earth ever knows.   Such was that line of light shown in this overwhelming vision connecting One on Earth with One in the Martian Spheres. "A Martian is embodied in Earth form at the present time. No human being, no Spirit of Earth, none but the Angels who are aiding in the work being performed by that 


can know the personality of that one, nor can they know the work being accomplished.  A group of Earth's Angels who are aiding in that work are also in human forms. They are linked with the Higher Angels in Earth's Celestial Kingdom and receive the messages that are to bear forward the work. 

(Except in some supreme illustration that is to show the Success of Failure.) 

The time, the Earth, and the condition of the people are ready when the Martian appears, whether he comes as a Nemesis or as a MESSENGER of Peace and JOY.  "Thus spake the Angel Guide. 

Supreme as were the states revealed in this entire experience, how paltry seem the things so engrossed to human lives; struggles, warfare, self seeking; aims of pride, ambition and the weak and vapid things named "mirth" and "pleasure;" all seem like the petty bickerings and play of little children that the kindly teachers and loving parents are called upon to adjust. Yet even. in these infantile conditions--alike of children and people--are enfolded the future of each spirit, the coming forth of the soul, with outward activity and triumph and the ultimate expression of the Angel.

'No one" the Guide further explained "can light an earth taper in the glorious radiance of Mars or of the Angel Realm of earth and hope to find by searching for this Resplendent Being now embodied upon earth; the "honest man" whom the ancient philosopher sought might be more easily discovered. As in a dungeon long closed the vapors extinguish an external light, so this heavenly brightness can be seen only by those whose aura sphere is their own light and these can illumine from within and perceive from Kingdoms Transcendent the Luminous One abides in the dark and noisome atmosphere of Earth." 

One having seen a glimpse of the "light" of that state might know the "light", were it shown when one is in the human state; but that cannot be. 

The "Line of Light" from the Martian sphere of souls to one on the earth served as an illustration that the transmission of messages to prepared lives from prepared ministrants is unbroken, cannot be disturbed by any surrounding or, intermediate mental or spiritual states. In fact the message is instantaneous, and can only reach the one to whom it is sent.

Ah! how futile is the pen, how inadequate' human language, how small and circumscribed the scope of earthly power to portray even a suggestion of these supernal states! The words indeed are here; but the essence the soul of the experience is untranscribable! 

To have been thus at the very portals, within the ante chamber of the Inner Shrine of the Kingdom Celestial, to know that the "Holy of Holies" is there--just within, and to realize that the words and sentences, of these pages are not telling, cannot tell that which was unfolded and enfolded in the enrapturing, ecstatic spheres of "Light," that every step toward attainment such as the Angels know must be from within, and to realize that even the permitted Vision and, visitation is an adaptation! Ah, dearly beloved friends who read these imperfect pages--remember; one cannot describe the Kingdom Celestial.

Yet even as one ever must return in thought, in sweetest and fondest reminiscence to the scenes most beautiful, the occasions most dear and sacred, in earth life, so one cannot fall to return--it is an abiding ever presence,--to the ineffable this beatific experience and try to impart somewhat of the Soul of it to those who read these pages, perfectly well aware that nothing of its glory can be portrayed, but that which the reader brings is the beauty that will be received. 

This Kingdom forever abides, is the primal and final possession of all Souls; is the Innermost and Uttermost of that, which, follows the struggle with the conquest over time and sense, is Divine attainment. 

The artist of earth is baffled when he attempts to reproduce or suggest the gorgeous sunset; the tints and tones and cloud pictures change and fade before he can even put his brush to canvas; the mind picture above remains, but--here, here in this Realm of Divine Realities where the Soul of All Beauty is forever and ever "eternal in the Heavens," all that is perfect abides forever and ever, and is of God; of the Soul! One must not despair if human language fails, if it were adequate, if it could portray these themes, then the perfect, the Divine, the eternal would not be! 

These experiences were for respite, for instruction, and to bear to mortals as far as feeble human power would permit. 

Ever, ever is that message at the doors of human life, alas! too often unheeded. 


Attainment of perfections knows no self laudation, self praise, self congratulation. 

Divine Compassion, perfect helpfulness in the time, place and to the condition needed, aid to spirits and mortals by the perfect plan of adaptation. These are their manifestations of perfection. 

The higher and more perfect the Angels, the greater is their knowledge, their commiseration and pitying Love for those amid the shadows, and proportionately great the joy, of Being and Doing.

The next Great Message brought with me to the outer world is: 

So simple is the illustration that "he who runs may read:" 

The seed is sown by the farmer in the best soil under the best conditions available, (according to his knowledge) he cannot force the growth; he must wait for sunshine and shadow and rain to cause the seeds to germinate and grow and "ripen unto the harvest."  "Doing something" to that field of grain would mar or destroy it. 

Another illustration, familiar in our human states: the child is taught the rudiments of expression of whatever knowledge is adapted to the child. It would be worse than folly to try to teach that which is beyond the growth of the child--mentally, morally, and physically--the state of each particular child, however, being duly considered, requiring different training, both as to methods and that which is taught.

In the Angel states, where Knowledge seems to have its fountain source, as far as earth lives are concerned, the Angel Teachers know, What to teach; When to teach. They know the seed time growth and harvest of those minds (spirits) to whom they are the Guardians and Teachers.  They know how to wait for growth, and to foster that growth in all permitted ways, (ways that shall not interfere with true unfoldment from within). The shadows and sunshine, the storms and struggles in earth states are to be outgrown and overcome. 

Above and beyond all is   THE LOVE AND WISDOM OF THE ANGELS.
Their  'state of perfection is the function of their perfect victory, the work they perform is the REAL WORK OF THE WORLD 

Perfect knowledge and the perfect application of that knowledge to the real uses (experiences) of life is The Real Work. The ministration is to the lives in their charge, aiding, waiting for the growth toward and unto Angelhood. 

All this, and a thousand times more, was perceived and borne unto the treasure house of the spirit, to come forth at need in ones own human state, or in aiding others,-- as, possibly this writing may do--to bear and do their part as step by step each one must go on and over the stony, thorny and upward way. 

Widened, deepened, became more and more surprisingly glorious with the radiance that came from the Higher Angels. 

Sphere on Sphere of Orbed Splendors moving upon the Angel and Spirit states of Earth, the radiance ever more and more resplendently bright, the Angelic Beings more and more gloriously perfect. 

Far, far in the innermost, the uttermost of all that the awakened Soul could perceive were the 

The ALL COMPASSIONAL ONES, who wore the garments of Earth in the "Similitude of the sons of men.

Beyond the Arch Angels, could be perceived the 

"Come unto me   'all ye that are weary and heavily laden and I will give you rest." 

"A new Commandment I give unto you that ye Love One Another." 

"Be ye Perfect even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect." 



    In February, 1922,  a book was published--nearly one year before Cora passed, called: 

                                                                                        Written down and published by J.L. Kennon--A  Northern California Judge.

Above you will have noticed that Cora published only PART I  of MY EXPERIENCES WHILE OUT OF THE BODY And My Return After Many Days  in 1915, soon after having her 'extended' Out of Body Experiences.   During this time while out of her body and in the Celestial realms, Cora was shown by her Guardian the preparation work of a Martian for embodied Martian /Martians here on earth.  This work, a presentation, was to be given in the very near future. This editor suspects the work is the little book: THE PLANET MARS AND ITS INHABITANTS.   Cora had witnessed a Martian's announcement a few years before the northern California, Alameda County Judge, J.L. Kennon began receiving this work. J.L. Kennon has not named the medium who received this work.   But this editor understands it must have been a medium of very high spirituality and maybe for some reason unknown,  Cora would not allow Part II of MY EXPERIENCES WHILE OUT THE BODY... to be published until right after her death in January 1923.  Perhaps to allow no interference to be caused to this futuristic spiritual book,   THE PLANET MARS  as a stand-alone work until it was safely published in February 1922.  On reading the work, it becomes clear, this is a glimpse of our spiritual destiny where decadent religious belief systems of today will be left behind when it will be well known that  'All KNOWLEDGE OF GOD COMES FROM WITHIN'  (see Chapt.VIII).

At this time, this editor feels it does not matter too much what Earth people think they know about Mars; it is far too soon to know what is truth or fiction that we are receiving today in the early 21st Century. But we should hold this in equal balance until the time comes when it would be possible to prove these statements about Mars.   NASA is making new finds quite frequently about Mars.   It seems that what is now a desert on Mars, has been suggested there are signs as to what could have happened in less than a century of our earth time.  In the end it may well be that  IROS URIDES,  the Martian  was correct about Mars for the time when the informational work was given to Judge Kennon and published  in 1922.  

Somehow it does not equate that such a well respected Judge as Kennon would put out a fictitious book on Mars . The Mars book was NOT about us going to Mars but to help us be higher spiritual beings and aspire to a better quality of knowledge of how to live in peace and love.--Editor

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